Kubiena medal 1996

Prof. Ewart Adsil Fitzpatrick

Prof. Ewart Adsil Fitzpatrick

The Kubiena Medal Award Committee of Subcommission B has unanimously decided to award the 1996 Kubiena Medal to Professor Ewart Adsil Fitzpatrick. Part of the citation reads:

"Professor Fitzpatrick has made great contributions to Soil Science (books on Introduction to Soil Science) and to Micromorphology (book Soil Micromorphology). These books have greatly contributed, amongst others through their excellent illustrations, to the possibilities that micromorphology can offer.

He (and his students) also have been instrumental in development of new methods. Among others, in sample preparations techniques, in submicroscopy (in the working group on submicroscopic techniques), in hydraulic conductivity studies (methylene blue, with Lorna Mackie) and lastly with application of Remote Sensing Techniques in quantification of micromorphological features (with Fabio Terribile)."

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