A handful of soil can contain billions of soil microorganisms.

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Kubiena medal 2001

Professor Larry P. Wilding

The Kubiena Medal Award Committee of Subcommission B is very pleased to award the 2001 Kubiëna Medal to Professor Larry P. Wilding.

As many well know, Larry is both nationally and internationally an outstanding leader in soil science. His interests have ranged widely, and specifically his contribution to Soil Micromorphology has been considerable.

Together with his numerous research students and international collaborators he has given creative contribution on various issues of soil micromorphology such as redoximorphic features in Gleysols, shrink-swell features in Vertisols, pollutants in soils and carbonate features.

He has been a great inspiration to his many research students many of whom now hold high positions throughout the world. For many he will be remembered for his ability to promote micromorphology by presenting its specific advantages as compared to other methodologies.