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The British Society of Soil Science (BSSS) or “BS cubed” as it is fondly known was founded in 1947 by a number of eminent British soil scientists. It was formed with the aims: to advance the study of soil; to be open to membership from all those with an interest in the study and uses of soil; and to issue an annual publication.
Nowadays BSSS is an established international membership organisation and charity committed to the study of soil in its widest aspects. It is funded primarily through subscriptions and income from publications. The Society acts as a forum for the exchange of ideas and provides a framework for representing the views of soil scientists to other organisations and decision making bodies. It promotes research by organising several conferences each year and by the publication of its two scientific journals, the European Journal of Soil Science, and Soil Use and Management. It promotes education through a number of initiatives aimed at schools, colleges and universities. The Society has a regular and varied programme of scientific conferences on a wide range of soil-related issues. In 2010 the Society became an incorporated charity, merging with the Institute of Professional Soil Scientists which continues to deliver the needs of the Society’s professional membership.
The British Society of Soil Science encourages anyone with an interest in soil, whether this interest lies in the soil itself or its wider use within the environment, to join the society. There is a small membership fee, with discounts for students and those from low income countries.


We plan to make the BSSS Annual Meeting in the International Year of Soils a special one! There is much to celebrate for Soil Science in the UK. We are beginning the path to WCSS in Glasgow which will be an excellent opportunity to highlight soils science research in the UK. New opportunities are underway such as the Centre for Doctoral Training, the Global Food Security ‘Soil and Rhizosphere Interactions for Sustainable Agri-ecosystems’ (SARISA) programme and the Soil Security Programme which will help us to grow multidisciplinary research that will lead to improved sustainability, productivity and management of the environment. With new technologies and increasing collaborations across disciplines, soil science is at the dawn of a new era. This is truly a reason to celebrate soil science research in the UK and around the World and you are invited to join the celebration during this one day meeting;

Keynote Speakers –
Professor Rainer Horn, President International Union of Soil Science, Kiel University
Professor Chris Collins, UK Soil Security and SARISA, University of Reading
Professor Richard Bardgett, Plant-soil interactions, University of Manchester

When & Where

Thursday 26th November 2015 at The Royal College of Physicians, Regents Park, London United Kingdom

Soil Message

We plan to make the BSSS Annual Meeting in the International Year of Soils a special one! The theme is “Celebration” – The British Society of Soil Science; International Union of Soil Scientists; International Year of Soils; the study of Soil Science and the start of the Soil Security Programme.


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