IUSS Alert - 13 (May 2006)

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New IUSS Bulletin 108 now available

IUSS Bulletin is now available on www.iuss.org The Bulletin contains latest information on the 18th World Congress of Soil Science; an interview with Jeffrey Sachs; reports from all 4 divisions on activities between 2002 - 2006; information on the other GeoUnions; five questions to Jan Hopmans and Miroslav Kutalek; the favourite books of Phan Thi Cong, Pete Smith and Jetse Stoorvogel; Reports of meetings and of course lots of information on new soil science publications. You can download individual sections as well as a PDF of the whole bulletin. Happy reading!

New IUSS book - The Future of Soil Science

Soil science has changed considerably in the past decades - change has not stopped; more is on its way. Ignoring these changes would be imprudent. This book contains the views from 55 soil scientists in 28 countries on the future of soil science - from Finland to South Africa, from Canada to Ghana, Malaysia and China. The book is a palette of opinions and views reflecting great diversity but also several commonalities. It provides details on subjects that should be studied, on the interaction between soil science and agriculture, politics and the other sciences. This book is compulsory reading for anyone interested in soil science and its future directions.

IUSS 2006. PO Box 353, 6700 AJ Wageningen, The Netherlands. The Future of Soil Science / edited by Alfred E Hartemink (1964). Wageningen: IUSS International Union of Soil Sciences, 165 pp. ISBN 90-71556-16-6. $25

The book will be freely available for participants of the 18th World Congress of Soil Science in July. Copies can be ordered and cost $25, click to order.

Urgent requests from the Secretary General

Would National Members who have not already done so inform me ( ) of their representative at the Council Meetings in Philadelphia.

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