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New IUSS Bulletin now on the web

IUSS Bulletin 107 is now available on www.iuss.org It can be read as HTML or downloaded and printed as PDF (3.6 Mb). The Bulletin contains updated information on the 18th World Congress of Soil Science, News from the IUSS, Reports of Meetings, New Publications and lots of other information.

Message from the IUSS President, Don Sparks

The past few months I have had the privilege of attending and speaking at several soil science and geochemistry meetings in Europe and Asia . In September, I attended the Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition (JSSPN) meeting in Matsue and an International Symposium co-sponsored by The Korean Society of Soil Science and Fertilizer (KSSSF) in Seoul . I was encouraged to see many young scientists in attendance at these meetings, and was impressed with the exciting research that is being conducted. However, there were two issues that I heard repeatedly being discussed that should concern not only soil scientists but scientists in general, as well as policymakers and laypersons. These were: 1) the need for increased funding for science; and 2) the decline in students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in science. Both are critical to our future because science and technology drive our economies. We as soil scientists must be more proactive in articulating in an effective way, not only to policymakers, but also to the general public, why it is critical to the future of our countries and the sustainability of the planet earth to spend more money on scientific research. We must also better engage young students in the excitement of science and encourage them to pursue scientific careers.

We are now less than a year away from the 18th World Congress of Soil Science (WCSS) in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , USA . The Congress, scheduled from July 9-15, 2006, promises to be an excellent scientific meeting as well as culturally and socially enjoyable. The third announcement has recently appeared (www.18wcss.org and www.iuss.org) and provides details on the symposia, Pre- and Post-Congress tours, Mid-Congress tours, and Companion and Family Cultural/Historical Activities. Abstracts of papers/posters are due December 1, 2005. I look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia , one of America's great cities.

New books from the

International Association of Hydrological Sciences, IAHS

Sediment Budgets 1 & 2

edited by Des E. Walling & Arthur J. Horowitz. A sediment budget provides an integrated view of the sediment sources, transfers, sinks and outputs of a drainage basin, and so draws together the many different aspects of erosion and sediment mobilization, transport, storage and yield. More details here

Dynamics and Biogeochemistry of River Corridors and Wetlands

edited by Louise Heathwaite, Bruce Webb, Don Rosenberry, David Weaver & Masaki Hayashi. This volume focuses on the biogeochemistry of the riverbank with special reference to data observation, modelling, and attempts to restore these environments. The international set of research reports and case studies provides a cross-section of work worldwide. More details here

Bringing Groundwater Quality Research to the Watershed Scale

edited by Neil R. Thomson. Global and national perspectives are followed by sections dealing with: Contaminant input processes; Site characterization; Management and decision making; Natural attenuation; In situ remediation; and, Flow and transport modelling at national, watershed and smaller scales. More details here 

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