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New Scientific Journal

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Vacancy for full professor soil science

Full professor Earth Surface Science

Faculty of Science – Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

The Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) is one of the eight research institutes of the Faculty of Science at the University of Amsterdam. IBED was founded in 2000 by merging research groups with expertise in ecology, physical geography, environmental microbiology and environmental chemistry. The research at IBED aims to unravel how ecosystems function in all their complexity, and how they change due to natural processes and human activities. At its core lies an integrated systems approach to study biodiversity, ecosystems and the environment. IBED adopts this systems approach to ecosystems, addressing abiotic (soil and water quality) and biotic factors (presence, population dynamics and functioning of plants, animals, microbes), and the interplay between these ecosystem components. The IBED vision includes that research encompasses experimental and theoretical approaches at a wide variety of temporal and spatial scales, i.e. from microbes and individual behaviour to patterns and processes occurring at landscape scale. IBED offers advanced and up-to-date research facilities, such as a greenhouse, growth chambers, an electrophysiological lab, a molecular lab, an analytical chemistry lab, a soil erosion lab, a GIS studio, and high-performance computing facilities.

IBED is in search of a new full professor for the field of Earth Surface Science.

We are looking for a scientist who has the ambition to lead a diverse research group. Someone who inspires the ESS team, represents the group and increases the international academic visibility of EES. Someone who has a talent for teaching and a vision on university teaching and research.
We also welcome a candidate who brings in new approaches, research skills or model systems.

The Earth Surface Science group

The scientific mission of the research group Earth Surface Science (ESS) is to improve our understanding of the functioning of the soil surface in a changing environment. In this context, the ESS group works on soil biotic and abiotic interactions of scales ranging from the molecular to the landscape level. To meet these scientific challenges, the ESS group adopts multidisciplinary approaches with innovative experiments and the use of advanced analytical and modelling tools. Research is carried out using a combination of (long term) field (manipulation) experiments and state-of-the-art laboratory research.
The ESS research group plays an important role in teaching at BSc. curricula Future Planet Studies and MSc. Earth Science level and coordinates a wide range of BSc. and MSc. courses.

Current research of ESS is organised along 5 lines of research: (i) biogeochemistry, including the analysis of biogeochemical cycles (e.g., carbon, nitrogen, anthropogenic and natural organic substances, heavy metals), (ii) land degradation, including the analysis of the interactions between geomorphological processes and the dynamics of organic matter, (iii) soil environmental chemistry, including the analysis of the fate of anthropogenic and natural organic chemicals in terrestrial ecosystems, (iv) soil biodiversity, including the analysis of the role of the soil community food web on soil ecosystem functioning, and (v) sustainable soil management, including the analysis of the socio-economic dimensions of soil management.

The ESS group collaborates most intensively with many other research groups within IBED, in particular Aquatic Environmental Ecology (AEE) in the field of environmental chemistry, Computational Geo-Ecology (CGE) in the field of spatial analysis and modelling and Palaeoecology and Landscape Ecology (P&L) in the field of multi-proxy vegetation reconstruction. The ESS group collaborates intensively with several departments and institutes of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA), but also collaborates with other Dutch universities and non-academic stakeholders as well as international institutes.

Job description

The new full professor will lead the Earth Surface Science (ESS) group, but will also develop her/his own research program. The leadership of the group will consist of building an innovative and coherent research profile for the ESS group, representing the group at a range of levels (IBED, UvA and beyond), and being a mentor and guide for the group members, several of whom are promising upcoming scientists building their own groups.

Qualifications and tasks

The ideal candidate is a creative and inspiring scientist who can identify new directions, implement plans and motivate people, with a clear vision on how to take up the challenges and enhances new opportunities for teaching and research.

In particular, the ideal candidate Tasks are

Further information

If you have specific questions about this vacancy, or suggestions of candidates, send an e-mail to . Or contact Prof. dr Peter de Ruiter ++31-20-525 5684.


We offer a permanent position for 38 hours per week in a highly stimulating academic environment and a dynamic international atmosphere. The gross monthly salary will range from € 5,260 to € 7,659 (scale H2), depending on previous experience. The salary will be increased by 8 % holiday allowance and 8.3 % end-of-year bonus. The Collective Labour Agreement Dutch Universities is applicable.

Job application

Applications by email only. These should include:

All application materials should be submitted as a single pdf to before January 5, 2017. Please quote vacancy number 16-543 in the subject field.
Interviews for this position are scheduled for week 6 and 7, 2017, Science Park 904, Amsterdam.
We strongly encourage women to apply.

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