IUSS Presidential Election

Outcome of 2020 IUSS Presidential Election 

Edoardo Antonio Costantino Costantini from Italy, current Secretary of the European Society for Soil Conservation, received a clear majority of the votes and was the successful candidate in this election. He will take up the position of President-Elect on 1st January, 2021. He will be the first Italian President in the history of IUSS and will celebrate with us the Centennial in Italy in 2024.

Let us congratulate him on this success!

IUSS was very pleased to have two strong candidates running for the position.

If you want to know more about both candidates, please see below.

IUSS Presidential Election 2020

The election of the next President of the IUSS is due this year. The appointment of the President represents a total of six years commitment to the Union by serving two years each as President-Elect (2021/22), President (2023/24) and Past-President (2025/26). The Standing Committee on Presidential Elections has defined the respective procedure and the guidelines (see above). Nominations should be made by two accomplished, highly-respected senior soil scientists.

Nominations for two candidates were received by June 1, 2020, who fulfill the nomination criteria. The Council shall vote on these two candidates. The nomination documentation of the candidates is available here:

Victor Okechukwu Chude, Nigeria

Documents: Download Zip File
Video: Victor Okechukwu Chude [Youtube]

Edoardo Antonio Costantino Costantini, Italy

Documents: Download Zip File
Video: Edoardo Antonio Costantino Costantini [Website]

The timetable for the Presidential Election process is as follows:

The schedule outlined above may be amended if unforeseen circumstances arise.

Position of IUSS President – Profile Statement and Required Qualifications

As its Senior Officer, the President of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) will provide leadership, focus and direction both within and outside of the IUSS.

Within the Union, the President, working together with the other President’s Committee and in consultation with the Executive Committee and Council, will be expected to develop and implement strategic directions and actions to take the Union forward to ensure that it is recognised as the pre-eminent international body in the field of soil science.

The President will chair meetings of the Council, the Executive Committee and the President’s Committee and will be responsible for the proper conduct of the business of the Union.

Externally, the President will represent the Union in international forums, such as the International Science Council, and will act as its spokesperson when dealing with the media, national members of the IUSS, sister organisations, United Nations entities and government departments as required.

Download information here:

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