Researcher in geomorphology, soil science or stores and flow of nutrients in the soil

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Job Title: Senior Researcher A, Profile I of the INECOL’S Academic Staff Statutes.

Job description: Full-time for 12 months. The appointment will be renewable annually based on
productivity and academic performance. The performance of the person hired will be evaluated
annually, both by his/her immediate boss, as well as by the academic body they are assigned to and
by INECOL authorities, based on the work program and plan of activities agreed upon at the
beginning of his/her hiring. At the end of three consecutive years of work, the person may request
his or her definitive status following the guidelines of the Academic Staff Statute (EPA available
online: and current administrative provisions. It is
expected that the person hired, in addition to meeting the academic expectations of the position,
demonstrates the ability to collaborate in a productive, harmonious and empathetic way with the
members of the area of assignment.

General Description: The candidate/candidate should have experience in soil science with a focus on
the study of geomorphology, identification, taxonomy, soil mapping, and soil biogeochemistry.
Preferably, the candidate will have a background in geology or geography. The successful candidate
will join the Functional Ecology Network (REF), where he/she will actively collaborate with ecologists
working in natural and disturbed ecosystems, as well as socio-ecosystems. The focus of
collaborations will be as varied including: ecohydrology, mangrove ecology and restoration, coastal
ecosystem conservation, forest restoration, soil biology, ecosystem services, and the sustainable
management of agroecosystems. He/she should have a solid publication record in international,
indexed and prestigious journals. They should be willing to work as part of a team, have good
communication and time management skills.

The selected person will work in the REF to conduct research on one or more of the following topics:

Stores and fluxes of nutrients and carbon in the soil.
Soil-water-vegetation interactions.
Influence of geomorphology on soil development.
Modification of soil properties by human activities and their restoration.
Sustainable soil management.
Planning and sustainable use of morpho-edaphic landscapes.
Quantification and valuation of ecosystem services provided by soils in different ecosystems.


Develop original research and publish the results it in accordance with the provisions of the
Academic Staff Statute. Respecting absolutely the freedom of research, the person who occupies the
position must devote his or her time to the research topics for which he or she was hired.

Formulate and lead research projects to obtain resources, both to finance their own research and to
contribute to the equipment and development of the area of assignment and the institute.

Participate in the training of students in INECOL’s Master’s and Doctoral programs by teaching
courses and directing theses. Also, be involved in the training of undergraduate students, social
service and professional practices of different institutions of higher education with which the
Institute has collaborative agreements. Of particular interest will be participation in graduate classes
aligned with the strengths of the REF with the possibility of proposing innovative courses in the field
of research of the ascribed network.

Participate in INECOL’s science outreach and dissemination activities.

Collaborate with other researchers from your own network and from other networks and

PhD in Earth Sciences, Geosciences, Soil Science, Environmental Sciences or related areas. Knowledge
in geology, geography, biogeochemistry or soil ecology.

Experience with a wide variety of soils and ecosystems.

Experience in geomorphological, nutrient cycling or soil identification and analyses.

A postdoctorate of at least six months on the same academic line in a Mexican or International
Institution different from the institution where he/she obtained their doctorate.

Research and teaching experience at the graduate or undergraduate level (ideal but not defining).

Have supervised at least one thesis and graduated the student.

Authorship of at least five recent scientific publications (at least three as first author or
corresponding author), in indexed journals of recognized prestige.

Experience and/or knowledge in the operation of soil testing instrumentation in the laboratory and in
the field.

Excellent data analysis skills, and the ability to interpret results of soil analysis and profiling, and to
contribute to the design of soil-water-plant relationship experiments.

Experience driving vehicles in rural areas with a valid driver’s license.

Proven ability to write applications for research projects from different funding sources.

Ability and willingness to work with communities, civil society and government agencies to link with
them and manage support of various kinds.

Knowledge of Spanish and English at a high written and oral level is required.

Skills include willingness and ability to contribute to interdisciplinary teamwork.

Commitment to ethics and scientific integrity.

Excellent interpersonal skills and compliance with current institutional regulations, available online: .

Interested parties may verify the Simplified Privacy Notice for the Reception and Evaluation of
Documents of Applicants for Academic Positions at the Instituto de Ecolog’a, A.C.


Interested candidates from Mexico and other parts of the world should send their updated
Curriculum Vitae, as well as supporting material of particular value that they consider will support
their evaluation by the members of the Selection Committee, to Dr. Victor M. Bandala, Academic
Secretary, at:, always with a copy to the Director General of
INECOL, Three letters of recommendation are required, as well as the
contact information of three established professors/scientists who agree to be interviewed about the
strengths and weaknesses of the candidates (these can be the same as those who issued letters of
recommendation). In addition, a letter written by the candidate expressing interest in the position
will be required, explaining exactly how their previous experience and training match the job
description and expressing their willingness to adhere strictly to the principles of collaboration,
teamwork, academic networking, and scientific integrity. Selected candidates will be required to
submit a psychometric test and an interview with a psychologist, graphologist and expert in work
organization and interpersonal relations, so that the Principal Officer, the Deputy Director of
Institutional Development and the Head of the Human Resources Department will have sufficient
elements to make a recommendation in these non-academic areas to the Director General. The
candidate will also be evaluated within the Internal Council from an academic perspective.

Any questions should be directed to Dr. Victor M. Bandala


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