Assistant Professor/Researcher - Modelling the Role of Soil Biota in Soil Functions/Soil Health

In the Soil Biology group at Wageningen University we are looking for a new member of the team, who is focused on quantifying the role of soil biota in supporting a range of soil functions. In particular we are looking for a researcher with expertise on statistical and empirical modelling with a focus on biological systems.

The portfolio for this position will be split into three key areas;

  1. Applying knowledge on statistical and empirical modelling to better understand the inter-relationships between soil biology, chemical, physical parameters, environmental and management co-variables.
  2. Quantifying synergies and trade-offs in multifunctionality at different scales of assessment for a range of agricultural ecosystem types.
  3. Designing an appropriate statistical benchmarking framework for the assessment of soil health.

The position is advertised as either a researcher/assistant professor – the position this will depend on the focus of the candidate and the combined roles with education and other duties and can be discussed during the interview process. In either case this is a long-term position, after a probation period.

Application deadline: 18 September 2023

If you would like to find out more about the position, please see the following links for more details:

Link WUR

Link Academic Transfer

Link LinkedIn


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