Soil is one of the most complicated biological materials on our planet.

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The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) is the global union of soil scientists. The objectives of the IUSS are to promote all branches of soil science, and to support all soil scientists across the world in the pursuit of their activities. This website provides information for IUSS members and those interested in soil science.

The 4th National Congress of the Russian Soil Scientists

The IV Congress of the Dokuchaev Soil Science Society was held at the Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk, August 9-13, 2004. The Congress motto was Soils the national wealth of Russia. The Congress was attended by about 360 Russian soil scientists and 18 guests from other countries (Azerbaijan, Austria, Belorussia, China, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, UK, Uzbekistan). The Congress consisted of a plenary sessions, 11 symposia, 20 sessions of Commissions, Subcommissions and Working Groups. 289 oral and 33 poster presentations were discussed during the Congress. 1129 abstracts were published in 2 volumes of the IV Congress transactions. The Congress was opened by Prof. G.V.Dobrovolsky, President of the Dokuchaev Soil Science Society. At the plenary sessions several papers were presented to analyse the main achievements and problems of national and world soil science (S.A.Shoba, S.Nortcliff, A.S.Yakovlev, A.L.Ivanov, W.Blum, V.A.Rozhkov, V.N.Kudeyarov, V.I.Oznobihin, A.N.Gennadiev). The main portion of oral papers and posters were presented at the Symposia and sessions of Commissions, Subcommissions and Working Groups. 20 Russian and 2 foreign honorary members of the society were elected, including G.Andreev (Ukraine) and H.Maksudov (Uzbekistan). The resolution of the IV Congress stressed the urge to develop both basic and applied facets of soil science and particularly to concentrate on the problems of the ecological and geobiospheric functions of the soil mantle, sustainable development of soils and ecosystems, soil degradation, remediation and conservation. The enhance of role of soil science in the basic and special education was also stressed. The IV Congress of Dokuchaev Soil Science Society applied to the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and to the Speaker of State Duma Boris Gryzlov to develop and put into being the national law on Soil Conservation. After the Congress 4 scientific field excursions were held to different places of West Siberia. On the General Assembly of the Congress Prof. Sergey A. Shoba was elected as the President of the Dokuchaev Soil Science Society, Prof. Gleb V.Dobrovolsky became the Honorary President of the DSSS. And also 6 vice-presidents were elected: Prof. B.Aparin, Prof. I.Gadjiev, Prof. A.Ivanov, Prof. V.Kudeyarov, Prof. V.Rozhkov, Prof. V.Targulian.

Victor O.Targulian, Galina S.Pogodina, Sergey V.Goryachkin