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The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) is the global union of soil scientists. The objectives of the IUSS are to promote all branches of soil science, and to support all soil scientists across the world in the pursuit of their activities. This website provides information for IUSS members and those interested in soil science.

International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture, Water Resources Development, and Earth Care Policies

New Delhi, India

The 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture, Water Resources Development and Earth Care Policies was held at the SCOPE Convention Centre, New Delhi, India on December 18-20, 2002. It was organized by the Bhoovigyan Vikas Foundation (An Earth Care Foundation) in collaboration with a number of organizations and was sponsored by several government and non-governmental agencies.

In his inaugural address, Hon. Professor Murli Manohar Joshi (Minister of Human Resource Development, Science, and Technology) emphasized that sustainable development was not possible without sustainable consumption. Prof. Sanjay Paswan (Minister of State, Information and Technology) welcomed the national and international delegates at the conference. Eminent scientists and administrators presented papers in five plenary sessions. Several invited and voluntary papers were presented in the following technical sessions:

(I)Sustainable agriculture and rural livelihood; Drinking water supply – A strategic policy approach; Sustainable development – Conserving earth’s vitality and diversity; Biotechnology in developing countries – Economic, social and ethical challenges

(II)Sustainable agriculture – Ecosystems, production practices and relevance of traditional technologies in new millennium; Ground water potentials – Development and use; Population, carrying capacity, food security, and resource base; Bio-safety governance and policy reforms

(III)Sustainable agriculture – Natural resources management and adaptation to climate change; Irrigation and drainage – Sustainable planning, development, and management; new vistas and windows for achieving sustainable use of resources; Agro and rural industries; development strategies

(IV)Strategies for globalization of Indian agriculture – Agricultural marketing reforms, agribusiness methods, and agriclinic concepts; Blue revolution – A step towards 2nd green revolution in India; Regional development – Changing perspectives; Digital opportunities for sustainable agricultural development

(V)Renewable energy sources for sustainable agriculture; Biodiversity – Conservation and management; Policies for access, equity, and equality – Physical and human resources; Sustainable agricultural development – Role of Geomatics technology and knowledge management;

(VI)Sustainable livestock development in different farming systems – A strategic approach; Water and environment – A social good; Forest conservation and management, agro-forestry, planned use of wasteland, and degraded land; Agricultural resources information systems – A step towards informatics led agriculture in India;

(VII)Sustainable agriculture and rural development – Economic, social and political context, extension, and management; Integrated water resources development and management – Engineering, socio-economic, and environmental aspects; Urban environment and food security; Ecotechnology – Environmental sustainability, blending traditional knowledge with frontier technologies, and ecovillage network.

Bhoovigyan Ratna Awards were presented to Drs. G. S. Bhalla, D. K. Chadha, K. Kasturirangan, and N. C. Gautam. Bhoovigyan Leadership Awards were presented to Drs. M. Satish Kumar and A. Mohan. Prof. R. N. Dubey Memorial Award was given to Dr. R. S. Sangwan.

International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture, Water Resources Development, and Earth Care Policies

International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture, Water Resources Development, and Earth Care Policies

Hosting an international conference of this magnitude requires a commitment from many people. I congratulate Dr. K. Sundaram Chairman), Shri M. Moni (Secretary General), Dr. N. Vijayaditya (Chairman, Organizing Committee), and their committees on organizing a memorable conference. I am grateful to the Organizing Committee for giving me the opportunity to present a paper and to chair a plenary session. The unparalleled Indian hospitality was enjoyed by all participants.

Valedictory address by Hon. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, Vice-President of India. Shri M. Moni (Secretary General), Hon. Sompal (Member, Planning Commission and Chairman, Conference Advisory Committee), Hon. Mohan Dharia (Former Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission), and Dr. K.V. Sundaram (Chairman) are seen in the picture (seated l to r).

The Bhoovigyan Vikas Foundation is a Consortium of Earth Sciences registered as a professional association in August 2000 at Nagpur under the Societies Registration Act 1860. It has been founded to bring together all earth science professionals to work towards the common goal of “saving our planet” through various activities designed to achieve sustainable development.

Send an email to bhoovigyan@rediffmail.com or moni@hub.nic.in or visit www.bhoovikas.nic.in to find out more.

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