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Third International Forum On The Importance Of Chemistry In The Agronomy

(Foro Internacional Sobre La Importancia De La Quimica En Agronomia)

The III International Forum on the importance of Chemistry in the Agronomy (III Foro Internacional sobre la importancia de la Quemica en Agronomia) was held at the Universidad Nacional de Chapingo (Texcoco, Mexico) on January 22 to 24, 2002. This Forum was organised by Prfs. Jose A. ANAYA and Moisus CUEVAS (both from the Universidad Autonoma de Chapingo, UACH).

- On the first day, the session focused on “Soil organic matter: Importance on soil properties and fertility, and education”; two keynotes, presented by the Prf. L.B. REYES and J.F. GALLARDO, served as introduction to the contributions.

- On the second day, the session dealt with “Organic agriculture and sustainable development: The future of the agrochemicals”; the two introductory key-notes were presented by Dr. T.J. GUZMAN and C. RIUS.

- On the third day a round-table, consisting of the Prf. J.D.D.M. NETO, E. AGUILAR, G. ALMAGUER, R. DECELIS, M. CUEVAS and (acting as moderator) Dr. J.F. GALLARDO discussed different programs dealing with agriculture and rural development in Brasil and Mexico.

A short field workshop was also scheduled to discuss some experiences on organic/ecological agriculture in the district of Texcoco. In addition, a theatrical play was performed by students of the Faculty of Agronomy from the Universidad Autonoma Juarez, Tabasco (Southern Mexico).

In all the sessions, discussions were open and very interesting.

This III Forum was closed by a Jazz session, performed by professors belonging to the UACH. I want to congratulate the organisers on the nice work and the participation of students belonging to different Universities of Mexico.

C.S.I.C., Salamanca 37071, Spain