The three favourite soil science books of:

Yeong Sang Jung (S. Korea)

As a soil scientist, serving since 1971, my favorite soil science books are Advanced Soil Physics written by Don Kirkham and Power, Environmental Soil Physics by Daniel Hillel, and Soils in Our Environment by Raymond W. Miller and Duane T. Gardner.

Advanced Soil Physics was published in 1971. This book was firstly introduced to me by Dr. S. H. Yoo, a former graduate student of Dr. Kirkham, and my advisory professor for MSc. At one glance, so many mathematics formulae were in the book. In 1977 I joined Dr. H. M. Taylor, USDA and the Iowa State University, I took calculus and applied mathematics classes. Then, I could take the advanced soil physics class of Dr. Kirkham. Though he was age of official retirement at that time, he guided enthusiastic lecture. Alas, I have missed Dr. Kirkham and Dr. Taylor for long time. This experience gave me firm theoretical foundation on water movement in soil, soil temperature changes and miscible displacement.

Environmental Soil Physics written by Dr. Hillel was published in 1998 by Academic Press, but the original version was the Introduction to Soil Physics published in 1980. Dr. Taylor gave me the book for review circulation to read, and recommended this book for soil physics class after my graduation. I have used this book as the text book in the soil physics class since 1981. The Korean version of this book was published in 1984. In 1998, Environmental Soil Physics was revised binding with the Applications of soil Physics. Therefore, it includes seven parts: Part I. Basic relationships; Part II. The Solid Phases; Part III; The Liquid Phase; Part IV The Gaseous Phase; Part V. Composite phenomena; Part VI. Field Water Cycle; Part VII. Soil-Plant-Water Relations; Part VIII. Appendices, of which volume was 771 pages. Each Part composed of two to five chapters introduces words of old wisdoms on to top. At the first chapter it starts with the poet saying, All that we did, all that we said or sang Must come from contact with soil William Buttler Yeats, 1865-1939 . Student who read this book can obtain soil physics learning together with wisdom of old axioms and biblical depiction.

Soils in Our Environment written by Drs Miller and Gardner was published in 1998. This edition was dedicated to Dr. Miller who passed away in 1997 by Dr. Gardner. I usually introduce to soil science students to read this book. This book explains basic soil science with easy terms and with examples for practical application. Each chapter starts with Preview and Important Facts, and ends with practical application on farm emphasizing environmental role of agriculture, an importance on human life and nature.

I hope students who really want to study soil physics read these books.

Yeong-Sang Jung, Ph. D
Professor in Soil Physics
President of Korean Society of Soil Science and Fertilizers
Kangwon National University, R. O. Korea


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