Taking care of soils since 1924

1924 Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference of Pedology

The conference proceedings were published by the International Institute of Agriculture (IIA) in Rome and were intended to serve as a milestone in the advancement of soil science, producing three volumes and one annex for a total of around 2,000 pages. Besides the report of the general secretary, the Proceedings are organized into three sections:

i) Summaries of communications
ii) Illustrative notes regarding the soil excursions
iii) Conferences, notes, and communications to be included in the Proceedings

These proceedings documented the presentations, discussions, and scientific contributions shared during the conference. Over time, these proceedings have become a significant reference point, providing a comprehensive account of the progress made in soil science up to 1924.

They serve as a valuable resource for researchers, academics, and practitioners seeking to understand the historical development and evolution of soil science.