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Soil publications

Below is a list of soil science publications. If you have a publication of interest please send us the details and it will be listed here.

IUSS publications

Books reviewed in the IUSS Bulletin

Soil science journals

Soil brochures in French

The three favourite soil science books of Soil Scientists

Soil encyclopaedia

 Encyclopedia of soils in the environment (4 vols)

Encyclopedia of soil science (2 vols)

 Encyclopedia of soil science (1 vol)

Encyclopedia of Agrochemicals (3 vols)

www.wikipedia.org Free

Highbeam Reference Research Free

Soil glossaries

Canadian Soil Information Systems glossary

 Soil tectonics glossary

DPI Australia glossary

Acid sulfate soils glossary

Pedosphere.com glossary

The free dictionary

Various soil publications

Soil science bibliographies (by David Rossiter)

Frontiers in exploration of the critical zone

2015 – 90 years IUSS

History of the ISSS-IUSS

National Geographic Cover Story on Soils (September 2008)

Soils – The Final Frontier (Cover Story Science, 11 June 2004)

Citations and the h index of soil researchers and journals in the Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar

Soil – National Geographic Text

Methods for the granulometric analysis of soil for science and practice – by STANISŁAW RZĄSA, WOJCIECH OWCZARZAK

Modeling Soil Processes: Review, Key Challenges and New Perspectives

Development of National Soil Science Societies in the BRICS group

Management of Dust Storm at Agricultural Ecosystem in Iran (book abstract)

Proceedings of the workshop America’s Geoheritage II: Identifying, Developing, and Preserving America’s Natural Legacy

Sustaining soil for advancing peace: World is one family