Awards, Medals and Prizes


Dokuchaev award

Dokuchaev award

This award was established in 2006. It is made for major research accomplishments, resulting from basic researches in any field ...
Von Liebig award

Von Liebig award

This award was established in 2006. The award recognizes outstanding contributions in applied soil science research, contributing to new discoveries, ...
Korean society of soil science

The IUSS Jeju Award

Sponsored by the Korean Society of Soil Science and Fertilizer (KSSSF) Description The IUSS Jeju Award was co-established by IUSS ...


Yaalon medal

The Dan Yaalon medal young scientist medal

This medal is awarded by the IUSS Division 1 Soils in Space and Time and the IUSS Commission 4.5 History, philosophy and sociology of ...