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Dokuchaev award

Dokuchaev award
Dokuchaev award

This award was established in 2006. It is made for major research accomplishments, resulting from basic researches in any field of soil science.

At each World Congress of Soil Science (WCSS) IUSS grants the Dokuchaev Award to recognize outstanding contributions for basic research in soil sciences. The award includes an engraved medal, a certificate, a US$ 1.000 honorarium, and financial support to attend the presentation at the World Congress of Soil Science.

They are differentiated by the type of contribution rendered, not by professional membership grouping. Eligible are members of the International Union of Soil Sciences.

Only one award can be given to one person or group of persons during one year.

Criteria & Guidelines

IUSS Dokuchaev Award 2022

Nicola Senesi
Prof. Emer. Nicola Senesi is the recipient of the 2022 IUSS Dokuchaev Award for his outstanding contributions and achievements in basic soil science research. Prof. Senesi’s distinguished career spanned more than half a century (1967-2021) and focused on the instrumental role of soil systems for both agricultural production and environmental protection. He has successfully applied several novel and advanced chemical, physico-chemical and biochemical methods and spectroscopic techniques to investigate the molecular structures and chemical functionalities soil organic matter, especially humic fractions isolated from a wide variety of soils, organic amendments and waters. He used the same approaches to study from a novel perspective the interactions of pesticides with and the complexation of micronutrient/micropollutant trace metals to humic substances.

The intense and wide research activity and the scientific stature of Prof. Senesi is reflected in his impressive scientific publication record and citations including ranking in the top 1% of scientists in the Stanford University World Ranking of Scientists. Prof. Senesi was also a visionary educator.

Prof. Senesi served in multiple roles in national and international scientific organizations and in the organization of several international and national conferences and symposia. He was an active member in ISSS/IUSS, serving as Chair of Commission II-Soil Chemistry of ISSS and then as Chair of Division II-Soil Properties and Processes of IUSS.

Former recipients

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