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Kubiena medal


The Kubiena Medal was introduced by Subcommission B – Soil Micromorphology of the ISSS to commemorate Walter L Kubiëna for his distinguished contribution to soil micromorphology. Later it was undertaken by IUSS Commission 1.1. Soil Morphology and Micromorphology.

This IUSS medal is awarded for outstanding and sustained contribution in the discipline of soil micromorphology.

Walter Ludwig Kubiëna (born 1897 in Neutitschein, Moravia, † 1970 in Klagenfurt) was an Austrian soil scientist. He is considered to be the founder of micromorphological soil research, which began with the publication, in 1938, of his book “Micropedology”. His works opened up a new dimension to soil science and had a lasting influence on international research in the areas of soil genesis, soil classification and soil geography.

Criteria for selection of nominees

The awardees must demonstrate an outstanding and sustained performance in the discipline of soil micromorphology. All areas of micromorphology including research, teaching and its application to environmental, agricultural, archaeological and industrial problems are considered relevant.

Periodicity of nomination

The Kubiëna Medal is currently awarded every four years and presented at the World Congress of Soil Science of the IUSS.

Nomination procedure

The call for the nominations is publicized, during the year before the date of the award, via the Commission Newsletter, Commission Business Meetings and/or IUSS Alerts.

The nominees may be proposed by institutions, societies, commissions and working groups of the IUSS, and individuals. Members of the Award committee are not eligible to make nominations or second nominations.

The proposal for nomination must be submitted to the Award committee chair, and should include:

  • Statement of key achievements and career highlights of the nominee (1 page)
  • Curriculum vitae detailing career history and publication record of the nominee
  • Name of proposer and seconder for the nominee
  • Any other relevant information in support of the nominee
  • Full address and contact details of the nominee

Award Committee Members

The selection committee for the Kubiëna Medal award is composed of the previous Kubiëna medal holders plus the Chair and past Chair of IUSS Commission 1.1. Soil Morphology and Micromorphology.


Ekaterina Yarilova †

Roy Brewer †

1985 7th IWMSM Paris (France)
H. Jürgen Altemüller † 1988 8th IWMSM Texas
Georges Stoops † 1992 9th IWMSM Townsville (Australia)
Ewart Adsil FitzPatrick † 1998 16th ISSS Congress Montpellier
Larry Wilding † 2001 11th IWMSM Ghent (Belgium)
Herman Mücher †

A. Jongerius*

2006 18th WCSS Philadelphia (USA)
Nicolas Fedoroff † 2010 19th WCSS Brisbane (Australia)
Rienk Miedema 2014 20th WCSS Jeju (Korea)
Maria Gerasimova 2018 21th WCSS Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)