Soil stores 10% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions.

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The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) is the global union of soil scientists. The objectives of the IUSS are to promote all branches of soil science, and to support all soil scientists across the world in the pursuit of their activities. This website provides information for IUSS members and those interested in soil science.

Criteria & Guidelines

Criteria, Requirements & Guidelines

Eligibility of nominators

Nominations for both awards are accepted only from members of the IUSS.
Members of the awards committees are ineligible to make nominations.

Eligibility of nominees

Nominees for the awards must be living at the time their nominations are submitted. No age limit is specified for the awards. Members of the awards committee are ineligible to be nominated.

Nomination procedures

Preparation: Preparation of the best nomination possible for a distinguished colleague is a compliment to both the nominee and the nominator, and it provides maximum assurance that the nominee will be selected to receive the award. Obtaining the assistance of the nominee in supplying information is permissible and may improve the accuracy and completeness of the documentation. Clearly identifying and evaluating the nominees contribution is the most important part of the nomination, because nominations are ranked primarily on this basis.

Format: Each nomination must contain the nomination proper and one copy of each supporting letter (not more than three letters). A cover letter from the nominator is not necessary; if the nominator includes a cover letter, it will be considered as one of the three (maximum) supporting letters. The total nomination package must not exceed 10 pages. This translates to 7 pages maximum for the body of the nomination, plus the three one-page letters of support.

NOTE: It is imperative that nominations do not exceed the length specified in these instructions. Nominations that exceed the specified length will not be considered. All nomination materials must be submitted to the Chair of the Committee on Prizes and Awards (CPA). This can be done by E-mail as well as by regular mail.

Deadline: The deadline for receipt of the nominations is 12 months before the beginning of the next WCSS at which the prizes are to be bestowed.

Processing of nominations

The Committee on Prizes and Awards (CPA) evaluates the nominations. This can be done by correspondence and need not involve a meeting of the Committee itself. The Committee sends its recommendation to the President of the Union, with a copy to the Secretary-General. Persons selected to receive the Award are informed promptly by the Secretary-General after a decision has been taken by the CPA.

If a nomination is not successful, it can be re-submitted after four years.

Nomination Format

The nomination documents must contain the following information: Title of the award, with the name of the nominee and the name of the appropriate award.

  • Nominee: Include the name, mail address (with zip code), telephone number and E-mail address.
  • Nominator: Include the name, position, signature, mail address, telephone number and E-mail address.

Qualifications of the nominee

  • degrees received (with field, date and institution for each degree);
  • membership in honorary academic societies;
  • honours and awards received;
  • professional positions held (with years, organisations and locations);
  • professional publications, giving the total number (not the titles) of professional publications in each of the following categories:◦books written
  • books or other publications edited
  • chapters of books written
  • technical papers, refereed
  • technical papers non-refereed
  • non-technical papers
  • patents
  • invited lectures, seminars or symposia presentations
  • other related oral, written or visual presentations or products

In addition, list only the ten (10) most significant publications, patents, presentations or products in literature citation form.

  • Professional contributions, other than publications (not more than 3 pages). Identify and briefly list in this section the contributions, other than publications, on which the nomination is based.
  • Organization(s) of which the nominee is a member.

Evaluation (not more than three pages)

A concise summary and evaluation of the nominee’s significant contributions; explain why the nominee is especially well qualified to receive the award.

Supporting letters

Not more than three supporting letters are to be included, each one page in length. Supporting letters are solicited by and addressed to the nominator. Members of the Awards Committee are not eligible to write supporting letters.

If there is no acceptable candidate, the award will not be given.