Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition (JSSSPN) - September 2015


Toru MATHO and Kazuyuki INUBUSHI, President and Vice-President of the Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition (JSSSPN) and Takashi KOSAKI, Chair of Division 3, IUSS


1) Our Society (JSSSPN) will hold the JSSSPN Annual Meeting as a special meeting to celebrate IYS. More than 800 researchers will attend the meeting to make oral or poster presentation to deepen our understanding on a wide range of topics of the 9 divisions of the society: 1) soil physics, 2) soil chemistry and mineralogy, 3) soil biology, 4) plant nutrition, 5) soil genesis, classification and survey, 6) soil fertility, 7) fertilizers and soil amendments, 8) environment, and 9) socio-cultural soil science. In addition, it is our great pleasure that Professor Rattan Lal, President-elect of the IUSS, will deliver a keynote lecture with the title of “Soil and Sustainability” during this special meeting in the IYS.

2) We will jointly organize a symposium titled “International Year of Soils and Agricultural Researches: A Bridge Connecting Society, Life and Environment” together with Association of Japanese Agricultural Scientific Societies. Seven out of 9 speakers are representing JSSSPN as well as other agricultural scientific societies and deliver lectures on the basic to up-to-date topics on the soils and surrounding agricultural sciences towards sustaining the planet Earth. The plenary lecture entitled “How do soils play a role in feeding 10 billion people in the world?” will be given by Prof. Takashi Kosaki, Past-President of JSSSPN and current Chair of Division 3, IUSS.

3) We will also hold a special symposium entitled “Soil, Land and Life” to celebrate the IYS on the World Soil Day of the IYS. Among the presenters of the symposium will be Mr. C.W. Nicol, a naturalist and a novelist, an environmental economist (tbd), Mr. Yoshitsugu Kuroda, a young leader of a Japanese agricultural cooperative association, and Prof. Takashi Kosaki, a soil scientist and Chair of Division 3, IUSS. This will be a special event for all who are concerned with soils to commemorate the IYS and of course open to the public.

When & Where

1) September 9-11, 2015, Kyoto University, Kyoto. JSSS Annual Meeting.

2) October 3, Yayoi Hall, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Symposium 2015 “Soil, International Year of Soils and Agricultural Researches: A Bridge Connecting Society, Life and Environment”.

3) December 5, 2015, Lecture Hall of Science Council of Japan, Tokyo, Special symposium “Soil, Land and Life”.

Soil Message

In order to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of soil for food security and essential ecosystem functions, we must keep on sending to the public the following messages at the same time: “Soils sustain life” and “Soil resources are finite and thus should be treated as such”. Approach to the young generations would be especially important to continue and strengthen our activities in the future.

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