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The Soil Science Society of Nigeria (SSSN) is a registered member of the International Union of Soil Science. Our mission is “to advance the study of soil, promoting and fostering understanding of basic and applied Soil Science, nationally and internationally”. The Society also strives to enhance the dissemination of knowledge in all aspects of Soil Science and shares ideas with national and international societies through conferences, symposia, lectures, seminars and journal publications.
Soil Science Society of Nigeria in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation and the International Union of Soil Science to celebrate the International year of Soils in Nigeria.

What, When & Where

International Year of Soils will be celebrated all year round 2015 in Nigeria. The following planned activities will be used to mark it;

Activity 1:

The flagship event is at the 39th Annual Conference of the Soil Science Society of Nigeria to be held in Omu-aran, Kwara State, Nigeria.
More than 1000 Soil Scientists are expected to be in attendance to present and discuss more than 300 papers on the latest results and breakthroughs in soil research in Nigeria. The theme of the Conference “Managing Nigerian Soils for Food and Nutrition Security and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation” has been chosen to discuss contemporary issues as they relate to the effect of climate change on Food and Nutrition Security, as well as on adaptation and mitigation measures. It is also envisaged that the Conference will provide a forum for Nigerian Soil Scientists, interested stakeholders and policy makers to discuss the concept and operationalization of Global Soil Partnership in Nigeria as well as launch the 2015 International Year of Soils. The IYS aims to be a platform for raising awareness of the importance of soils for food security and essential eco-system functions.

Sub-Themes of the Conference:

This event is scheduled to hold as follows:
Date of arrival:
Monday 9th March, 2015

Date of departure:
Friday13th March, 2015

10am daily.

Multipurpose Hall, Landmark University,
Omu-Aran, Kwara State, Nigeria.

Activity 2:

Leaflets describing the importance of soils and their utilization, especially in the context of agriculture and the need for their sustainable management will be produced. The leaflet will specifically describe the situation of Nigeria. These leaflets will be distributed to participants at the conference and in major gatherings throughout the year.

Activity 3:

Decision makers (Members of Parliament) are engaged to raise their awareness on soil matters.
A one day awareness workshop for decision and policy makers (Members of Parliament, Minister’s of Agriculture, Environment, Science and Technology and Water Resources) and a selected stakeholders will be organized in Abuja on 17th August, 2015. The objective of the event is to seek the commitment and strong political support of decision and policy makers, to engage all stakeholders on the importance of soils in the attainment of food and nutrition security as well as the need for their sustainable management.
Papers will be presented on the under listed topics by resource persons to be identified by the SSSN Executive Committee.

Workshop Topics for Decision Makers

Attendance will consist of 100 participants from the National Assembly, Ministries of Agriculture, Environment, Education, Science and Technology and Water Resources. Selected stakeholders will be invited from farmer associations, industry and development partners.

Activity 4:

Dissemination of Soil information and soil knowledge for the youths. A one-day seminar will be organized for youths in one location in each of the six geo-political zones as follows:

The topics to be treated during the workshop are listed below:
  1. Soil Resources of each of the Geo-political zones as appropriate.
  2. Soils and their uses especially in Agriculture.
  3. Challenges of Soil Management
  4. Career in Soil Science
  5. Video presentation on different aspects of Soil Management
  6. Tour of exhibition stands: Display of Soil Monolith, Display of Soil Maps, Display of science equipment for soil analysis

Seminar will be organised October through November, 2015 (one day each in the six geopolitical zones).

Soil message

The importance of soil is enormous. Soil acts as a water filter and a growing medium; provides habitat for billions of organisms, contributing to biodiversity; and supplies most of the antibiotics used to fight diseases. Humans use soil as a holding facility for solid waste, filter for wastewater, and foundation for buildings and structure. More so, soil is the basis of our nation’s agro-ecosystems which provide us with feed, fiber, food and fuel.

The Soil Science Society of Nigeria wishes to remind us all that soil resources are finite and thus should be treated as such. Every human being that wishes to live in a safe, clean, poverty free and food abundant earth should not abuse the soil. The lives of our children and great grand children depend on our sustainable use of today’s soil.

Contact us:

Soil Science Society of Nigeria Secretariat,
127 Adetokumbo Ademola Crescent,
Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria.


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