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Soil Solutions for a Changing World, Brisbane, Australia 1 - 6 August 2010


Haghnia Gholam Hosian Changes of nitrogen forms in a calcareous soil exposed to elevated CO2 with two atmospheric temperature levels Symposium 2.2.2
Hajabbasi Mohammad Ali Aggregation, carbohydrate, total and particulate organic carbon changes by cultivation of an arid soil in Central Iran Symposium 4.3.1
Halfen Alan F. Downward Thinking: Rethinking the "Up" in Soil Bioturbation Symposium 1.3.1
Hall David Changes in soil pH as a result of lime addition as affected by rates, time and incorporation method Symposium 3.1.2
Hallett Paul The rheology of rhizosphere formation by root exudates and soil microbes Symposium 2.1.2
Hamada Yohei Gaseous composition of smoke samples obtained at a tropical peatland fire Congress Symposium 4
Hamer Ute Response of soil microorganisms to land-use change in China, Ecuador and Germany Symposium 4.3.1
Han Gwang Hyun Enhanced greenhouse-gases emissions in an irrigated rice paddy fertilized with biofiltration leachate Congress Symposium 4
Han Kyung-Hwa Mobility of N, P, Ethoprophos in Three Upland Soils as Affected by Chemical Fertilizer and Composted Manure under Soybean-cultivated Lysimeters Symposium 3.2.2
Han Xiao Zeng Effect of long term fertilization on soil fertility and crop yield in a Udic Mollisol Symposium 3.3.1
Han Fengxiang X. Interaction of mercury contaminated soils with iron oxides and potential remediation of river/runoff/storm water by an aquatic plant Symposium 3.5.1
Hanna Khalil Transport of naphthoic acids in metal-contaminated soil columns: Experimental study and modeling approach Symposium 2.5.2
Haque Ekramul M. Minimum-tillage, mechanized sowing of pulses with two-wheel tractors Symposium 3.1.2
Haque Ekram 15N aided studies on Legume Nitrogen fixation in Tista Meander Floodplain soils of Bangladesh Symposium 3.3.1
Hara Junko Geochemical approach for toxic metal leaching and migration from defunct mining site Symposium 2.4.2
Hara Shintaro Investigation of nitrogen-fixing potential in soil bacterial microbiota from Lapland boreal forest limit Symposium 4.1.2
Hara Michihiro Relation of evaporation and transpiration to maintain plant production Symposium 4.1.2
Hardie Marcus Development of preferential flow below a soil moisture threshold Symposium 2.1.1
Hardie Marcus Effect of leaching on hydrophobicity and infiltration into a texture contrast soil Symposium 2.1.1
Hardie Ailsa Abiotic catalysis of the Maillard reaction and polyphenol-Maillard humification pathways by Al, Fe and Mn oxides Symposium 2.4.1
Harrison-Kirk Tina Do texture and organic matter content affect C & N dynamics in soils exposed to dry/wet cycles? Symposium 2.2.2
Hartemink Alfred Growing sugarcane for bioenergy � effects on the soil Symposium 4.2.1
Hartemink Alfred E. Land use change in the tropics and its effect on soil fertility Symposium 4.3.1
Hartemink Alfred E. Soil profiles: the more we see, the more we understand Symposium 4.5.1
Hartikainen Helina Phosphorus supplying potential of European soils Symposium 3.1.1
Hasbullah Hasbullah Effects of legumes on arbuscular mycorrhizal colonisation and phosphorus uptake by the following wheat Symposium 2.3.1
Hashidoko Yasuyuki Genetic analysis of active N2O-emitting bacteria from tropical peat soils for their nitrous oxide reductase gene Congress Symposium 4
Hashimoto Yohey Rhizosphere bacterial community PCR-DGGE profiles and metal speciation in shooting range soils Symposium 3.5.1
Hasiotis Stephen The Story of O: The Dominance of Organisms as a Soil-Forming Factor From an Integrated Geologic Perspective and Modern Field and Experimental Studies Symposium 1.3.1
Hassan Affendy Soil properties under Orthosiphon stamineus (Benth) intercropped with Durio zibethinus (Murr) and treated with various organic fertilizers Division Symposium 3.2
Hatano Ryusuke Carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions associated with tropical peatland degradation Symposium 4.3.1
Hathaway-Jenkins Laura A comparison between conventional and organic farming practices 1: Soil physical properties Symposium 3.1.2
Hathaway-Jenkins Laura A comparison between conventional and organic farming practices 2: Soil hydraulic properties Symposium 3.1.2
Hawke Bruce Ammonia volatilisation from urea fertiliser products applied to an alkaline soil Division Symposium 3.2
Hayashi Keiichi Technology development of soil fertility management based on understanding local agricultural systems of the Sahel in Niger, West Africa Symposium 4.1.2
Hayden Helen Utilising microarray technology to investigate soil microbial ecology Symposium 2.3.2
Hayes Michael H.B The Isolation and Characterization of Humic Substances and Humin from Grey Brown Podzolic and Gley Grassland Soils Symposium 2.2.1
He Hongbo Specific response of soil fungi and bacteria to carbon availability indicated by the transformation dynamics of soil amino sugars Symposium 2.2.2
He Ji-Zheng Ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea in different paddy soils of China Symposium 2.3.1
He Mengchang Geochemistry and contents of trace metals in the soils and sediments of Daliao River System watershed, China Symposium 3.5.1
He Zhenli Soil amendment to remediate copper contaminated soils Symposium 3.5.1
He Yan Using the multivariate data set of SOM quality to assess the management induced changes in forest soils Working Group 3.2
Heaven Michael Analysis of trace organic compounds from a dairy factory milk processing plant "wastewater" used to irrigate soils Symposium 2.4.2
Hedley Carolyn Analysis of potential benefits of precision irrigation for variable soils at five pastoral and arable production sites in New Zealand Division Symposium 3.1
Hedley Mike Field measurement of root density and soil organic carbon content using soil spectral reflectance Working Group 1.5
Heemskerk Gemma Understanding your soils - working with land managers Division Symposium 4.1
Heidari Ahmad Carbon sequestration under different physiographic and climatic conditions in north Karaj river basin Symposium 1.1.1
Heinrichs Reges Soil chemical attributes, technological quality and yields of sugar cane submitted to organic and mineral fertilizers Division Symposium 3.2
Helassa Nordine The mobility and persistence of the insecticidal Cry1Aa toxin, Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) in soils Symposium 2.2.1
Helassa Nordine The mobility and persistence of the insecticidal Cry1Aa toxin, Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) in soils Symposium 2.5.1
Hempel Jon Canada-United States digital soil mapping case Congress Symposium 1
Henderson Sherri Glucose Effects on Denitrifier Abundance, Denitrification Gene mRNA Levels, and Denitrification Activity in an Anoxic Soil Microcosm Symposium 2.3.2
Henderson Scott National acid sulfate soils identification, assessment and management short course Symposium 4.1.2
Henderson Scott Low temperature transformation of schwertmannite to hematite with associated CO2, SO and SO2 evolution Working Group 3.1
Hepp Simone Impacts of soil moisture on trace gas emissions from grassland: a case study on grassland in Northern Ireland Congress Symposium 4
Herath Saman A Complete, Balanced Fertilizer Recommendation for Tomato grown in Sri Lanka Symposium 3.1.1
Herath Indika K. Indices of the status of freshwater resources for impact analyses Symposium 4.2.2
Hernandez Hernandez Rosa Mary Microbial biomass activity in neotropical savanna soils managed during six years with conservationist cereal-cattle systems Symposium 3.1.2
Hernandez Ramirez Guillermo Reactive nitrogen cycling and potential ecosystem services trade-offs in an eastern Corn Belt soil Congress Symposium 2
Hernandez Ramirez Guillermo Carbon Sources and Dynamics in Afforested and Cultivated US Corn Belt Soils Working Group 4.1
Herrmann Ludger The potential of gamma-ray spectrometry for soil mapping Working Group 1.5
Hettiarachchi Ganga Gardening on Brownfields Sites: Evaluating Trace Element Transfer from Soil to Plants and Their Transformations in Soils Division Symposium 4.2
Heuvelink Gerard Realistic quantification of input, parameter and structural errors of soil process models Symposium 1.5.2
Hewitt Allan Aligning New Zealand digital soil mapping with the global soil mapping project Congress Symposium 1
Hewitt Allan Evaluation of soil natural capital in two soilscapes Symposium 4.1.1
Hewson Rob Mineralogical and Textural Characterisation of Soils using Thermal Infrared Spectroscopy Working Group 1.5
Hicks Warren Acidity fluxes following rewetting of sulfuric material Division Symposium 2.1
Higashi Teruo Proteases activities of Andosols after the addition of clay and humic substances in the presence of cadmium Symposium 3.5.1
Hin Sarith Understanding variability in texture and acidity among sandy soils in Cambodia Division Symposium 2.2
Hinck Stefan Use of the BOs-1EP for the low-sample estimation of the spatial distribution of grain sizes Symposium 3.1.2
Hiradate Syuntaro Direct Determination of Allophane and Imogolite in Andosols Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Symposium 1.3.1
Hirst Phillip Assessment of saturated hydraulic conductivity in coastal floodplain acid sulfate soils Division Symposium 2.2
Hoang Thi Thai Hoa Sandy Soils in South Central Coastal Vietnam: their origin, constraints and management Symposium 3.3.1
Hobley Eleanor Measuring soil organic carbon stocks - issues and considerations Symposium 1.5.1
Holbeche Georgina Valley floor kaolinitic regolith in SW Australia that has been modified by groundwater Symposium 2.4.1
Holland Jonathan The effect of drip emitter rate on bromide movement in a drip irrigated vineyard Symposium 2.1.1
Hollingsworth Ian Mine landform cover design and environmental evaluation Symposium 4.1.2
Holmes Karen W. Designing a soil pH monitoring network for the Western Australian wheatbelt Symposium 1.5.1
Hong S. Young Digital soil mapping using legacy soil data in Korea Congress Symposium 1
Honma Toshimitsu Effects of soil management on changes of soil carbon content in alluvial paddy soil in Niigata Symposium 3.1.2
Hopkins David Isotopic evidence for the provenance and turnover of organic carbon by soil microorganisms in the Antarctic dry valleys Working Group 1.4
Hopley Jonathan Disaggregation of landform components within land systems of the Victorian Mallee using a Digital Elevation Model Working Group 1.3
Hopmans Jan Drip Irrigation as a Sustainable Practice under Shallow Groundwater Conditions Symposium 2.1.1
Horn Rainer Pore rigidity in structured soils - only a theoretical boundary condition for hydraulic properties? Symposium 2.1.2
Horrocks Abie Fertiliser nitrogen requirements reduce as soil organic matter accumulates following modification of podzolised soils in New Zealand Division Symposium 3.2
Hoseini Hossein Mirseyed Clinoptilolite amendment to increase ammonium removal from landfill leachate in a clay loam soil Symposium 4.1.2
Hossain Md. Altaf Indigenous technology for adapting to water logging situation for sustainable livelihood security in low lying areas of Bangladesh Symposium 3.1.2
Hossain Md. Altaf Global Warming induced Sea Level Rise on Soil, Land and Crop Production Loss in Bangladesh Working Group 3.4
Houben David Leaching and phytoavailability of zinc and cadmium in a contaminated soil treated with zero-valent iron Symposium 3.5.1
Houlbrooke David Monitoring soil quality in intensive dairy-farmed catchments of New Zealand: implications for farm management and environmental quality Symposium 3.1.2
Hseu Zeng-Yei Pedogenic chromium and nickel fractionation in subtropical serpentine soils Symposium 1.3.1
Hu Xue-Feng Regional Distribution of the Loess-like Red Clay in Subtropical China and Its Paleoclimatic Implications Symposium 1.3.1
Hu Kelin Optimizing water and nitrogen management for irrigated maize in desert oases in Northwestern China Symposium 3.1.2
Hu Xue-Feng Vertical Distributions of Magnetic Susceptibility of the Urban Soil Profiles in Shanghai and Their Environmental Implications Working Group 3.3
Huang Tzu-Yu Characteristics and Genesis of Placic Horizon in Subalpine Montane Forest Soils in Northeastern Taiwan Symposium 1.3.1
Huang Li Geochemical translocation of trace metals in iron-manganese cutan and matrix of subtropical soils in China Symposium 1.3.1
Huang Yuanyuan Shrub-interspace dynamics of soil microbial communities under different patch areas in a semiarid river valley, SW China Symposium 2.3.1
Huang Biao Accumulation, transfer and environmental risk of soil mercury in a rapidly industrializing region of the Yangtze River Delta, China Symposium 3.5.2
Huang Zhiqun Impacts of nitrogen additions and harvest residue management on chemical composition of soil carbon in a plantation forest Working Group 3.2
Hudnall Wayne Pedogenesis of Gypsum Soils from Gypseous Materials Symposium 1.3.1
Hue Nguyen V. Arsenic levels, chemistry and bioavailability in Hawaii soils Symposium 3.5.1
Hulugalle Nilantha Potential contribution by corn and Bollgard II cotton roots to soil carbon stocks in a furrow-irrigated Vertisol Symposium 3.1.2
Hulugalle Nilantha R. Drainage under permanent beds in a furrow-irrigated Vertisol Symposium 4.2.2
Hunter David VSIS an new system for Victorian Soil Data Symposium 1.2.1
Huo Xiaoni Spatial autoregression model for heavy metals in Beijing cultivated soils Symposium 3.5.2
Hussain Amjed Can electromagnetic induction be used to evaluate sprinkler irrigation uniformity for a shallow rooted crop? Working Group 1.5
Huth Neil SOM Pools: fact or fiction, functional or fanciful Symposium 2.2.2
Hyland Charles Nitrogen leaching in soil amended with biochars produced at low and high temperatures from various feedstocks Congress Symposium 2
Hyun Byung Keun The results of soil survey of rapidly chnaged city of soil information data in South Korea Symposium 1.4.1


Ibrikci Hayriye Plant Contribution to the Nitrogen Budget under Irrigation in the Cukurova Region of Southern Turkey Symposium 3.3.1
Iimura Yasuo Effects of ecological succession on chemical characteristics of humic and fulvic acids in a Japanese volcanic ash soil Working Group 3.2
Imaya Akihiro Soil carbon stocks estimation with reference to the degree of volcanic ash additions in Japanese forest soils Working Group 3.2
Imhof Mark Soil and landscape visualisation on the internet Symposium 4.4.1
Inglis Tim Sinister Soils and Risky Rhizospheres: The Ecology of Melioidosis and Other Soil-Borne Infections Division Symposium 4.2
Inthasan Jiraporn Nutrients Leached under Lychee Cultivation of an amended Northern Thai Highland Acrisol Symposium 3.2.1
Inubushi Kazuyuki Microbial biomass and activities in a Japanese paddy soil with differences in atmospheric CO2 enrichment, soil/water warming and rice cultivars Division Symposium 2.1
Iqbal Akhtar Water retention properties of maize stem residue as affected by particle size and decomposition in soil Symposium 2.2.2
Iqbal Toufiq Phosphorus ameliorates aluminium toxicity of Al-sensitive wheat seedlings Symposium 2.3.1
Ishak Fauziah Cadmium and Zinc Concentrations in the Soils of the Oil Palm Plantations from Long Term Application of Phosphate Rock Symposium 2.2.1
Ishiguro Munehide Soil permeability as affected by repulsive potential energy Symposium 2.1.2
Ishii Nobuyoshi Contribution of the carboxyl group of acetate to the 14C-containing gas production in agricultural soils Symposium 2.2.1
Ishikawa Nao Iodine sorption and its chemical form in the soil-soil solution system in Japanese agricultural fields Symposium 2.2.1
Ishikawa Hiroki Effects on microbial communities of long-term application of organic matter and conversion to upland condition of paddy field: Estimation by eDNA analysis Working Group 3.5
Ishizuka Shigehiro N2O emission in Acacia mangium stands with different ages, in Sumatra, Indonesia Congress Symposium 4
Islam AKM Saiful Water and fuel saving technologies: Unpuddled bed and strip tillage for wet season rice cultivation in Bangladesh Symposium 3.2.1
Islam Md. Rafiqul Effects of arsenic and its interaction with phosphorus on yield and arsenic accumulation in rice Symposium 3.5.1
Ito Yuji Multi-TDR probe designed for measuring soil moisture distribution near the soil surface Symposium 2.1.1
Ito Toyoaki Effects of tubificid worms on soil properties in ricefields with organic farming Symposium 2.2.2
Itsuki Ayuko Soil microbial ecology of laurel-leaved and Cryptomeria japonica forests assessed by dilution plate count and direct microscopic count methods Symposium 2.2.1
Ivanov Krasimir ICP determination of phosphorous in soils and plants Working Group 1.5
Ives Stephen Nitrogen Release from Poppy Waste and Biosolids at Low Temperature Symposium 2.2.2
Iwashima Noriko Alteration of soil chemical properties by two species of millipedes Congress Symposium 2
Iwata Yukiyoshi Decreasing soil-frost depth and its influence on the snowmelt infiltration in Tokachi, Hokkaido, Japan Working Group 1.4


Jabro Jay Tillage Effects on Bulk Density and Hydraulic Properties of a Sandy Loam Soil in the Mon-Dak Region, USA Symposium 2.1.2
Jabro Ann D. Field day: a case study examining scientists� oral performance skills Symposium 4.4.1
Jacek Dlugosz Clay minerals in Luvisols formed from acid glacial till of the Drawsko Lake District (North Poland) Symposium 2.4.1
Jacobs Peter What is the effect of loess on soil catena evolution in the Midwestern United States? Symposium 1.6.1
Jafarnejadi Ali Reza Correlating accumulated cadmium and soil characteristics in wheat farm grain Symposium 3.5.1
Jafarnejadi Ali Reza Spatial variability of cadmium concentration in wheat farm soils Symposium 3.5.1
Jafarzadeh Ali Asghar Suitability of peach in Souma area (Iran), using Almagra model Symposium 3.1.1
Jahn Reinhold Impact of aeolian sediments on pedogenesis - examples from the fringe area of the Saharan desert Symposium 1.6.1
Jakab Gergely Measuring particle size distribution: Can the differences among examined soils and methods be proven? Symposium 3.1.1
Jala Sudha ESP fly ash application effects on plant biomass and bioconcentration of micronutrients in nursery seedlings of Populus deltoides Symposium 4.1.2
Jalali Vahidreza Assessing macroscopic salinity models for predicting canola response to salinity under bud stage Symposium 4.2.2
Jan Anthony Influence of land use change and water management on soil properties and water quality from combined geomodelling and geochemical modelling Symposium 1.5.1
Jankowski Michal Chronosequence of postglacial soil paleocatenas in the dune area of the Torun Basin (Northern Poland) Symposium 1.6.1
Jankowski Michal Diversity and classification problems of sandy soils in subboreal zone (Central Europe, Poland) Working Group 1.1
Jansen Boris How an advanced combination of soil science, biogeochemistry, and paleo-ecology helps Ecuadorian cloud forest management Working Group 3.2
Jenkins Sasha Actinobacterial community dynamics in long term managed grasslands Congress Symposium 2
Jenkins Sasha Taxon-specific responses of soil bacteria to the addition of trace or low amounts of glucose Symposium 2.3.2
Jenkins Brian Hydrogeological landscapes � an expert system for salinity management Symposium 4.1.1
Jenkins Abigail Striking a match: How to ignite a passion for soils Symposium 4.4.2
Jeyakumar Paramsothy Response of Pinus radiata and soil microbial activity to increasing copper and zinc contamination in a soil treated with metal-amended biosolids Symposium 3.5.1
Ji Jufeng Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy study of heavy metals in agricultural soils of the Changjiang River Delta, China Symposium 2.4.2
Jiang Qi Magnetic Properties of Urban Topsoil in Baoshan District, Shanghai and Its Environmental Implication Symposium 2.4.2
Jiang Huimin Screening of tolerant maize genotypes in the low phosphorus field soil Symposium 3.1.2
Jiang Xianjun Long-term tillage effects on bacterial biomass and community structure distribution within water stable aggregates Symposium 4.1.2
Jiang Rui Hydrological and land use control on N export sensitivity to climate in three adjacent watersheds Symposium 4.2.2
Jiao Ruzhen Preliminary Study on Phosphate Solubilization and K-releasing Abilities of Rhizobium tropici Martinez-Romero et al. Strains from Woody Legumes Symposium 2.3.1
Jien Shih-Hao Micromorphological and Chemical Characteristics of Placic and Ortstein Horizons in Subtropical Subalpine Forests Working Group 3.2
Jilkova Veronika Changes in soil chemistry in the surroundings of wood ant (Formica polyctena) nests Working Group 3.2
Jilkova Veronika The effect of wood ants (Formica s. str.) on soil chemical and microbiological properties Working Group 3.2
Jindaluang Wittaya Relationships between Mineralogical Properties and Carbon and Nitrogen Retention in Upland Soils of Thailand Symposium 2.4.1
Jirku Veronika Seasonal variability of soil structure and soil hydraulic properties Symposium 2.1.1
Joa Jae-Ho Effect of Temperature on Soil Microbial Biomass, Enzyme Activities, and PLFA content During Incubation Period of Soil Treated with Organic Materials Symposium 2.2.2
Joa Jae-Ho Effect of Different Fertilization Practices on Soil Microbial Activities and Community Structure in Volcanic Ash Citrus Orchard Soil Symposium 2.3.1
Johnson Jane Crop yield and greenhouse gas responses to stover harvest on glacial till Mollisol Congress Symposium 4
Johnson Donald The role of ants in forming biomantles Symposium 1.2.2
Johnson Donald A holistic and universal view of soil Symposium 1.3.1
Johnson Chris Changes in soil chemistry following a watershed-scale application of wollastonite (CaSiO3) at Hubbard Brook, New Hampshire, USA Working Group 3.2
Johnston Cliff T. Role of Clay Minerals in Controlling the Fate of Exceptionally Toxic Organic Contaminants in the Environment Symposium 2.4.2
Johnston Scott Mobilisation of As following sea-water inundation of acid sulfate soils Working Group 3.1
Johnston Scott Remediating coastal acid sulfate soils by tidal inundation: geochemical hysteresis of Fe Working Group 3.1
Johnstone Pat Systems integration: enhancing soil information delivery to Victoria Symposium 1.5.1
Jones Benjamin Can organic amendments be used to improve the properties of bauxite processing residue sand? Poster presentation Symposium 2.2.2
Jones Mal Airborne and ground-based spectral surveys map surface minerals and chemistries near Duchess, Queensland Working Group 1.5
Jorquera Milko Bacillus-like phosphobacteria in agronomic volcanic soils from Chile Symposium 2.3.1
Joshi Deepali Threshold toxic limits of Cd for leafy vegetables raised on a mollisol amended with varying levels of farmyard manure Symposium 3.5.1
Juang Kai-Wei Prediction of cadmium removal from highly contaminated soils by phytoextraction with different switchgrass cultivars Symposium 3.5.1
Juhasz Albert Predicting the relative bioavailability of arsenic, cadmium and lead via the incidental soil ingestion pathway using in vitro techniques Symposium 2.5.2
Jung Kiyuol Effect of Subsurface Drainage for Multiple Land Use in Sloping Paddy Fields Symposium 3.2.1


Kabir Enamul Triple superphosphate placement affects early growth of chickpea Division Symposium 3.2
Kadir Wan Rasidah Growth of Tongkat Ali On Sandy Beach Ridges Soil In Malaysia Division Symposium 3.2
Kadono Atsunobu Modelling of carbon flux in grassland ecosystems in Ukraine Congress Symposium 4
Kaewmano Chutharmard Chemistry and clay mineralogy of Thai Natraqualfs Symposium 2.4.1
Kajiura Masako In situ soil water repellency is affected by soil water potential rather than by water content as revealed by periodic field observations on a hill slope in a Japanese humid-temperate forest Symposium 2.1.1
Kalinina Olga Chronosequential alterations of properties of post-agrogenic Chernozems of the Kursk steppe zone of Russia under self-restoration Working Group 4.1
Kambala Venkata Adsorption properties of modified natural materials for the removal of perfluorochemicals in AFFF wastewater Symposium 3.4.2
Kameyama Koji Increases in Available Water Content of Soils by Applying Bagasse-charcoals Symposium 2.1.1
Kandeler Ellen From Gene to Model -- Linking Microorganisms to Microhabitat Functions Symposium 2.2.1
Kaneko Shinji A simple method for the determination of nitrate in potassium chloride extracts from forest soils Working Group 3.2
Kang Hojun Soil erosion characteristics under rainfall simulator conditions of the Jeju soil in Korea Symposium 2.1.2
Kapal Debbie Soil fertility management options in Sweetpotato based cropping systems in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea Symposium 3.2.1
Karami Alidad Quantitative and qualitative responses of rice genotypes (Oryza Sativa) to salinity levels of drained water Working Group 3.5
Karanam Padmaja Application of distillery effluents to agricultural land: Is it a win-win option for soils and environment? Symposium 1.1.1
Karunarathna Anurudda Estimating hysteretic soil-water retention curves in hydrophobic soil by a mini tensiometer-TDR coil probe Symposium 2.1.1
Kato Taku Computational method of appropriate nitrogen level by soil diagnostics in Andosols of Japan Division Symposium 3.2
Kato Chihiro Applicability of hydrus to Predict Soil Moisture and Temperature in Vadose Zone of Arable Land under Monsoonal Climate Region, Tokyo Symposium 1.5.2
Katou Hidetaka Anion adsorption and transport in an unsaturated High-humic Andosol Symposium 2.4.2
Kawabata Chiaki Effect of DOM (dissolved organic matter) derived from litter of Acacia mangium and Eucalyptus pellita on soil N2O emissions Congress Symposium 4
Kawabe Yoshishige Risk assessment of rare metals containing in soil by geo-environmental risk assessment system (GERAS-1) Symposium 3.5.2
Kawahigashi Masayuki Influence of temperature on solutes release from organic horizons in Siberian permafrost terrain Symposium 2.2.1
Kedi Brice Interaction of enzymes with soil colloids: adsorption and ectomycorrhizal phosphatase activity on tropical soils Symposium 2.5.1
Keen Brad Stemflow runoff contributes to soil erosion at the base of macadamia trees Symposium 3.1.2
Keene Annabelle Reductive dissolution of natural jarosite in a tidally inundated acid sulfate soil: geochemical implications Working Group 3.1
Keene Annabelle Sulfidisation processes in a reactive Fe-enriched acid sulfate soil, northeastern Australia Working Group 3.1
Kelliher F. M. Soil carbon and the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre Congress Symposium 7
Kenney Ian Water quality effects of crop residue removal for cellulosic ethanol production Symposium 4.2.1
Kerebel Anthony The relationship between field soil water content variability and soil moisture deficit prediction from meteorological data Symposium 2.1.1
Kew Geoff Spherites in yellow brown Kandosols in south western Australia. Oral presentation Symposium 1.6.1
Khadem Seyed Hashem The effects of different rates of super absorbent polymers and manure on nutrients uptake by corn Symposium 3.3.1
Khaleghpanah Naser The adsoption of Strontium on soils developed in arid region as influenced by clay content and soluble cations Symposium 2.4.2
Khalil Mohammad Ibrahim Physical and chemical manipulation of urea fertiliser for reducing the emission of gaseous nitrogen species Congress Symposium 4
Khan Shabana In situ determination of NO and N2O from cow-urine applied to a pasture soil under summer conditions Congress Symposium 4
Khan Raza Response of Pinus radiata (D. Don) to boron fertilisation under greenhouse conditions Division Symposium 3.2
Khawmee Khwunta Charge properties of kaolinite in acidic soils from Thailand Symposium 2.4.1
Khitrov Nikolay Soils in space and evaluation of their changes in time: experience in studying the soils in two regions of Russia Symposium 1.5.1
Khokhlova Olga Directed variability of paleosols properties in short chronosequences studied by the statistical approach (a case-study of kurgans in Orenburg region, Russia) Division Symposium 1.2
Khosla Raj Precision agriculture: challenges and opportunities in a flat world Division Symposium 3.1
Kibblewhite Mark A framework for European soil monitoring Symposium 1.5.1
Kido Park Soil carbon distribution and soil physical properties as affected by rice-barley long-term double cropping system in Korean paddy fields Symposium 2.2.2
Kilasara Method Selection and use of soil characteristics in digital soil mapping in Tanzania Symposium 1.4.1
Kim Dong-Gill Dependency of nitrous oxide emission factors on nitrogen input rates: A meta-analysis Congress Symposium 4
Kim YoungSang Changes of soil chemical properties and heavy metal contents on periodical monitoring arable lands in ChungBuk, Korea Symposium 1.5.1
Kim Ki Yoon A novel pink-pigmented facultative Methylobacterium phyllosphaerae sp. nov. from phyllosphere of rice Symposium 2.3.1
Kim Ki Yoon Isolation and evaluation of inoculation effect of Azospirillum sp. on growth, colonization and nutrient uptake of crops under green house condition Symposium 2.3.1
Kim Heejung Proteome Analysis for Identifying Effect of the Natural Clay Mineral Illite on the Enhanced Growth of Cherry Tomato(Lycopersicon esculentum) Symposium 2.4.2
Kim Se-Won Three alternative crops to reduce soil erosion for mountain agriculture in Gangwondo, Korea Symposium 3.2.1
Kim Myung-Sook Changes of Organic Matter and Available Silica in Paddy Soils from Fifty-six Years Fertilization Experiments Symposium 3.3.1
Kim Rog-Young Effect of calcined eggshell on fractional distribution and plant uptake of Cd, Pb and Zn in contaminated soils near mine Symposium 3.5.1
Kim Kye-Hoon Potential use of MuS1 transgenic tobacco for phytoremediation of the soils contaminated with Cd Symposium 3.5.1
Kim Jae Gon Relationship between magnetic susceptibility and heavy metal content of soil Symposium 3.5.1
Kim Min-Kyeong Influence of the pig manure-based liquid fertilizers on the water quality properties in an agricultural catchment with different land uses Symposium 4.2.2
Kim Dongwook The Feasibility of Phytoremediation Combined with Bioethanol Feedstock Production on Diesel-contaminated Soil Working Group 3.3
Kimura Makoto Ecology of Viruses in Rice Fields Symposium 2.3.2
Kimura Sonoko D A municipal scale eco-balance analysis of carbon and nitrogen cycle in Japanese agriculture Symposium 4.1.2
Kizewski Fiona R. Phosphate sorption to organic matter/ferrihydrite systems as affected by aging time Symposium 2.4.1
Klausmeyer Timm Distribution of a nonylphenol isomer and the herbicide MCPA in soil derived organo-clay complexes Symposium 2.2.1
Kleber Markus Minerals and carbon stabilization: towards a new perspective of mineral-organic interactions in soils Symposium 2.4.1
Klepper Kaara Crop production, nutrient recovery and hydrology following cattle feedlot manure application Symposium 2.2.2
Knight John H. Analytical Solution for Drainage from a Uniformly Wetted Deep Soil Profile Symposium 2.1.1
Ko Byong-Gu Characteristics of soil heavy metal contents in the agricultural areas near closed mine in Korea Symposium 3.5.1
Kobori Genki Differences of cadmium uptake and accumulation among soybean (Glycine max) cultivars Symposium 3.5.1
Kobza Jozef Some statistical aspects of monitoring of soil change in Slovakia Symposium 1.5.1
Kodesova Radka Using the dye tracer experiment for characterisation of parameters of the dual-permeability model Symposium 2.1.2
Kodesova Radka Soil properties affecting pesticide leaching - application in groundwater vulnerability mapping in the Czech Republic Symposium 4.1.2
Kogel-Knabner Ingrid Formation of biogeochemical interfaces in soils as controlled by mineral and organic components Symposium 2.2.1
Kogel-Knabner Ingrid Elucidating soil structural associations of organic material with nano-scale secondary ion mass spectrometry (NanoSIMS) Working Group 1.2
Kohli Anshuman Nutrient erosional losses in submontaneous tract of northern India under simulated rainfall Symposium 3.2.1
Kolka Pall Kolbjork: Carbon sequestration and soil development under mountain birch (Betula pubescens) in restored areas in southern Iceland Congress Symposium 4
Komiya Shujiro Climatic impacts on greenhouse gas emissions in rice paddy fields Congress Symposium 4
Komiyama Teppei Water solubility of phosphorus in animal manure compost Symposium 3.3.1
Konda Ryota Spatial-temporal variabilities of N2O emission from Acacia mangium soils Congress Symposium 4
Konyushkova Mariya Aeolian salinization of soils on the piedmont plain of Eastern Tian Shan (Lake Ebinur area, China) Symposium 1.6.1
Kookana Rai Black is the New Green: The Blue Shades of Biochar Working Group 4.1
Kopittke Peter M. Magnitude and kinetics of metal rhizotoxicity in cowpea Symposium 3.5.1
Koppi Tony The need for soil science amateurs Symposium 4.4.2
Kord Mojtaba Simulation of Br concentration profile in soil columns by HYDRUS-ID model Symposium 1.1.1
Kord Mojtaba Simulation of Br Movement in Disturbed Columns of Soil by HYDRUS-ID Model Symposium 2.1.2
Kord Mojtaba Effects of High Boron Concentration on Boron Uptake and Growth of Pistachio Seedlings Symposium 3.3.1
Kornecki Ted Effects of rolling operations on cover crops termination, soil moisture, and soil strength in a Southeastern US no-till system Symposium 3.1.2
Kovacevic Vlado Phosphorus fertilization impacts on maize yield and nutritional status with emphasis on P and Zn in leaves and grain Symposium 3.1.2
Kovar John Is Sulfur Limiting Maize Grown on Eroded Midwestern U.S. Soils? Division Symposium 3.2
Kovda Irina Intensity and duration of waterlogging under rice crop estimated by micromorphology and mineralogy Division Symposium 2.1
Krasilnikov Pavel Soil classifications: their origin, the state-of-the-art and perspectives Symposium 1.4.2
Kravchenko Alexandra Effect of soil management on pore geometry and the implications for fungal invasion and interactions Working Group 1.2
Kristiansen Soren Munch Sampling intensity required to adequately describe soil variations at three Danish ecosystems: Heather, Oak and Spruce Symposium 1.4.1
Kruemmelbein Julia Agricultural recultivation of brown coal mining areas - initial soil physical properties after site construction Working Group 3.3
Krull Evelyn S. From source to sink � A national initiative for biochar research Congress Symposium 7
Kubicki James Experiments and Modeling of Electron-Transfer of DIRB Symposium 2.2.1
Kubotera Hideo Factors influencing nitrate retention in 3 Andisol profiles in Kyushu, Japan Symposium 2.4.2
Kuehn Peter Pedo-geomorphic response to Late Glacial/Holocene climate fluctuations and human impact: a case study of combined micromorphology and luminescence dating Symposium 1.3.2
Kukal Surinder Irrigation water productivity of rice grown with resource conservation technologies Working Group 3.5
Kulhavy Jiri How the different tree species composition canalter throughfall, chemical properties of subsurface run off and soil chemistry Symposium 1.1.1
Kunhikrishnan Anitha Sorption and bioavailability of copper as affected by recycled water sources Symposium 3.5.1
Kunickis Sheryl H. The effect of riparian buffers with controlled drainage on soil redox potential Division Symposium 2.1
Kunickis Sheryl H. Soil characteristics and their role in developing conditions favorable for denitrification Division Symposium 2.2
Kuznetsova Alsu Genesis of calcic concentrations in Arguidolls of the Argentinian pampa Symposium 1.6.2
Kwon Soon Ik Comparison study between the methods for compost maturity determination Symposium 4.1.2


La Scala Jr Newton Spatial and temporal variability of soil C-CO2 emissions and its relation with soil temperature in King George Island, Maritime Antarctica Working Group 1.4
Labadz Martin Modelling surface and shallow groundwater interactions in an ungauged subtropical coastal catchment using the SWAT model, Elimbah Creek, Southeast Queensland, Australia Symposium 4.2.2
Laboski Carrie Evaluation of Nitrogen Availability from Raw and Treated Dairy Manures Oral or Poster presentation Symposium 2.2.2
Lacatusu Radu Selenium in the rock-soil-plant system in the south-eastern part of Romania Congress Symposium 5
Ladha Jagdish Sustaining Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Pools for Future Cereal Production Symposium 1.5.1
Lai Hung-Yu Influences of Applying Biosolids on the Characteristics of Five Alkaline Soil Series and Biomass of Switchgrass Symposium 2.2.1
Lakki Reddy Varalakshmi Heavy metal contamination of water bodies, soils and vegetables in peri urban areas of Bangalore city of India Symposium 4.2.2
Lakzian Amir Eleavated CO2 and nitrogen effects on dissolved organic carbon of two calcareous and non calcareous soils Symposium 2.2.2
Lam Shu Kee Soil gas fluxes of N2O, CO2 and CH4 under elevated carbon dioxide under wheat in northern China Congress Symposium 4
Lam Shu Kee Effect of elevated carbon dioxide on straw decomposition and soil respiration under wheat in Australia Symposium 3.1.2
Lam Shu Kee Effect of elevated carbon dioxide on 15N-fertilizer recovery under wheat in Australia Symposium 4.2.2
Lamb Dane Bioavailability of barium to invertebrates and humans in soils contaminated by barite Symposium 2.5.2
Lamb Dane The potential value of biosolids for revegetation at landfill sites Working Group 3.3
Lamersdorf Norbert Impact of short rotation forestry on soil ecological services Symposium 4.3.1
Landa Edward More than dirt: a new view of Soil and Culture Symposium 4.5.2
Lang Vince Pedometrics applications for correlation of Hungarian soil types with WRB Working Group 1.1
Lapoot Carmelito Enhancing Farmers Knowledge on Soil and Crop Nutrient Management for Vegetable Production in Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines Symposium 3.3.1
Lapteva Elena Changes forest soils under human factors (Komi Republic, Russia) Working Group 3.2
Larney Francis Residual effects of topsoil replacement depths and organic amendments on soil organic carbon levels of reclaimed wellsites Symposium 2.2.2
Lascano Robert Calculation of Canopy Resistance with a Recursive Evapotranspiration Model Symposium 2.1.1
Lassabatere Laurent Numerical evaluation of inverse modelling methods for 1D and 3D water infiltration experiments Symposium 2.1.1
Laurenson Seth Changes in the cation composition of a Barossa Chromosol irrigated with wastewaters of contrasting monovalent cation concentrations Symposium 4.2.2
Lawire Roy Using monoliths to communicate soil information Symposium 4.4.1
Lawrence Erin Development of a soil quality decision support tool to identify and support best management practices Symposium 4.3.1
Lawrie John Land Management Actvities to encourage farmers to increase Soil Carbon Working Group 4.1
Lebedeva Marina Changes in micromorphological features of semi desert soils in the southeast of European Russia upon the recent increase in climate moistening Symposium 1.1.1
Lebert Matthias A method to assess the vulnerability of agricultural subsoils to compaction Symposium 3.1.1
Lee Juhwan Effect of climate change on field crop production and greenhouse gas emissions in California�s Central Valley Congress Symposium 4
Lee Jang-Hee Soil properties of Hwaong reclaimed polder soil and it's management Symposium 1.4.1
Lee Brad Soil morphological characteristics of prairie mounds in the forested region of south-central United States Symposium 1.6.1
Lee Seok-Eon Effect of the natural clay mineral Illite on the Enhanced Growth of Cherry tomato(Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) in the Glass house Symposium 2.4.1
Lee Jeong-Tae Application of Reduce Tillage with a Strip Tiller and its Effect on Soil Erosion Reduction in Highland Agriculture Symposium 3.2.1
Lee Gye-Jun Loss of Soil and Nutrient from Different Soil Managements in Highland Agriculture Symposium 3.2.1
Lee Gye-Jun Status and soil management problems of highland agriculture of the main mountainous region in the South Korea Symposium 3.2.1
Lee Jung Hwan Evaluation of Crop Biomass and Water Use Efficiency for Feed barnyard grass, Feed corn, and Coix Affected by Ground Water Table Symposium 3.2.2
Lee Dar-Yuan Distribution of arsenic species in solutions of as-contaminated flooding soils and the toxicity of arsenic to rice plants Symposium 3.5.1
Lehmann Andreas Evaluation and importance of soil functions in cities considering infiltration and climatic regulation Symposium 3.1.1
Lehmann Sebastien Implementation of a new algorithm for Clapas in R language in order to improve efficiency of soil survey Working Group 1.3
Lehoczki Robert Using a national digital soil database to predict roe deer antler quality in Hungary Symposium 1.2.2
Lei Yuping Assessment of potential risk of nitrate leaching on agriculture region using Arc-NLEAP model Symposium 3.3.1
Leon Ai Modeling regional and vertical variation effects when estimating soil nitrogen% from loss on ignition Symposium 3.1.1
Lessovaia Sofia Soil formation from ultrabasic rocks in bioclimatic conditions of mountainous tundra (the Polar Urals, Russia): mineralogical aspects Symposium 2.4.1
Lester David Soil organic carbon after long-term fertiliser N and P applications Symposium 3.3.1
Levin Maxine J. Bioinformatics for the Albertine Rift: A roadmap and infrastructure for a virtual regional research centre for applied biodiversity in Rwanda, Africa which integrates biological and geographical information including soils Symposium 3.2.1
Levin Maxine J. 2010 soils planner - development of the US soil survey Symposium 4.4.1
Lewis Jeff Optimizing the experimental design of unsaturated soil columns Symposium 3.2.2
Lewis Jeff EXAFS analysis of Pb speciation in bullet-contaminated range soils Symposium 3.5.1
Lewis Jeff The mobility of Pb and Sb originating from small arms ammunition in a coarse grained unsaturated surface sand Symposium 3.5.1
Lewis Riki Changes in carbon and nitrogen stocks following conversion of plantation forest to dairy pasture on Vitrands (Pumice Soils), New Zealand Symposium 4.3.1
Li Yong Modelling N2O emissions from agroecosystems: the WNMM experience Congress Symposium 4
Li Guitong Soil inorganic carbon pool changed in long-term fertilization experiments in north China plain Congress Symposium 4
Li Sheng Temporal and spatial patterns of N2O and CH4 emissions on an agricultural field containing ephemeral wetlands Congress Symposium 4
Li Zuzhang Effect of sources of sulphur on yield and disease incidence in crops in Jiangxi Province, China Division Symposium 3.2
Li Huashou Effects of Different Fertilizers on Soil-borne DDTs Dynamics and Its Impacts on DDTs Uptake by Ipomoea aquatica Symposium 2.2.2
Li Fangbai Biogeochemical Interactions between Fe(II)/(III) Species Cycles And Transformation of Reducible Substrates in Subtropical Soils Symposium 2.4.2
Li Cheng-Bao Energy relationships between constant charge soils and cations Symposium 2.5.2
Li Guangdi Long-term liming ameliorates subsoil acidity in high rainfall zone in south-eastern Australia Symposium 3.1.2
Li Jumei Phosphorus accumulation in soils in rice-rice cropping systems with chemical fertilizer application: modeling and validation Symposium 3.3.1
Li Hong Ability of nitrogen and phosphorus assimilation of seven strawberry cultivars in a northern Atlantic coastal soil Symposium 3.3.2
Li Gui-lin Phosphorus inflow into agricultural and urban soil: the perspective from food production and consumption in China Symposium 4.1.2
Li Sheng The impacts of land use on the risk of soil erosion on agricultural land in Canada Symposium 4.3.1
Liemen Franziska Recultivation of a potassium mining waste dump with municipal sewage sludge compost Symposium 3.2.2
Liesch Mandy The effects of two different biochars on earthworm survival and microbial carbon levels Symposium 4.2.2
Lilly Allan Developing methods to detect change in the soil resource of a country with a Northern, Temperate Boreal Climate (Scotland) Symposium 1.5.1
Lilly Allan A Hydrological classification of UK soils based on soil morphological data Working Group 1.2
Lima Ana T. Suitability of electro-remediation for clean-up of PAH-contaminated clays Symposium 2.1.2
Liming Ye China�s food security threatened by soil degradation and biofuels production Symposium 4.2.1
Lin XJ Effects of different organic fertilizers on soil microbial biomass and peanut yield Division Symposium 3.2
Lin Chaofeng Bioavailability of soil organic carbon and Fe as influenced by forestry practices in a subtropical coastal catchment Symposium 2.5.2
Lin Chuxia Effects of chemical amendment on heavy metal leachability and bioavailability of an acidic mine water-contaminated soil and growth of a vegetable Symposium 3.5.1
Lin Henry Linking Principles of Soil Formation and Flow Regimes Working Group 1.2
Lindeburg Katherine Pedogenesis in a fluvial terrace chronosequence in the Pacific Northwest, USA Symposium 1.3.1
Lindeburg Katherine Glacial dust in soils of Pennsylvania, USA: Evidence for an aeolian influence on fragipan formation Symposium 1.6.1
Lines-Kelly Rebecca Soils ARE dirt Division Symposium 4.1
Liu Yuntong Simulating N2O emissions from maize-cropped soil and the impact of climatic variations and cropland management in North China Plain Congress Symposium 4
Liu Tong-Xu Nitrate reduction in the interactive reaction system of L17 and soil minerals Symposium 2.2.1
Liu Yu-Ting Phosphate Dissolution Caused by Bioreduction of Poorly Crystalline Al(III)/Fe(III) Hydroxide Coprecipiteted Minerals Symposium 2.2.1
Liu Chengshuai Fe(III) Reduction in Soils from South China Symposium 2.4.2
Liu Yen-Yiu Effect of long-term irrigation with dairy factory wastewater on soil properties Symposium 3.1.2
Liu Chuanping The use of calcium peroxide (CaO2) as a process applied to Arsenic contaminated||soil around an abandoned Tungsten mine, southern China Symposium 3.5.1
Liyanage Nirmala Monitoring scheme for examine carbon-water coupling in a forested watershed Working Group 3.2
Lobrye De Bruyn Lisa Translating policy into practice: purpose and potential of engaging landholders in monitoring soil condition Congress Symposium 3
Lobrye De Bruyn Lisa Reading the land: influences of property management planning courses on landholders� soil management activities in border rivers-Gwydir catchment management authority Symposium 3.1.2
Lobsey Craig An automated system for rapid in-field soil nutrient testing Working Group 1.5
Lohr Stefan Genesis of ferruginous concretions in a ferric soil and implications for past and present iron mobility Symposium 1.3.1
Lohr Stefan A multivariate approach to site selection for comparative soil studies Symposium 3.1.1
Loncaric Zdenko Regression Model for Prediction Availability of Essential Heavy Metals in Soils Symposium 2.5.2
Lopes-Assad Maria-Leonor Rock powder solubilization by Aspergillus niger as a source of potassium for agroecological systems Division Symposium 3.2
Lopez-Garrido Rosa Effect of tillage systems on soil aggregation and hydraulic properties in SW Spain Symposium 2.2.1
Lotfollahi Mohammad-Agha Wheat Root length density as affected by nitrogen treatment Symposium 2.3.1
Louwagie Geertrui Evolution of European Union policies relevant to soil conservation in agriculture Congress Symposium 3
Lowe David Unravelling upbuilding pedogenesis in tephra and loess sequences in New Zealand using tephrochronology Symposium 1.3.2
Lowe David Unravelling upbuilding pedogenesis in tephra and loess sequences in New Zealand using tephrochronolog Symposium 2.3.1
Lu Shunbao Spatial Variability of Soil Nutrients and Microbial Biomass of Moso Bamboo Forest under Different Management Types Symposium 2.2.1
Lu Caiyan Effects of elevated CO2 and O3 on soil amino sugar from wheat straw decomposition in a meadow brown soil of Northeast China Symposium 4.2.2
Lu Ying The spatial distribution and sources of metals in urban soils of Guangzhou, China Working Group 3.3
Lucci Gina M. Phosphorus export in runoff from a dairy pasture, laneway and watering trough Symposium 4.1.2
Lund Eric Can Field-Based Spectroscopic Sensors Measure Soil Carbon in a Regulated Carbon Trading Program? Working Group 1.5
Luo Jiafa Effect of nitrification inhibitor on nitrous oxide emissions in pasture soils Congress Symposium 4
Luz Pedro Henrique De Cerqueira Selenium in soils of Sao Paulo state and its application to forage legume Congress Symposium 5


Ma Bao-Luo Ammonia Volatilization: On-farm Assessment of the Amount and Timing of Nitrogen Fertilizer Application in Corn Production Division Symposium 3.2
Ma Bin Isolations and consortia of PAH-degrading bacteria from the rhizosphere of four crops in PAH-contaminated field Symposium 2.5.2
Ma Qiang Effects of long-term different fertilization on yield stability of maize Symposium 3.1.2
Macdonald Ben Gas emissions from the interaction of iron, sulfur and nitrogen cycles in acid sulfate soils Congress Symposium 4
Macdonald Lynne Do soil microbes know their fractions? Symposium 2.2.2
Macdonald Ben Towards a dirtier Australia: Facing the future soil management challenges Symposium 4.4.2
MacEwan Richard Building a �whole of soil� policy framework Congress Symposium 3
Machado Siqueira Glecio Correlation between soil resistance penetration and soil electrical conductivity using soil sampling schemes Working Group 1.5
Macht Felix Topography and surface properties of clay minerals analyzed by atomic force microscopy Symposium 2.2.1
MacMillan Bob - from planning, development and proof of concept to full-scale production mapping Congress Symposium 1
Madani Ali Design, construction, and operation of a wetland/reservoir system receiving agricultural drainage water Symposium 4.2.2
Madarasz Balazs Problematic WRB classification of the so called "erubaz" soil, a volcanic soil type of Central Europe, Hungary Symposium 1.4.2
Madari Beata E IR Assessment of C in Tropical Soils Working Group 1.5
Madhavan Dinesh Babu An assessment of diffuse reflectance mid-infrared spectroscopy for measuring soil carbon, nitrogen and microbial biomass Working Group 1.5
Madsen Rod Considerations for making chamber-based soil CO2 flux measurements Congress Symposium 4
Maejima Yuji Adsorption and leaching of aromatic arsenicals in Japanese agricultural soils Symposium 3.5.1
Magesan G N How farmers' observations may assist in scientific research? Division Symposium 3.2
Mahapatra Sankar Soil resource assessment of Kumaon Himalayan Mountains of India Symposium 1.4.1
Makalew Anna Maria Soil quality assessment of Oxisols and Ultisols: the roles of site-specific factors Symposium 3.1.1
Makino Tomoyuki Chemical remediation of cadmium-contaminated paddy soils by washing with ferric chloride: Cd extraction mechanism and on-site verification Symposium 3.5.1
Maleki Parva Application of fuzzy set theory to land suitability for irrigated wheat Symposium 3.1.1
Malik Raj Influence of N and K fertilisation on yield and quality of oats hay and grain in Western Australia Symposium 3.3.1
Malik Raj The effect of phosphate fertiliser on oaten hay and grain production in Western Australia Symposium 3.3.1
Malik Raj Soil quality benefits of break crops and/ or crop rotations-a review Symposium 4.3.1
Malligawad Lokanath Effect of Organics on the Productivity of Groundnut and its Residual Effects on Succeeding Safflower under Rainfed Farming Situations Symposium 3.3.1
Malligawad Lokanath Studies on the Effect of In-situ Soil Moisture Conservation and Nutrient Management Practices on the Productivity of Sesame and Sorghum in Sequence Cropping System Symposium 3.3.1
Malone Brendan What is the spatial representation of digital soil maps? An issue of the spatial entity. Working Group 1.3
Manders Jeremy Acid sulfate soil depositional environments of the Barron River delta, North Queensland Working Group 1.2
Manguerra Juliet Soil erosion as an indicator of agricultural sustainability in tropical watersheds Division Symposium 2.2
Mani A.K. Carbon dymanics in organic production systems Symposium 2.2.2
Manning David Where in the world is the potash that we need? Division Symposium 3.2
Mansour Shahsavar Amir Studying the Philip model capability to estimate water infiltration parameters Symposium 3.4.2
Mantel Stephan Identification of regional priorities for conservation and production in forest areas in SE Asia Symposium 3.1.2
Mao Meng Effects of Ionic Strength and Temperature on Adsorption of Atrazine, Deethylatrazine and Deisopropyatrazine in an Alkaline Sandy Loam Symposium 2.2.2
Maqubela Mfundo Phakama In search of cyanobacteria strains with bioconditioning and biofertilization effects for degraded soils in the semi arid and arid areas of South Africa. Symposium 3.3.1
Maragatham Narayanan Effect of land configuration techniques, NP levels and bioinoculants on soil available nutrients and soil micro organism in aerobic rice production in South India Symposium 3.3.1
Maragatham Narayanan Effect of Nitrogen sources on Aerobic Rice production under various rice soil Eco systems Working Group 3.5
Marchi Giuliano Etrace Express: software for risk analysis of trace elements in inorganic fertilizers post application Symposium 3.5.2
Marchuk Alla Cation Ratio of Soil structural stability (CROSS) Working Group 3.4
Marina Lebedeva Systematization of the topsoil fabrics in soils of the arid lands in northwestern Asia Symposium 1.3.1
Markgraf Wibke Rheological Investigations of Rothamsted Soils: Long-term Effects of Fertilizing Systems on Soil Microstructure Symposium 2.1.2
Markgraf Wibke Quantifying microstructural stability of South-Brazilian Soils by the application of rheological techniques and zeta potential measurements Symposium 2.4.1
Marques Rosa Geochemistry and mineralogy of volcanic soils from Ocean Fogo island (Cape Verde) Symposium 2.2.1
Marquez Rocio Genesis of the quartz in Spanish Mediterranean soils. An advance Symposium 2.4.1
Marschner Bernd Effect of different cation saturations on the sorption and mineralization of the hydrophobic organic compounds nonylphenol and phenanthrene in soils Symposium 2.2.1
Marschner Petra Interactions between rhizosphere microorganisms and plants governing iron and phosphorus availability Symposium 2.3.1
Marschner Petra Microscale distribution and function of soil microorganisms in the interface between rhizosphere and detritusphere Symposium 2.3.1
Martin Thomas Phytomass partition of sunflower silage, under boron and calcium fertilization Division Symposium 3.2
Martinez Maria Definition of biochemical parameters in composting in a Chilean Pisco industry Symposium 3.1.2
Martinez-Gamino Miguel Long term effect of conservation tillage in a corn-oat rotation system on corn and forage oat yield in the North-Central region of Mexico Symposium 3.2.1
Martinez-Martinez Silvia Heavy metals distribution in soil particle size fractions from a mining area from southeast of Spain Symposium 3.5.2
Martins Antonio Lucio Mello Soil and Environmental Education Symposium 1.2.2
Marufuzzaman M. Diagnosing nutrient limitations to lentil and chickpea in acid soils of Bangladesh Symposium 3.3.1
Mason Sean Prediction of wheat response to an application of phosphorus under field conditions using diffusive gradients in thin-films (DGT) and extraction methods Symposium 3.3.1
Massis Athina Assessment of an automated method for determining particulate organic carbon in soil Symposium 2.2.2
Mat Hassan Hasnuri Growth, P uptake in grain legumes and changes in soil P pools in the rhizosphere Symposium 3.3.1
Materechera Simeon Soil physical and biological properties as influenced by growth of vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides L.) in a semi-arid environment of South Africa Symposium 3.2.2
Mathers Nicole Afforestation of agricultural land with spotted gum (Corymbia citriodora) increases soil carbon and nitrogen in a Ferrosol Working Group 4.1
Mattos Jr. Dirceu Root development of young citrus trees in soil fertilized with phosphorus Symposium 2.3.1
Mattsson Lennart Effects on soil chemical properties in Swedish arable soils of different lime products Symposium 3.1.2
Maud Seger In situ temporal and spatial monitoring of the structure of a compacted and cultivated loamy soil by the 2D ERT method Working Group 1.5
Mavi Manpreet Microbial activity and dissolved organic matter dynamics in the soils are affected by salinity and sodicity Working Group 3.4
Mayilswami Srinithi Effect of earthworms on nutrients dynamics in soil and growth of crop Symposium 2.4.1
McBratney Alex Numerical soil classification: a missed, but not a lost, opportunity Symposium 1.4.1
McCaskill Malcolm Runoff and water quality from steep hills in south-eastern Australia Symposium 3.2.1
McDonald Declan Progress towards sustainability � a consensual delusion or viable process? Symposium 4.2.1
McDowell Richard Can solid-state phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance spectra be improved by wet chemical extraction of paramagnetics? Symposium 2.4.2
McDowell Rich. Does irrigation prevent phosphorus and sediment loss via wind erosion and benefit surface water quality? Symposium 3.2.1
McElnea Angus Do acid sulfate soils need to be ring-mill ground to ensure an accurate acid-base account? Working Group 3.1
McGrath Steve Bioavailability of metals and organic contaminants in soils Symposium 2.5.2
McKenna Brigid Novel methods to investigate metal interactions with plant cell walls Symposium 2.3.1
McLaren Timothy Isotopic determination of sulfur (S) availability from S coated mono-ammonium phosphate Division Symposium 3.2
McLeod Malem K Using EM38 to assess the progress and mechanism of salt leaching from tsunami affected soil in Aceh, Indonesia Working Group 3.4
McMillan Mica Estimation of crop losses associated with soil water repellencyin horticultural crops Symposium 2.1.1
Medeiros Sergio Spatial distribution of clay by classic inference method (Geostatistic) Symposium 1.2.1
Medeiros Monalisa Gurgel De Levels of trace elements in soils on the Apodi-Mossoro River margin in Brazil Symposium 3.5.1
Meena Sadhasivam Chemically induced phytoextraction of caesium -137 Symposium 3.5.1
Meier Sebastian Different patterns of organic acid exudation in metallophyte and agricultural plants at increasing copper levels Symposium 3.5.1
Meier Sebastian Different patterns of organic acid exudation in metallophyte and agricultural plants at increasing copper levels Symposium 3.5.2
Meihua Deng The impact of land uses on N2O emission in an intensive dairy farming region, Japan Congress Symposium 4
Meissner Ralph Lysimeter research in Europe - technological developments and research strategies Symposium 3.2.2
Mele Pauline How does surface soil geomorphology and land-use influence the soil microbial ecosystems in south eastern Australia? Insights gained from DNA sequencing of the soil metagenome. Symposium 1.2.2
Mele Giacomo Soil pore architecture and irrigation practices in vineyards: evaluation by X-ray micro-tomography Working Group 1.2
Melero Sebastiana Carbon fractions and enzymatic activities in two cultivated dryland soils under conservation tillage Symposium 4.3.1
Melland Alice Soil management and stream water quality at the agricultural catchment scale in Ireland Symposium 4.1.2
Melo Vander Biological indicators of soil quality in area of plumbum mining and metallurgy, Paran State, Brazil Symposium 2.5.2
Mercado Agustin Soil management and crop nutrition for tomato in acid soils of Claveria,Philippines Symposium 3.3.1
Michel Roberto Active layer thermal monitoring at two ice-free areas of King George Island, Maritime Antarctica Symposium 1.1.1
Michel Roberto Ornithogenic Cryosols from Ardley Island, Maritime Antarctica Symposium 1.1.1
Michitsch Robert Secondary fate of pathogenic bacteria in livestock mortality biopiles Grant Posters Symposium 2.4.2
Michot Didier Characterization of soil structure and water infiltration spatial variability using electrical resistivity tomography at decimetre scale. A study of two contrasted soil tillage modalities Working Group 1.2
Milani Narges Fate of nanoparticulate zinc oxide fertilisers in soil: Solubility, diffusion and solid phase speciation Symposium 3.3.1
Millar Neville Nitrogen fertilizer rate management as a nitrous oxide mitigation strategy: Development of a nitrous oxide emission reduction protocol (NERP) Congress Symposium 4
Milne Eleanor Estimating the carbon benefits of sustainable land management projects: the carbon benefits project component A Congress Symposium 4
Minansy Budiman Digital mapping of soil carbon Working Group 1.3
Ming Hui Dual metal solution mapping study of competitive adsorption between cadmium and zinc in soil Symposium 3.5.1
Miranda Naldy Effects of brewery wastewater irrigation on Antofagasta soils Symposium 3.2.2
Mirkhani Rayehe Soil sorption of cesium on calcareous soils of Iran Symposium 2.4.2
Mirseyed Hosseini Hossein Study of the effects of rock phosphate application with phosphate solublizing bacteria on P availability for corn Division Symposium 3.2
Miyamoto Teruhito Electrical Conductivity and Nitrate Concentrations in an Andisol Field using Time Domain Reflectometry Symposium 2.1.1
Mizoguchi Masaru Ubiquitous Monitoring of Agricultural Fields in Asia using Sensor Network Working Group 1.5
Mohanty Monoranjan Modelling N mineralization from green manure and farmyard manure from a laboratory incubation study Symposium 1.5.2
Mohanty Monoranjan Modelling N mineralization from high C:N rice and wheat crop residues Symposium 1.5.2
Moir Jim Urine patch area coverage of an intensively stocked dairy pasture Symposium 3.1.2
Molina Mauricio Soil properties affecting parameters obtained from two-site reaction modelling of cadmium sorption kinetics Symposium 2.5.2
Molodovskaya Marina Monitoring nitrous oxide emissions from manure-fertilized alfalfa and corn cropland in the Northeastern US Congress Symposium 4
Momayezi Mohammad Reza Effects of chloride and sulfate salinity on nutrient uptake in Iranian rice (Oryza sativa L.) Working Group 3.4
Moncada A Validation of Most Probable Number technique for determination of Salmonella Typhimurium in compost, according to EPA 1682/06 Symposium 2.2.2
Mondini Claudio Mineralization dynamics and biochemical properties following application of organic residues to soil Symposium 2.2.2
Monger Curtis Soil morphology adaptations to global warming in arid and semi arid ecosystems Symposium 1.1.1
Montanarella Luca Need for interpreted soil information for policy making Symposium 1.4.1
Monteiro Francisco Nitrogen and sulfur fertilizations for a Signal grass pasture: forage yield, nutritional status and some soil fertility attributes in a rainy season Division Symposium 3.2
Monteiro Joyce Sugarcane crop for biofuel production, demand on soil resource and food security in Brazil Symposium 4.2.1
Montoroi Jean-Pierre Deposit structure, water mineralization and groundwater recharge of a rubber-tree planted watershed in Northeast Thailand Working Group 1.2
Moody Philip Implications of minimum till dryland cropping systems for diagnostic P and K soil tests Division Symposium 3.2
Moraes Milton F. Genotypic variation in micronutrient and cadmium concentrations in grains of 35 upland rice cultivars Symposium 3.3.2
Morand David Farmland protection maps for the northern rivers of North Eastern NSW, Australia-an application of soil landscape information Symposium 4.1.1


Nachtergaele Freddy The harmonized world soil database Symposium 1.2.1
Nachtergaele Freddy Land Degradation Assessment: the LADA approach Symposium 3.1.1
Nachtergaele Freddy The Classification of Leptosols in the World Reference Base of Soil Resources Working Group 1.1
Nagano Hirohiko Biological properties of paleosols and present-day soils in Arkaim and its surrounding area, south Urals, Russia Symposium 4.3.1
Naidu Ravi Human and ecological risk assessment of contaminated sites-Key knowledge gaps Division Symposium 4.2
Naidu Ravi Monitored natural attenuation (MNA) as a cost effective sustainable remediation technology for petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated sites: Demonstration of scientific evidence Symposium 3.5.2
Nair Usha Land and soil controls over the spatial distribution and productivity of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) in Southern India Symposium 3.1.1
Nair Kodoth Prabhakaran Sustaining Crop Production in the Developing World through "The Nutrient Buffer Power Concept" - A Case Study with Black Pepper (Piper nigrum)growing at low pH in the laterite soils of India Symposium 3.3.1
Nakamaru Yasuo M Agricultural utilization of the apatite-phosphorus in pyroclastic flow deposits Division Symposium 3.1
Nakano Keiko Characterization of the hydraulic property of the plow sole under double-cropped paddy fields in southern Japan Working Group 1.2
Namgay Tshewang Plant availability of arsenic and cadmium as influenced by biochar application to soil Symposium 2.5.2
Nangare K.A. Effect of a Soil Moisture Retentive Material on Yield, Quality and Nutrient Accumulation in Cowpea and Moisture Retention in Soil Symposium 3.2.1
Nanzyo Masami Formation of iron plaques and vivianite on the roots of paddy rice Symposium 2.2.1
Narwal R. P. Addressing variations in status of a few nutritionally important micronutrients in wheat crop Congress Symposium 5
Narwal R. P. Long-term effect of farmyard manure and N on the distribution of zinc and copper in soil fractions under pearl millet - wheat cropping system Symposium 2.2.2
Nash David Effects of cultivation on phosphorus exports from irrigated pastures Division Symposium 3.2
Nataraju Mukahally Siddegowda Stakeholders participation in watershed management for sustainable agriculture Symposium 4.1.2
Navarro Antonio Sanchez Hydrodynamic behaviour of Segura River basin soils: Effects of texture and moisture contents Symposium 2.1.2
Navel Aline Copper dynamics and impact on microbial communities in a vineyard soil. Influence of the soil organic status Symposium 3.5.1
Nazemi Lyly Selenium concentration in soil of Iran Division Symposium 4.2
Nelson Paul Acidification of volcanic ash soils under oil palm in Papua New Guinea: effects of fertiliser type and placement Division Symposium 3.2
Nelson Paul N. Nutrient status of cocoa (Theobromae cacao) in Papua New Guinea: results from a survey Symposium 4.3.1
Nelson Michael Quantifying the uncertainty in digital soil class maps developed using model-based approaches Working Group 1.3
Nemeno Genevive Effect of Water Management on Zinc Concentration in Rice Grains Working Group 3.5
Nemes Attila Toward improving estimates of field soil water capacity from laboratory-measured soil properties Symposium 2.1.1
Nemes Attila Use of simulation modeling and pedotransfer functions to evaluate different irrigation scheduling scenarios in a heterogeneous field Symposium 2.1.1
Neyshabouri Mahammad Reza Estimating Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity from Air Permeability Symposium 2.1.1
Ngo Phong Managing acidity movement in the coastal land with acid sulphate soils: a modeling approach Working Group 3.1
Nguyen Quang Chon Effect of P and Si amendment on the charge characteristics and management of a geric soil Division Symposium 3.2
Nguyen Nang An evaluation of plant available water during reclamation of saline soils: Laboratory and field approaches Symposium 2.1.1
Nguyen Thu Ha Effect of long-term Compost Application on Humus Composition of whole Soils and their Particle Size Fractions in a Field subjected mainly to double Cropping Symposium 2.2.2
Nguyen Quang Chon Effect of P and Si Amendment on the Charge Characteristics and Management of a Geric Soil Symposium 3.3.1
Niazi Nabeel Khan Arsenic hyperaccummulation by ferns: a field study in northern NSW Symposium 2.5.2
Nicholson Fiona Quantifying heavy metal inputs from organic and inorganic material additions to agricultural soils in England and Wales Symposium 2.2.2
Nishida Mizuhiko Nitrogen budget of cattle manure compost incorporated into paddy field Working Group 3.5
Nishimura Taku Mechanism of water erosion of partially melted, frozen andisol Symposium 3.2.1
Nishiwaki Junko The residual concentration of regular gasoline in unsaturated soil Symposium 4.1.2
Noborio Kosuke Diurnal and seasonal greenhouse gases exchange in a salt marsh in central Japan Symposium 2.2.1
Nogueira Thiago Uptake of cadmium by lettuce in tropical contaminated soils Division Symposium 4.2
Norra Stefan The relevance of soils within the concept of the Astysphere Working Group 3.3
Nortcliff Stephen �Soil protection � are we moving in the correct direction? Experience from England and the European Union� Congress Symposium 3
Nortcliff Stephen The soil scientist in the 21st Century Congress Symposium 8
Notario Del Pino Jesus S. Soil properties related to water repellency in volcanic soils at Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain): relationships with vegetation and soil parent material Symposium 4.2.2
Nurcholis Mohammad Development of Halloysite/Smectite Mixed Layer Mineral in Paleudult of Java Island Symposium 2.4.1
Nusch Anne-Kathrin Aquisition and reliability of geophysical data in soil science Working Group 1.5

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