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Soil Solutions for a Changing World, Brisbane, Australia 1 - 6 August 2010


O'Brien Lauren A discussion of Acid Sulfate Soils mapping methodology as applied in Cairns, far north Queensland Working Group 3.1
Obura Pamela A. Characterization of selected Kenyan acid soils Symposium 3.3.2
O'Callaghan Maureen Non-target impacts of the nitrification inhibitor dicyandiamide on soil biota Congress Symposium 2
Odeh Inakwu Soil suitability and crop versatility assessment using fuzzy analysis at a farm scale Working Group 1.3
Odhiambo Jude Incorporating groundnut into the maize-based smallholder farming systems in semi-arid Limpopo province, RSA Symposium 4.2.1
Officer Sally J. Nitrogen fertiliser increases nitrous oxide emissions from a semi arid Vertosol Congress Symposium 4
O'Halloran Nick Relationship between organic matter retention and soil carbon in irrigated mixed farming systems Symposium 2.2.2
Ohta Mitsuaki The isolation and identification of useful bacteria that decrease nitrous oxide emission from agricultural field Congress Symposium 4
Ohyama Takuji Deep placement of lime nitrogen promotes nitrogen fixation and seed yield of soybean with efficient utilization rates Division Symposium 3.2
Oicha Tigist Short-term effects of conservation tillage on soil (Vertisol) and crop (tef, Eragrostis tef) attributes in the northern Ethiopian highlands Symposium 2.1.1
Ojeda Gerardo Soil water retention under drying process in a soil amended with composted and thermally dried sewage sludges Symposium 2.1.2
Okae-Anti Daniel Significance of microtography in a Gleysol Symposium 3.1.1
Okazaki Masanori Application effect of magnesium oxide material on cadmium uptake by wheat (Triticum aestivum) Symposium 3.5.1
Oliveira Teogenes Infillings in irrigated soils cultivated with annual and perennial crops in the Apodi Plateau, Northeastern Brazil Symposium 3.1.2
Oliveira Anna Canopy cover and organic matter spatial distribution as indicators of soil quality for aquifer recharge Symposium 3.2.1
Oliver Garth Soil carbon depth functions under different land uses in Tasmania Symposium 1.1.1
Olson Carolyn Preparing a Soil Organic Carbon Inventory for the United States using Soil Surveys and Site Measurements: Why carbon stocks at depth are important Symposium 1.2.2
Olupot Giregon Root contributions to long-term soil organic carbon sequestration: theories, mechanisms and gaps Symposium 2.3.1
O'Neill Tanya A provisional method for assessing the impact on, and recovery of, Antarctic Desert Pavements from human-induced disturbances Working Group 1.4
Opfergelt Sophie Tracing impact of pedogenic processes on soil solutions with Si and Mg isotopes Symposium 2.2.1
Orendo Smith Richard An assessment of the health and ecological risk profiles of Sanjeevak and its fertilizing effect on cucumber biomass production Symposium 2.2.2
Ortiz Silla Roque Present use and physical properties relationships in soils under mediterranean semiarid conditions Symposium 4.1.2
Ortiz-Escobar Maria Eugenia Soil quality and vegetable growth as affected by organic amendments to a tropical Oxisol during transition to organic farming Symposium 2.2.2
Oster James Comparison of models that include salinity and matric stress effects on plant growth Working Group 3.4
Osterholm Peter Mapping and characterization of Boreal Acid Sulfate Soils Symposium 3.1.1
Otten Wilfred Integrating physical and chemical techniques to characterise soil micro-sites Working Group 1.2
Otten Wilfred Resilience of soil to biological invasion: analysis of spread on networks Working Group 1.2
Ottoni Filho Theophilo A variation of the Field Capacity (FC) definition and a FC database for Brazilian soils Symposium 2.1.1
Ouedraogo Elisee Effect of Tillage and Organic Matter Quality on Sorghum Nutrient and Water Use Efficiency under Semi-Arid West Africa Symposium 3.3.1
Oyedele Durodoluwa Joseph Distribution of organic carbon and total nitrogen in aggregate size fractions in a southern Nigeria Ultisol under different agricultural land use Symposium 3.1.2


Pachepsky Yakov Multimodeling - an emerging approach to improving process-based modeling of soil systems Symposium 1.5.2
Packer Ian Storing Soil Carbon with Advanced Farming Practices Central West NSW Australia - A Scoping Assessment of its Potential Importance Working Group 4.1
Padmanabhan Eswaran Classifying soils at the ultimate stage of weathering: A continuing challenge for sustainable agromanagement practices in the 21st Century Symposium 1.4.1
Pal Pranoy N2O and CO2 emissions following clover and cellulose incorporation into a New Zealand pastoral soil Congress Symposium 4
Pal Raktim Degradation pattern of illicit drugs in soil Symposium 3.5.2
Pallasser Robert Novel use of thermal analyses to meet soil C monitoring in agriculture Symposium 2.2.2
Pallavi Baby Application of GPR ground wave for mapping of spatiotemporal variations in the surface moisture content at a natural field site Symposium 2.1.1
Pan Genxing Effect of household land management in constraining soil organic carbon storage at plot scale in a red earth soil area of South China Symposium 3.1.2
Pankova Yevgeniya Effect of climate on soil salinity in subboreal deserts of Asia Working Group 3.4
Paolo Nannipieri Gene expression and proteomics in soil Symposium 2.3.2
Paripovich Djuro Impacts of conversion from forestry to pasture on soil physical properties of Vitrands (Pumice Soils) in central North Island, New Zealand Symposium 4.3.1
Park Dara Nitrogen leaching from contrasting liquid fertilizers applied to three soils Division Symposium 3.2
Park Jinhee Enhancing the solubility of insoluble phosphorous compounds by phosphate solubilising bacteria Symposium 2.4.1
Park Jong-Hwan Effects of rice species, germanium application method and soil texture on germanium uptake and growth of rice plants with germanium Symposium 3.1.2
Park Jinhee Effect of phosphate-induced immobilization of lead on its mobility and bioavailability Symposium 3.5.1
Parsons Henry Common ground between soil scientists and geotechnical engineers Symposium 1.4.1
Pasuquin Julie Mae A new site-specific nutrient management approach for maize in the favorable tropical environments of Southeast Asia Division Symposium 3.2
Pasztor, Laszlo Delimitation of naturally handicapped areas due to their pedological features in Hungary according to common European biophysical criteria Symposium 1.2.1
Patel Kishorbhai Management of Multimicronutrients Deficiencies for Enhancing Yield of Crops Division Symposium 3.2
Pati Rajib Forms of soil acidity and the distribution of DTPA-extractable micronutrients in some soils of West Bengal (India) Division Symposium 3.1
Patti Antonio (Tony) Ionic Liquid Extractions of Soil Organic Matter Symposium 2.2.2
Paul Shyamal Kumar Influence of percolation pattern on growth and yields of rice plants and uptake of cadmium with soil dressing models Symposium 3.5.1
Paulino Leandro Emissions of CO2 and N2O from volcanic soil under different crop management using closed non-fixed chambers Symposium 4.2.2
Pavinato Paulo Phosphorus availability and plant production in a Ferralsol from South Brazil Division Symposium 3.2
Pavinato Paulo Pine Seedlings Development Under Sources And Rates Of Phosphate Fertilization Division Symposium 3.2
Paz-Ferreiro Jorge The spatial structure of soil microbial properties in an upland grassland Symposium 2.3.1
Pedrera Ana E-learning for improving soil use and management in Andalusia, Spain Symposium 4.4.1
Pene Crepin B. Late season sugarcane performance as affected by soil water regime at the yield formation stage on commercial farms in northern Ivory Coast Symposium 2.1.1
Peng Xinhua Dynamics of Soil Structure as a Function of Hydraulic and Mechanical Stresses Symposium 2.1.2
Peng Xinhua Physical straining of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts through saturated soils Symposium 3.2.2
Pepper Ian The Influence of Soil on Public Health Division Symposium 4.2
Pereira Virginia Geochemical regional surveys: comparative analysis of data from soils and stream sediments Division Symposium 2.2
Pereira Virginia Pires Least limiting water range and S index to evaluate some soil physical quality in the northeast Brazil Symposium 2.1.2
Peries Renick Raised beds in South West Victoria: Pore structure dynamics deliver increased plant available water in sub-optimal rainfall years Symposium 2.1.1
Perlas Fe B. Field evaluation of selected yam (Dioscorea alata) accessions in acid soils and saline-prone areas Division Symposium 2.2
Perna Jason Shoot and root growth and potassium concentration of maize as affected by potassium fertiliser placement Division Symposium 3.2
Peth Stephan Dynamics of soil pore space structure investigated by X-ray microtomography Symposium 2.1.2
Peto Akos Reconstruction of past environments based on pedological, micromorphological and phytolith analyses Symposium 1.3.2
Pettygrove Stuart Potassium fixation in soils of the Lodi wine grape region of central California Symposium 3.3.1
Pfeiffer Wolfgang H. HarvestPlus: Developing and delivering micronutrient-dense crops Congress Symposium 5
Phillips Jonathan The perfect soil Symposium 1.2.2
Pierzynski Gary The Tri-State Mining Region USA: Twenty years of trace element research Symposium 3.5.1
Pietsch Dana Response of pedogenesis to Holocene climate change in Southern Arabia Symposium 1.1.1
Pillai-McGarry Usha Soil factors affecting vegetation establishment after sand mining on North Stradbroke Island Working Group 3.3
Pinheiro Helena The assessment of land suitability in the implementation of homogeneous stands of Eucalyptus: prospects for a forest sustainability in Brazil Symposium 3.1.1
Piotrowska Anna Changes of enzymatic activity in soil supplemented with microbiological preparation Ugmax Symposium 2.5.1
Piwowarczyk Agnieszka A laboratory lysimeter for pesticide transport with controlled boundary conditions Symposium 3.2.2
Pongwichian Pirach A Qualitative Assessment of the N Status of Young Rubber Trees as Affected by Interrank Crops in Northeast Thailand Symposium 3.3.1
Poormasoomi Masoomeh A study on mineralogy of soils under two parent rocks in higher rainfall areas of Iran Symposium 2.4.1
Potter Kenneth Building soil carbon content of Texas Vertisols Working Group 4.1
Powell Bernard Connecting soil policies with plans to improve water quality � an example with acid sulfate soils from two north Queensland regions Symposium 4.1.2
Prakongkep Nattaporn The Morphology and Composition of Pyrite in Sandy Podosols in the Swan Coastal Plain Symposium 2.4.1
Prasanna Ayyaru Thevar Optimizing Water Use with High-Transpiration-Efficiency Plants Symposium 2.1.1
Premarathna Herath Potential Availability of Fertiliser Selenium in Soils during Flooding and Subsequent Aeration Symposium 2.5.2
Premarathna Herath H .M. P. L. Heavy metal concentration in crops and soils collected from intensively cultivated areas of Sri Lanka Symposium 3.5.1
Prendergast-Miller Miranda Ectomycorrhizal fungi and N2O production Congress Symposium 4
Prietzel Jorg Abiotic and biotic changes of sulphur, iron, and carbon speciation after aeration of wetland soils Division Symposium 2.1
Prikhodko Valentina Reconstruction of the Ecological Condition of Bronze Age Civilization to the Border of Europe and Asia, Russia Symposium 1.3.2
Priori Simone Geographic relevance of Late Pleistocene and Middle Holocene aeolian deposits in Central Tuscany (Italy) Symposium 1.6.1
Priori Simone Three proximal sensors for mapping skeletal soils in vineyards Working Group 1.5
Prochnow Luis Sulphur status of soils of the Cerrado region of Brazil and the ability of important agricultural soils of Brazil to oxidize elemental S. Division Symposium 3.2
Pronk Geertje Ferrihydrite enhances phenanthrene sorption to artificial soils Symposium 2.2.1
Prudencio Maria Isabel Geochemistry, mineralogy and micropaleontoly of a pedogenic calcrete profile (Slimene, NE Tunisia) Symposium 2.2.1


Qingju Hao Effect of marsh reclamation on heterotrophic soil respiration in Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China Congress Symposium 4
Quayle Wendy Impacts of winery wastewater irrigation on soil and groundwater at a winery land application site Symposium 2.2.2
Quenard Laurence Quantification of lessivage and impact of extreme climatic events on this process: an experimental approach Symposium 1.3.1
Quesada Carlos A baseline for soil carbon monitoring in Amazonia Symposium 1.5.1
Quilty James The agronomic utilisation of organic soil amendments Symposium 2.2.2


Rab Abdur Plant available water capacity of dryland cropping soils in the south-eastern Australia Symposium 2.1.1
Rahman Hasinur Carbon sequestration in kiwifruit soils of New Zealand Symposium 1.5.1
Rahman Mohammad Mahmudur Concentrations of arsenic and other metals in agricultural soils of Bangladesh Symposium 3.5.1
Rai Hiroki A restriction factor of direct DNA extraction from volcanic ash soils Symposium 2.5.1
Rai Sandhya Dynamics of soil microbial community structure and activity during the cropping period of cotton Symposium 4.1.1
Ramezanian Atefeh Relation of soil mineralogy and microbial communities based on micronutrient status Congress Symposium 5
Rangasamy Santhi Soil Test Crop Response Based Integrated Plant Nutrition System for Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal) on Inceptisols Symposium 3.3.1
Ranger Jacques Soil solution monitoring in a network of forest ecosystems under temperate and tropical climates provides new insights on the current soil functioning Symposium 3.3.1
Rao Bangady Killur Rajashekhara Distribution of forms of soil potassium in the Central highlands of Papua New Guinea and its implications to subsistence sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) production Symposium 4.3.1
Rasa Kimmo Image analysis of differently managed clayey surface soils of Finland Symposium 2.1.2
Rate Andrew Formation of soil geochemical anomalies by plant uptake of trace elements Symposium 2.2.1
Rawajfih Zahir Effect of organic and inorganic amendments on sorption of Cr(VI) and Cr(III) in soil Symposium 2.4.2
Rawson Andrew Soil carbon variability of a grassy woodland ecosystem in south-eastern Australia: Implications for sampling Symposium 1.5.1
Read Zoe Estimating the carbon sequestration potential of agricultural soil reforested with directly seeded native vegetation belts around Canberra, Southern Tablelands, NSW Working Group 4.1
Reading Lucy Impacts of Sodic Soil Amelioration on Deep Drainage Symposium 2.1.1
Reatto Adriana Geochemical processes in Latosols on the geomorphic surfaces from Brazilian Central Plateau Symposium 1.3.1
Recatala Boix Luis Can be reference values of heavy metals useful as soil quality standards? Contributions from assays in representative Mediterranean agricultural soils Symposium 3.5.1
Recous Sylvie Impact of land use changes on soil carbon pools, gross nitrogen fluxes and nitrifying and denitrifying communities Symposium 4.3.1
Reddy K. Sammi Development of farmers' participatory integrated nutrient management technology using the Mother - Baby Trial approach Symposium 3.3.1
Reddy K. Sammi Leaching losses of nutrients from farmyard manure pits in Central India Symposium 3.3.1
Rees David Classifying sodic soils: A comparison of the World Reference Base for Soil Resources and Australian Soil Classification systems Symposium 1.4.1
Rees Samuel Effect of soil properties on Pinot Noir vine vigour and root distribution in Tasmanian vineyards Symposium 2.3.1
Rees David Spatial frameworks to support digital soil mapping in Victoria Working Group 1.3
Reeves, III James Spectral effects of biochar on NIR and mid-IR spectra of soil/char mixtures. Symposium 1.5.1
Regmi Basu Dev Fractionation and distribution of zinc in soils of biologically and conventionally managed farming systems, Western Australia Symposium 3.1.2
Reich Paul Exploration of global soil resources using Google Earth Symposium 4.4.1
Reichert Jose Miguel Water retention estimation and plant availability for subtropical Brazilian soils Symposium 2.1.1
Reichman Suzie Using rhizosphere biogeochemistry to increase understanding of heavy metal bioavailability Symposium 2.5.2
Reid Greg H. Soil properties as a guide for specific adaptations to climate change Symposium 4.2.2
Reinsch Thomas The U.S. national cooperative soil characterization database Symposium 1.1.1
Reintam Endla Soil compaction survey in Estonia Symposium 1.5.1
Ren Li Evaluating the Scale Dependency of Measured Hydraulic Conductivity Using Double-ring Infiltrometers and Numerical Simulation Symposium 2.1.1
Rennert Thilo Characterization of deposited flue-dust slurry from a former Pb-smelter site and release of inorganic contaminants Symposium 3.5.1
Renneson Malorie Study of the degree of phosphorus saturation in Walloon Region (Southern Belgium) Division Symposium 3.2
Renneson Malorie Effects of parent material and land use on soil phosphorus forms in Southern Belgium Symposium 4.3.1
Reth Sascha Lysimeter Soil Retriever (LSR) - A tool for investigation on heterogeneity of the migration and structural changes Symposium 3.2.2
Reyhanitabar Adel Kinetics of DTPA extraction of zinc from calcareous soils from Iran Congress Symposium 5
Reyhanitabar Adel The reactivity of carbonates in the selected soils from Iran Symposium 2.5.1
Reynolds Jason Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in Coastal Acid Sulfate Landscapes Working Group 3.1
Rezaei Adib Land suitability survey and different planting dates for farming burley 21 tobacco in Marivan Symposium 1.4.1
Rheinheimer Dos Santos Danilo Phosphorus behaviour in sediments from a small agricultural watershed under oxic and anoxic conditions Symposium 3.2.1
Riaz Muhammad Litter effects on N dynamics and potential leaching in acid grassland soils Symposium 2.2.1
Ribeiro Bruno Aggregate breakdown and dispersion of Brazilian soil samples amended with sugarcane vinasse by ultrasonic energy Symposium 3.1.2
Richer De Forges Anne Analysis of the information and data requests to a national soil data centre Symposium 4.4.1
Richer De Forges Anne Soil in comics Symposium 4.5.2
Richer De Forges Anne The comic strip: a good means of communication on soil! Symposium 4.5.2
Riefer Patrick Linkage and structure elucidation of non-extractable NP and MCPA residues in organo-clay complexes Symposium 2.2.1
Rim Yong-Nam Studying water budget of paved urban sites using weighable lysimeter Symposium 3.2.2
Rimmer David Phenolic compounds in NaOH extracts of UK soils and their contribution to antioxidant capacity Symposium 2.2.1
Ringrose-Voase Anthony Deep drainage in a Vertosol under irrigated cotton Symposium 2.1.1
Rivera Mariela Potential of Quesungual agroforestry system as a land use management strategy to generate multiple ecosystem services from sub-humid tropical hillsides Symposium 4.3.1
Roberts Terry Nutrient best management practices: Western perspectives on global nutrient stewardship. Division Symposium 3.2
Robinson Brett Root zone soil moisture content in a Vertosol is accurately and conveniently measured by electromagnetic induction measurements with an EM38 Symposium 1.5.1
Robinson Nathan A conceptual framework for a Victorian soil-landscape inference system Working Group 1.3
Robinson Nathan Prediction of soil moisture retention properties using proximal sensor tools Working Group 1.5
Rodriguez Martin Jose Antonio Mercury soil pollution on Spanish islands: Methods to assess Hg input Symposium 3.5.1
Roe Jessica Detecting a landfill leachate plume using a DUALEM-421 and a laterally constrained inversion model Symposium 4.1.2
Rolston Dennis Flux of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide across scales of two tillage systems in a California agricultural system Congress Symposium 4
Roth Christian Can micromorphological characteristics predict infiltration and sediment generation properties of degraded rangeland soils of north-eastern Queensland? Symposium 2.1.2
Roushani Ghorban Ali Determination of potassium supply power of some different soils Division Symposium 3.1
Roushani Ghorban Ali Balanced micronutrient management for wheat using GIS techniques Symposium 1.2.1
Roushani Ghorban Ali Effect of exhaustive cropping on potassium depletion and clay mineral transformations Symposium 2.4.1
Rousta Mohammad Javad Nitrate Situation in Some Vegetables and the Necessity of Crop Production via Organic Farming Division Symposium 4.2
Rousta Mohammad Javad Effect of Foliar Application of Potassium Sulfate and Calcium Chloride on Date Bunch Fading Disorder in Iran Symposium 3.3.1
Rowarth Jacqueline Value-added futures: education, the environment and the economy Division Symposium 4.1
Rowlings David Quantifying N2O and CO2 emissions from a subtropical pasture Congress Symposium 4
Roychand Preeti Sorptive protection of organic matter in soil Congress Symposium 4
Rozanov Andrei In-Field Visualisation of Water Infiltration and Soluble Salt Transport Working Group 1.2
Ruensuk Nittaya Effect of rate of straw incorporation into the soil to rice growth and yield Symposium 3.3.1
Ruivo Lourdes Evaluation of growth of parica(Schizolobium amazonicum Huber (Duck)) in differents agroforestry systems in northeast of Para, Brazil Working Group 3.2
Rukshana Fatima Model carbon compounds differ in their effects on pH change of soils with different initial pH Symposium 2.2.2
Ryan John Fertilizer best management practices in the dryland Mediterranean area - concepts and perspectives Division Symposium 3.2
Ryan Adrienne Understanding the local pedological and ecological impacts of dust emitted from Cowal Gold Mine Symposium 4.3.1
Ryu Jin Elution Patterns and Distribution of Salts by Flooding Conditions in Newly Reclaimed Saemangum Tidal Soil Amended with Porous Media Symposium 2.1.2
Ryu Jong-Soo Hairy Vetch and Rye as Cover Crops to Reduce Soil Erosion from Sloped Land in Highland Agriculture Symposium 3.2.1


Sa Sandra Application of LS-SVM-NIR spectroscopy for carbon and nitrogen prediction in soils under sugarcane Working Group 1.5
Sainju Upendra M. Carbon input and soil carbon dioxide emission affected by land use and management practices Congress Symposium 2
Sainju Upendra M. Management practices impact on soil nitrous oxide emission in the northern Great Plains, USA Congress Symposium 4
Salamene Samara Correlation between atmospheric physical factors and soil temperature of Keller Peninsula, King George Island, Antarctica Working Group 1.4
Saleem Muhammad Effectiveness of borax and colemanite as boron sources for rice grown in flooded acidic soil Congress Symposium 5
Salton Julio Cesar Aggregation of an Oxisol under management systems for 14 years in the Midwest of Brazil Symposium 3.1.2
Salvagiotti Fernando Cations and Phosphorus changes and budgets in a long term fertilization experiment on an Argiudol soil in Argentina Symposium 3.3.1
Sampaio Everardo The 15N signals of different ecosystems in Northeast Brazil Symposium 1.2.2
Sanborn Paul Loess, bioturbation, fire, and pedogenesis in a boreal forest - grassland mosaic, Yukon Territory, Canada Symposium 1.6.1
Sanchez Pearl Nutrient transport from various agricultural sources in the Pagsanjan-Lumban watershed in Laguna de Bay, Philippines Symposium 4.1.2
Sanchez Gabriela Nutrient release from Eucalyptus grandis and Pinus taeda harvest residues Working Group 3.2
Sanderman Jonathan Have agronomic field trials provided sufficient data to predict soil carbon sequestration rates? Congress Symposium 4
Sanderson Peter Distribution and availability of metal contaminants in shooting range soils around Australia Symposium 3.5.1
Sangmoon Kwon Effect of the natural clay mineral illite on the growth of red pepper in the glass house Symposium 2.4.1
Sanjari Gholamreza Time-controlled grazing and soil erosion control under a catchment scale experiment in South-east Queensland, Australia Symposium 3.1.2
Sanjari Gholamreza Increase in ground cover under a paddock scale rotational grazing experiment in South-east Queensland Symposium 3.2.1
Sano Shuji Evaluation of agricultural soil properties and organic material management in urban areas, Osaka Prefecture in Japan Symposium 3.1.2
Santanna Maria Alice A new buffer that imitates the Brazilian modified SMP solution for determining potential acidity of Brazilian soils. Symposium 3.1.1
Santiago Mahimairaja Phytoremediation of arsenic contaminated soil and water Symposium 3.5.1
Santiago Mahimairaja Remediation of chromium contaminated soils: Potential for phyto and bioremediation Symposium 3.5.1
Santini Talitha Weathering trajectory of bauxite residue mud as predicted by high-temperature treatment Working Group 3.3
Sappin-Didier valerie Cd and Zn speciation and mobility in contaminated soil: physical micro-characterization techniques, chemical extraction methods and isotopic exchange kinetics Symposium 2.4.2
Sarapatka Borivoj Erosion processes on intensively farmed land in the Czech Republic: comparison of alternative research methods Symposium 1.5.1
Sarkar Binoy Adsorption of Phenol by HDTMA-modified Organoclay Symposium 2.4.2
Sarkar Santosh Kumar Bioavailability of trace metals in sediment cores from sunderban mangrove wetland, india: An urgent need for bioremediation Symposium 2.5.2
Sarmadian Fereydoon Application of MCDM method in Fuzzy Modeling of Land Suitability Evaluation Symposium 3.1.1
Sarmadian Fereydoon Modeling of sediment yield and bicarbonate concentration in Kordan watershed, Iran Symposium 4.1.2
Sarmadian Fereydun Development of Pedotransfer Functions to Predict Soil Hydraulic Properties in Golestan Province, Iran Working Group 1.5
Sarmah Ajit K. Mediator solution influence on the sorption potential of sulfo-conjugated estrogenic steroid hormone and its metabolite in New Zealand dairy farm soils Symposium 4.1.2
Sato Kuniaki Wastewater Treatment Processes and Mechanisms of Organic Matter, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen Removal in a Multi-Soil-Layering system Working Group 3.3
Sauer Daniela Combining quantitative (palaeo-)pedological, palaeo-environmental studies and modelling � an important step on the way to predict soil reactions to environmental change Division Symposium 1.2
Sayad Ehsan Admixture of Alnus subcordata with Populus euramericana Improved Soil Nitrogen Symposium 2.2.1
Scandrett Joshua Soil carbon depth functions under different land uses in Tasmania Symposium 1.1.1
Scanlan Craig Insights into the processes and effects of root-induced changes to soil hydraulic properties Symposium 2.1.2
Schad Peter The next steps in soil classification OR How to kill 3 birds with 1 stone: pedons, landscapes, functions Symposium 1.4.1
Schaefer Carlos Technosols of Hope Bay, Antartic Peninsula: Century-old man made soils on former Ornithogenic environment Symposium 1.1.2
Schaefer Carlos Ernesto Monitoring the active layer in Maritime and Peninsular Antarctica Working Group 1.4
Scharf Peter Precision nitrogen fertilizer management of maize and cotton using crop sensors Division Symposium 3.1
Schaumann Gabriele E Restructuring of biogeochemical interfaces: Role of cations and heat treatment Symposium 2.2.1
Scheer Clemens Greenhouse gas emissions from intensive pasture on ferrosol in Northern NSW, Australia: Impact of biochar amendment Congress Symposium 4
Schefe Cassandra Investigating phosphate sorption reactions in acid soils through solution, NMR, and L- and K-edge XANES analyses Symposium 2.2.1
Schimel Joshua The Biogeochemistry of Drought Symposium 1.2.2
Schimel Joshua Enzyme activity and adaptation in dry soil Symposium 2.5.1
Schmidt Sonja Visualising and quantifying rhizosphere processes: root-soil contact and water uptake Symposium 2.1.1
Schmidt Juergen Effects of soil slaking and sealing on infiltration - experiments and model approach Symposium 2.1.2
Schneider Anne Store and Release Cover Systems: a suitable preventive for Acid Mine Drainage in semi-arid monsoonal Queensland? Symposium 3.2.2
Schoenbrodt Sarah Soil erosion modeling in terraced landscapes-examples from the Three-Gorges-Area, China Symposium 3.1.2
Schoknecht Noel Soil policy development in Australia Congress Symposium 6
Schon Nicole A soil invertebrate indicator for New Zealand pastoral soils Symposium 3.1.1
Schuler Ulrich A hybrid soil mapping approach using SOTER, SoLIM and Classification trees Working Group 1.3
Schulthess Cristian P. Retention of Sodium Cations in Nanopores and Its Implications to Sodic Soils Symposium 2.2.1
Schulze Darrell G. Isee - Integrating spatial educational experiences into soil, crop, and environmental sciences Division Symposium 4.1
Schwen Andreas Assessment of Soil-Amendment Mixtures for Subsurface Drip Irrigation Systems Symposium 2.1.1
Schwen Andreas The Effect of Time-Variable Soil Hydraulic Properties in Soil Water Simulations Symposium 2.1.2
Schwenke Graeme Soil nitrous oxide emissions under dryland N-fertilised canola and N2-fixing chickpea in the northern grains region, Australia Congress Symposium 4
Scott John Isotopic Exchange Kinetics of Soil P Under Pinus radiata and Lucerne Understorey Symposium 2.2.1
Sellitto Vincenzo Michele Formation of volcanic ash soils in the Matese Mountains of southern Italy Symposium 1.3.1
Sellitto Vincenzo Michele Weathering sequence of volcanic ash soils in the Matese Mountians as evaluated by Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS) Working Group 1.5
Senapati Nimai Impact of soil amendments on organic carbon pools under a rice-wheat cropping system Symposium 2.2.2
Seng Vang Trends in Productivity and Nutrient Dynamics under Improved Soil Nutrient Management Techniques for Rice in the Rainfed Lowlands of Cambodia Symposium 3.3.1
Seo Myung-Chul Economic value of the beneficial function of organic paddy farming in Korea Division Symposium 2.2
Seo Dong-Cheol Evaluation of constructed wetlands for treating hydroponic waste solution containing high nitrate from greenhouses in South Korea Symposium 3.4.2
Seshadri Balaji Sorption and bioavailability of phosphorus in soils as affected by coal combustion products Division Symposium 3.2
Setia Raj Using salt-amended soils to calculate a rate modifier for salinity in soil carbon models Working Group 4.1
Setiawati Tri Candra Role of phosphate solubilising bacteria on availability phosphorus in Oxisols and tracer of phosphate in corn by using 32P Symposium 2.3.1
Shabani Farzin Effects of landuse types at different slopes on soil erodibility factor (A case study from Amol area, north of Iran) Division Symposium 2.2
Shahbazi Farzin Land management planning concerning to workability timing of soil in Souma area, using Aljarafe model Symposium 3.1.2
Shahbazi Farzin Soil erosion assessment and monitoring by using ImpelERO model in east Azerbaijan province, Iran Symposium 3.2.1
Shakery Ata Distribution of soil heavy metal contamination around industrial complex zone, Shiraz, Iran Symposium 2.4.2
Shamshuddin Jusop Ameliorating acid soil infertility by application of basalt, ground magnesium limestone and gypsum Symposium 2.4.1
Shan Yuhua Enhancement of Cd solubility and bioavailability induced by straw incorporation in a Cd-polluted rice soil Symposium 2.5.2
Sharma Anu Mobilization and transport of natural and water dispersible colloids in repacked Okinawa red-yellow soil columns Symposium 2.1.2
Sharma Uttam chand Impact of land use and hydrology on the soil characteristics and productivity in highland agriculture with watershed approach Symposium 3.2.1
Sharma Rajesh Processes of P Mobility from Fitzgerald River Catchment Following Application of Different P Rates Symposium 3.2.1
Shaw Richard K Geochemistry of artifactual coarse fragment types from selected New York City soils Working Group 3.3
Shellberg Jeffrey Land-use change from indigenous management to cattle grazing initiates the gullying of alluvial soils in northern Australia Symposium 4.3.1
Shenggao Lu Magnetic response of heavy metals pollution in urban soils: magnetic proxy parameters as an indicator of heavy metals pollution Working Group 3.3
Shepherd Keith Soil spectral diagnostics � infrared, x-ray and laser diffraction spectroscopy for rapid soil characterization in the Africa Soil Information Service Congress Symposium 1
Shepherd Mark Form of nitrogen leaching from dairy cow urine and effectiveness of dicyandiamide: not all soils are equal Symposium 3.2.2
Shi Xue-zheng Optimal spatial scale determining the response of soil organic carbon to climate change using soil database of China Symposium 1.2.1
Shi Zhou Mapping the three-dimensional variation of electrical conductivity in a paddy rice soil Working Group 1.5
Shibahara Fujiyoshi Microbial Biomass and Organic Carbon Stock in Paddy Soils in the Lake Biwa Basin, Japan Working Group 3.5
Shim Jae Sig Efficiency of Water Use for Sorghum, Beans, and Sesame Affected by Ground Water Table Symposium 3.2.2
Shimizu Mariko Comparison of different approaches for estimating carbon budgets in a managed grassland in Hokkaido, Japan Congress Symposium 4
Shirdast Marzieh Variation in soil heavy metal concentrations around and downstream of a municipal waste landfill Symposium 4.1.2
Shoba Sergey Soil-Geographic Database of Russia: Database Management System Soil-DB Symposium 1.2.1
Shukla Manoj Numerical Analysis of Coupled Liquid Water, Water Vapor, and Heat Transport in a Sandy Loam Soil Symposium 2.1.1
Siebecker Matthew Nickel Speciation in Serpentine Soils using Synchrotron Radiation Techniques Symposium 2.2.1
Sigua Gilbert C. Managing forage-based cow-calf operations in subtropics: implication to surface and ground water quality Symposium 4.1.2
Siltecho Siwaporn Effect of land use on the soil physical properties and water budget in a small water shed in NE, Thailand Symposium 2.1.1
Silva Juscimar Arsenic mobilisation induced by bacterial iron reduction and competing phosphorous Symposium 2.4.2
Silva Mayesse Water erosion modeling in a watershed under forest cultivation through the USLE model Symposium 3.2.1
Silva Juscimar Multi-element background for trace elements and radionuclides in soil from Minas Gerais State, Brazil Symposium 3.5.2
Silverol Aline Evaluation of phosphorus forms in an organo-phosphate fertilizer Symposium 3.3.1
Simo Iolanda Accuracy of soil organic carbon inventories in Mediterranean mountain areas Symposium 1.5.1
Simonis Asterios Investigations of nitrogen dynamics in red Mediterranean soils of Greece Symposium 2.2.2
Simpson Catherine R. Impact of soil texture and organic matter content on mitc volatilization from soil columns Symposium 4.1.2
Singh Bhupinder-Pal The role of biochar in reducing nitrous oxide emissions and nitrogen leaching from soil Congress Symposium 4
Singh Kanika Spatial variability of soil carbon at the paddock scale Division Symposium 3.1
Singh Bhupinder-Pal The mean turnover time of biochar in soil varies depending on biomass source and pyrolysis temperature Symposium 2.2.2
Singh Manmohan Jit Evaluation and estimation of soil erodibility by different techniques and their relationships Symposium 3.2.1
Singh Manmohan Jit Pattern and behaviour of gully erosion in Shiwaliks of lower Himalayas Symposium 3.2.1
Singh Balwinder The Partitioning of Evapotranspiration by Irrigated Wheat as Affected by Rice Straw Mulch Symposium 3.2.2
Singh Anil Kumar Soil Quality Parameters as Influenced by Management Practices in Rice-Wheat and Maize-Wheat Cropping Systems Symposium 3.3.1
Singh Upendra Enhanced efficiency fertilizers Symposium 4.2.1
Singh Balbir Acid sulfate soils in the Perth metropolitan area of Western Australia Working Group 3.1
Singh Bal Ram Soil carbon sequestration under chronsequences of agroforestry and agricultural lands in Southern Ethiopia Working Group 4.1
Sinha Braj Kishore Mitigating global warming by improving terrestrial biotic carbon flux Symposium 4.3.1
Sitthaphanit Suphasit Effect of clay amendments on nitrogen leaching and forms in a sandy soil Symposium 3.3.1
Sivakumaran Siva (Sivalingam) Soils-based evaluation of labile organic carbon and the role this may play in net soil mineralisation rates in Kiwifruit Orchard - Kaharoa ash soils of the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand Division Symposium 3.2
Sivakumaran Siva (Sivalingam) Charcoal (biochar) as a carbon sequestration approach and its effect on soil's functions Symposium 2.4.1
Sivakumaran Siva (Sivalingam) Effect of charcoal (biochar) amendments in Manawatu sandy-loam soil (New Zealand) on white clover growth and nodulation Working Group 4.1
Skyllberg Ulf Mercury transformations in wetland soils in relation to C, S and Fe biogeochemistry Division Symposium 2.1
Slavich Peter Managing water and nutrients in sandy soils for tree crop production in Central Coastal Vietnam Symposium 3.1.2
Smith Carol Micromorphology of a welded paleosol in the Dillondale loess, Charwell Basin, South Island, New Zealand Symposium 1.6.1
So Hwat-Bing Root Zone WSB Model: towards a framework for the sustainable application of saline effluent on land. Working Group 3.4


Taberima Sartji Fertility Status of Soils Developed on an Inactive Mine Tailings Deposition Area in Papua Working Group 3.3
Takebe Masako Nitrogen uptake rate with compost application and its effect on the sugar content of sweet corn (Zea mays L.) Symposium 3.3.1
Takesako Hiroshi Holocene volcanic soils in the Mt. Gambier region, South Australia Symposium 1.3.1
Talatam Satyanarayana Performance of Systematic Approach to Nutrient Management to Improve Maize Productivity in Tamil Nadu, India Division Symposium 3.2
Tallberg Petra Distribution of silicon in soils and sediments of a small catchment area: similarities and differences Symposium 2.2.1
Talukder ASM HM Effect of Water Management, Tillage options and Phosphorus Rates on Rice in an Arsenic-Soil-Water System Symposium 2.4.2
Tamai Koji Topographical variations of soil respiration in the deciduous forest -In the case with extremely immature soil from weathered granite- Congress Symposium 4
Tan Chin Phosphorus transport through surface runoff and sub-surface drainage from regular free drainage and controlled drainage with sub-irrigation systems in corn and soybean production Symposium 3.2.1
Tanaka Fukuyo Effect of cultivation conditions on odor character and chemical profile of shiso (perilla frutescens) flavor Symposium 3.3.1
Tani Masayuki Effect of organic ligands on phosphate adsorption and availability in Andisols of eastern Hokkaido, Japan Division Symposium 3.2
Tao Liang Interaction between Reductive Transformation of 2-Nitrophenol and Adsorbed Fe(II) Species Symposium 2.4.2
Taraken Issac Nutrient deficiencies limiting the growth of sweet potato vines on important soil types in the highlands of Papua New Guinea Symposium 3.2.1
Targulian Victor Dokuchaev�s soil paradigm and extraterrestrial �soils� Division Symposium 1.1
Tarnocai Charles Carbon sequestration dynamics and climate change in Subarctic and Low Arctic Organic Cryosols in Canada Working Group 1.4
Taylor Matthew Comparison of soil quality targets and background concentrations in soil of the Waikato Region, New Zealand Symposium 1.5.1
Taylor Matthew Is Dealumination Limited to the Waikato Region of New Zealand, or is it Wider Spread? Symposium 2.4.2
Terribile Fabio Andic soils and catastrophic mudflows in Italy: Morphological and hydropedological evidences Symposium 1.1.2
Tetegan Marion Contribution of stony phase in hydric properties of soils Symposium 2.1.1
Tetegan Marion Water exchange between the fine earth and pebbles in remoulded soil samples Symposium 2.1.1
Thomas Joan A study of adsorption of simple organic molecules onto inorganic soil components using DRIFTS Symposium 2.2.1
Thomas Mark Improved hydropedological identification of soil salinity types in upland South Australia using seasonal trends in soil electrical conductivity Working Group 1.2
Thomas Brett Mobility and storage of metals, metalloids and trace elements in disturbed acid sulfate soils from a tidal estuary in South Australia Working Group 3.1
Thompson James Regional approach to soil property mapping using legacy data and spatial disaggregation techniques Congress Symposium 1
Thompson James A. Preparing professional pedologists through field practicums and career experience Congress Symposium 8
Thompson Thomas Managing Soil Surface Salinity with Subsurface Drip Irrigation Working Group 3.4
Thorburn Peter Nitrous oxide emissions from soils in Australian sugarcane production systems Congress Symposium 4
Thorburn Peter Using the soil as a buffer allows more sustainable management of nitrogen in sugarcane production Division Symposium 3.2
Thornton Craig The Brigalow catchment study: More than 20 years of monitoring water balance and soil fertility of brigalow lands after clearing for cropping or pasture Symposium 4.3.1
Tibbett Mark Blood, guts, gore and soil: decomposition processes in graves and forensic taphonomic applications Symposium 4.5.2
Tibbett Mark Litter and Carbon Accumulation in Soils after Forest Restoration: the Australian Experience after Bauxite Mining Working Group 4.1
Titshall Louis The potential for direct application of papermill sludge to land: a greenhouse study Symposium 4.1.2
Toivonen Janne Identifying the Impact of Acid Sulfate Soils on a Humic Boreal Lake Working Group 3.1
Toland Alexandra Soil art: bridging the communication gap Symposium 4.5.2
Tolner Laszlo Testing the effect of redirected glycerol by-products on the nutrition providing ability of the soil Symposium 3.3.1
Tolu Julie Development of an analytical methodology for ultra-trace selenium speciation determination in soils Symposium 2.2.1
Tong Yan'an Research on Nutrients Uptake and Accumulation in Grape tree Division Symposium 3.2
Torres Pilar Mediterranean wetland soil classes and its relationship with vegetation and land-uses types Division Symposium 2.1
Torres Duggan Martin A review of sulphur fertilizer use and technology management in Pampas Region of Argentina Symposium 3.3.1
Torres Duggan Martin Effect of elemental and soluble sulphur sources on grain yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L) in Mollisols of Pampas Region of Argentina Symposium 3.3.1
Toth Tibor Yield and salinity relationships in a country-scale soil and yield field-crop database Working Group 3.4
Totsche Kai Uwe From Atom to Pedon: Linking Processes to Phenomena and Function Symposium 2.2.1
Towers Willie Soil awareness and education � developing a pan European approach Symposium 4.4.2
Tracy Saoirse Visualising the effect of compaction on root architecture in soils using X-ray Computed Tomography Symposium 2.3.1
Treweek Glen Nitrogen leaching from effluent irrigated pasture, on a vitrand (pumice soil), Taupo, New Zealand � initial results Symposium 4.1.2
Triantafilis John Resolving the True Electrical Conductivity Using EM38 and EM31 and a Laterally Constrained Inversion Model Working Group 1.5
Trolard Fabienne Integrating soil and water resources in local development framework : the ASTUCE & TIC program Division Symposium 2.2
Trum Florence Effect of manganese concentration on beech leaf litter decomposition: results from field and laboratory experiments Working Group 3.2
Tsai Heng Soilscape of the west-central Taiwan-the footprints on soil pedogenesis and geomorphic environment Symposium 1.3.2
Tsai Chen-Chi Soil solution chemistry and elemental balance of Fushan natural hardwood forest ecosystem in Taiwan Symposium 3.2.2
Tsui Chun-Chih Net Nitrogen Mineralization and Nitrification at Different Landscape Positions in a Lowland Subtropical Rain Forest in Taiwan Symposium 1.2.2
Tulin Anabella Evidence-based nutrient management strategy in identifying fertility status and soil constraints for vegetable production in Southern Philippines Symposium 3.3.1
Tulin Anabella Integrated Nutrient Management for Increased Cabbage Production in Volcanic Soil in Cabintan, Leyte, Philippines Symposium 3.3.1
Turan Metin The effect of PGPR strain on wheat yield and quality parameters Symposium 2.3.1
Turan Metin The role of DTPA and EDDS in remediation of Se from contaminated soil by Brussels sprouts (Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera) Symposium 3.5.2
Turan Metin The effect of PGPR strain on wheat yield and quality parameters Symposium 4.1.2
Turetsky Merritt Peatlands, carbon, and climate: the role of drought, fire, and changing permafrost in northern feedbacks in climate change Division Symposium 2.1

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