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Soil Solutions for a Changing World, Brisbane, Australia 1 - 6 August 2010


Ubalde Josep Miquel How soil forming processes determine viticultural zoning in Catalonia, Spain Symposium 1.4.2
Uchiyama Tomoji Short-term effect of organic materials application on properties of agricultural soils in urban areas, Osaka Prefecture in Japan Symposium 3.1.2
Udawatta Ranjith 3-D pore geometry as a function of rock weathering: a CT-analysis Symposium 2.1.2
Udawatta Ranjith Microbial resilience as influenced by an herbicide in soils from native prairie, CRP, and row crop management Symposium 2.3.1
Uddin Md. Kamal Nutrient uptake responses of tropical turfgrass species to salinity stress Symposium 1.1.2
Uddin Md. Kamal Effect of salinity on tropical turfgrass species Working Group 3.4
Ultra Venecio Contribution of arbuscular mycorrhiza inoculation on the growth and phosphorus nutrition of jatropha (Jatropha curcas) in degraded upland soils of Samar, Philippines Symposium 3.3.1
Umali Beng DEM and terrain analysis to predict spatial pattern of SOC Symposium 1.5.2
Usman Muhammad Transformation of soil iron minerals under static batch and flow through conditions: application for soil remediation Symposium 2.4.2
Uteseny Karoline Distribution patterns of Collembola affected by extensive grazing in different vegetation types Symposium 4.3.1


Vacca Andrea Ferruginous paleosols around the K/T boundary in central-southern Sardinia(Italy): Their potential as pedostratigraphic marker Symposium 1.1.1
Vacha Radim Use of some methods for risk assessment of arsenic load in soils Symposium 3.5.2
Vago Imre Comparison of methods for soil acidity measurement in Nyorlugos (Hungary) long-term field expriment Symposium 3.1.1
Valeri Sergio Characterization of four pioneering species from a Tropical Forest in the Pindorama Biologycal Reserve, Sao Paulo State, Brazil based on soil and Phytosociological attibutes Symposium 1.2.2
Van De Wauw Johan Methods for updating the drainage class map in Flanders, Belgium Working Group 1.3
Van der Weerden Tony Influence of pore size distribution and soil water content on N2O response curves Congress Symposium 4
Van Eekeren Nick Anecic earthworms and associated ecosystem services in a ley-arable crop rotation Congress Symposium 2
Van Eekeren Nick Roots and earthworms under grass, clover and a grass-clover mixture Symposium 4.1.1
Van Engelen Vincent Are global soil information systems adequate in forecasting impacts of global change? Symposium 1.2.1
Van Ranst Eric On the origin of Planosols - the process of ferrolysis revisited Working Group 1.1
Van Scoyoc George Digital resources to excite students about soil science Symposium 4.4.2
Vancampenhout Karen Maria Lennert Orphans in soil classification: Musing on Palaeosols in the World Reference Base system Working Group 1.1
Vancampenhout Karen Determinants of soil organic matter chemistry in maritime temperate forest ecosystems Working Group 3.2
Vance Wendy Soil physical conditions that limit chickpea emergence with particular reference to the High Barind Tract of Bangladesh Symposium 3.1.2
Vanderlinden Karl Characterizing soil management systems using electromagnetic induction Working Group 1.5
Vanlauwe B Integrated soil fertility management: Operational definition and consequences for implementation and dissemination Symposium 3.3.1
Vano Imre Selection of dark septate endophytes from Ericaceae plants to enhance blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) seedling growth Symposium 2.3.1
Vaughan Sarah Reduction of soil nitrogen losses from a vertisol with organic waste amendments under subtropical conditions Symposium 3.3.1
Velayoudon Prescilia Biosolids application for revegetalisation of an abandoned nickel mine from New Caledonia Working Group 3.3
Venalainen Salla The impact of phlogopite-rich mine tailings on the speciation of water-soluble Pb in contaminated boreal shooting range soil Symposium 3.5.1
Ventrella Domenico Assessment of soil water balance at a distributed scale in Southern Italy Symposium 3.1.2
Verdoodt Ann Baseline organic carbon stocks of Rwandan topsoils Symposium 2.2.2
Vermang Jan Evaluation of conservation tillage by means of physical soil quality indicators Symposium 2.1.1
Veronese Marcio Chemical changes in the soil profile with phosphogypsum Symposium 3.3.1
Vezzani Fabiane Recovering soil structure by management practices in a sandy clay loam Acrisol degraded by agricultural use Symposium 3.2.1
Vidal Manuel Soil development indices in a soil chronosequence formed on Lower Pleistocene terraces in the north-western Duero basin (Leon, Spain) Symposium 1.3.1
Vidal Vazquez Eva Multifractal characterization of pore size distributions measures by mercury intrusion porosimetry Symposium 2.1.2
Vieira Sidney Effect of long term no tillage on the spatial variability of soybean and maize in Sao Paulo, Brazil Symposium 1.2.1
Vigiak Olga Assessing field sediment exports of northern Victoria farming systems using HowLeaky2008 model Symposium 3.1.2
Vijayanathan Jeyanny Site suitability assessment for sustainable forest plantation establishment of Dyera costulata in a West Malaysian tropical forest Symposium 4.2.1
Vingiani Simona Ischia landslides (Italy): A multidisciplinary approach aimed to increase knowledge of soil properties Symposium 1.1.2
Virtanen Seija Monolithic lysimeter as tools to study the composition of pore and drainage waters responding to high water table in boreal acid sulphate soil Working Group 3.1
Virto Inigo Soil quality in a semi-arid Mediterranean soil as affected by tillage system and residue burning Symposium 4.3.1
Viscarra Rossel Raphael Mapping the information content of Australian visible-near infrared soil spectra Working Group 1.5
Visconti Fernando SALTIRSOIL: A simple integrated simulation model for the prediction of soil salinisation in agricultural irrigated well-drained lands Working Group 3.4
Visconti Fernando Validation of SALTIRSOIL for the calculation of salt composition and electrical conductivity in horticultural soils Working Group 3.4
Vithana Chamindra Quantifying retained acidity in acid sulfate soil materials: an evaluation of routine methods Working Group 3.1
Vitti Andre Cesar Contribution of nitrogen derived from crop residues in nutrition of sugar cane ratoons Symposium 3.3.1
Vo Thi Guong Aerobic decomposition and organic amendments effects on grain yield of triple-cropped rice in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam Symposium 2.2.2
Vo Thi Guong Effect of fresh and composted organic amendment on soil compaction and soil biochemical properties of citrus orchards in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam Symposium 2.2.2
Vogel Hans-Joerg Architecture of Soil Structural Diversity: From the Micro to the Landscape Scale Working Group 1.2
Vogeler Iris Modelling the role of DCD in mitigating nitrogen losses under grazed pastures Symposium 4.1.2
Vrbek Mirjana Floristic, Microclimatic, Pedological and Geomorphological Features of the Balinovac Doline on North Velebit (Croatia) Symposium 1.2.2
Vrbek Boris Background of some heavy metals on the Croatian Carst Symposium 3.5.1


Wagner Stephen Genesis and composition of paleosols and calcretes in a plio-pleistocene delta fan of the Costa Blanca (SE Spain) Division Symposium 1.2
Wakeel Abdul Nutrient management for sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) on K-fixing soils Division Symposium 3.2
Walela Christine Biomass carbon:litter quality and implications for carbon sequestration by agroforestry in coastal Kenya Working Group 4.1
Walter Christian Digital mapping of soil waterlogging as a support to wetland delineation at regional scale: learning strategies and accuracy assessment Working Group 1.3
Wang Weijin Assessment of the boundary line approach for predicting N2O emission ranges from Australian agricultural soils Congress Symposium 4
Wang Jim Organic carbon transformation along a salinity gradient in Louisiana wetland soils Division Symposium 2.1
Wang Xiaozhi The impact of free-air CO2 enrichment (FACE) on N leaching from paddy soil Symposium 1.1.1
Wang Hao Siberian Wildrye Grass Yield and Water Use Response to Single Irrigation Time in the Semiarid Agropastoral Ecotone of North China Symposium 2.1.1
Wang Yan Effect of sulfadiazine on soil nitrogen mineralization Symposium 2.2.2
Wang Xiaojuan Phosphorus acquisition characteristics of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) plant: a review Symposium 2.3.1
Wang Dingyong Effect of agricultural practices on soil acidification in acid precipitation area Symposium 3.1.2
Wang Huo-Yan Potassium extracting power, a key factor determine the efficiency of the sodium tetraphenlylboron method to evaluate soil K availability to plant Symposium 3.3.1
Wang Dejian Long-term fertilization effects on grain yield and soil fertility in the paddy soil of Yangtse Delta in China Symposium 3.3.2
Wang Jingguo Soil science education in China: present and future Symposium 4.4.2
Wang Hailong Tree nutrition and chemical properties of a sandy soil in a pine plantation receiving repeated biosolids applications Working Group 3.2
Wang Xiaobin Effects of an alternative water source and combined agronomic practices on soil salinity and irrigated cotton in coastal saline soils Working Group 3.4
Wang Enli Potential change of soil carbon in Australian agro-ecosystems as affected by conservation management: data synthesis and modelling Working Group 4.1
Ward Jessica Acidification and trace metal mobility in soil and shallow gorundwater on the Gnangara Mound, Western Australia Symposium 2.5.2
Warnecke Sylvia Nutrient Best Management Practices need regional Material Flow Management for Soil Protection Division Symposium 3.2
Warnecke Sylvia Acid Sulfate Soil Remediation: Drainage Water Quality as influenced by tidal Forcing Working Group 3.1
Watanabe Tetsuhiro Distribution and formation conditions of gibbsite in the upland soils of humid Asia: Japan, Thailand and Indonesia Symposium 1.3.1
Watanabe Akira Relationship between 14C age and structural property of humic acids Symposium 1.3.2
Watanabe Takeshi Changes in community structure and transcriptional activity of methanogenic archaea in a paddy field soil brought about by a water-saving practice - Estimation by PCR-DGGE and qPCR of 16S rDNA and 16S rRNA Working Group 3.5
Waters David Biochar-Ion Interactions: An Investigation of Biochar charge and its effect on ion retention Symposium 2.2.2
Watling Kym Effectiveness of Lime Particle Size in the Neutralisation of Sulfidic Acid Sulfate Soil Materials Working Group 3.1
Webb Michael Development of a fertiliser optimisation technique using multi-nutrient factorial trials and leaf tissue nutrient analysis in commercial oil palm plantations Division Symposium 3.2
Weber Nathan The influence of Natural Sequence Farming stream rehabilitation on upper catchment floodplain soil properties, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia Symposium 3.1.2
Wehr J. Bernhard Aluminum sensitivity and optimum Ca and pH requirement of teak (Tectona grandis Linn. f.) clones used for forestry plantations in Australia Symposium 3.3.1
Wei Dan Effect of long-term fertilizations on organic matter, total nitrogen and microbes characteristic of black soil Division Symposium 3.2
Wei Yongping Valuing environmental externalities associated with oasis farming in Alxa, China Division Symposium 3.2
Weil Ray R. Bringing soil science to non-science university students and visa versa Symposium 4.4.2
Weill Mara Relationship between spectral sugarcane data and local variation of soil attributes Division Symposium 3.1
Weill Mara Assessment of the Spatial Relationship between Soil Properties and Topography over a Landscape Symposium 1.5.1
Weindorf David Characterization of Placic Horizons in Central Louisiana, USA Symposium 1.3.1
Welc Monika Enzymatic activities in the rhizosphere of different plants at a glacier forefield Symposium 2.3.1
Wendroth Ole Field-scale Bromide Transport as a Function of Rainfall Amount, Intensity and Application Time Delay Symposium 2.1.1
Wessolek Gerd Hydro-pedotransfer functions for predicting the effective annual capillary rise Symposium 2.1.1
West Larry Soil survey and inventory of dynamic soil properties in the U.S.A. Symposium 1.5.1
Wheeler Ichsani A soil spatial prediction functions (SSPFs) for soil organic carbon in Eastern Australia Symposium 1.5.1
Wherrett Andrew Soil quality indicators for Australian cropping systems Division Symposium 4.1
White Art Use of elemental and isotopic ratios to distinguish between lithogenic and biogenic sources of soil mineral nutrients Symposium 2.2.1
White Robert An agricultural decision support tool for wheat-maize cropping on the North China Plain based on a spatially-referenced biophysical process model of water, nitrogen and crop growth Symposium 4.2.1
Whitmore Andrew Modelling soil strength and its effects on winter wheat dry matter production Symposium 2.2.2
Wicharuck Suwimon Influence of land use systems on soil resources in northern Thailand Symposium 3.2.1
Wickramarachchi Praneeth Measurement of gas transport parameters for final cover soil at Maharagama landfill in Sri Lanka Symposium 2.1.2
Wiechel Tonya Soil nutrition and common scab disease of potato in Australia Division Symposium 3.2
Wiesmeier Martin Soil organic matter stabilization in degraded semi-arid grasslands after grazing cessation Working Group 4.1
Wightwick Adam Factors Influencing the Availability of Copper in Australian Vineyard Soils Symposium 2.5.2
Willer Jan Predictive soil mapping as a means to aggregate and improve existing soil databases using classification trees and knowledge integration Working Group 1.3
Williams Amanda Geomorphic controls of biological soil crust distribution, Mojave Desert (USA) Symposium 1.6.1
Williams Kristie Formation of clay pans in south-west Queensland, Australia Symposium 2.2.1
Williams Anne Managing soil biological decline during long-fallows in cropping systems Symposium 3.1.2
Wilson Peter L. Collating and using Australian soil data - a process of aggregation or aggravation? Congress Symposium 6
Wilson Peter Soils of Northern Australia-potential food bowl or dust bowl? Congress Symposium 6
Wilson Clare Mapping micro-spatial patterns of C, and Fe and Al-oxides in gleysols: a means of understanding SOM-mineral interactions Symposium 2.2.2
Wilson Brian Measurement of land-use effects on soil carbon and related properties for soil monitoring: a study on two soil landscapes of northern New South Wales, Australia Symposium 3.1.1
Wilson Clare SASSA: an open source, Wiki soil based knowledge and decision support tool for archaeologists Symposium 4.4.1
Wilson-Corral Victor Gold phytomining in arid and semiarid soils Symposium 3.5.2
WinklerPrins Antoinette M. G. A. Soil fertility management and its contribution to the formation of Amazonian dark earths in urban Homegardens, Santarem, Para, Brazil Symposium 4.5.1
Winowiecki Leigh Landscape-scale sampling of forest-derived carbon in cultivated systems of East Africa Symposium 1.5.2
Wiriyakitnateekul Wanpen Characteristic of soil kaolin on various parent materials in Thailand Symposium 2.4.1
Wisawapipat Worachart pH dependent charge and phosphate sorption by Thai Kandiudox Symposium 2.4.2
Wissing Livia Development of bulk density, total C distribution and OC saturation during paddy soil evolution Division Symposium 2.1
Wolkowski Richard Effect of biosolids P removal treatment on P soil test and availability to corn Symposium 4.1.2
Wong Vanessa N. L. Impacts of sea level rise on the biogeochemistry of a coastal floodplain in eastern Australia Division Symposium 2.1
Wong Mike Evaluation of rapid buffer methods to estimate pH buffer capacity in highly weathered soils of south west of Western Australia Symposium 3.1.1
Wong Vanessa The effects of increasing salinity on exchange processes in coastal lowland acid sulfate soils Working Group 3.1
Woo Sung Man A novel aerobic pink-pigmented facultative, 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate deaminase producing Methylobacterium oryzae sp. nov. isolated from rice Symposium 2.3.1
Woo Sung Man Isolation and characterization of phosphate solubilizing bacteria from Chinese cabbage Symposium 2.3.1
Wu Xiao-Hong Impact of Mn-ore mining on heavy metal accumulation in the soils and vegetables nearby in Hunan Province, China Symposium 3.5.1
Wu Jinshui Carbon sequestration in paddy ecosystems in subtropical China Working Group 3.5


Xiaoqing Fu N2O emissions from a tea field in subtropical China Congress Symposium 4
Xing Shi-He Effects of tea genotype and slope position on soil soluble organic nitrogen pools Symposium 2.2.2
Xing SH Microbial community composition under adjacent coniferous and broadleaf plantation forests Symposium 2.3.1
Xingkai Xu Effects of nitrogen addition on fluxes and concentrations of dissolved organic matter and inorganic nitrogen under a temperate old-growth forest in northeast China Working Group 3.2
Xiong You-Cai From innovation to adaptation: A 30-year SEE lesson from the evolution of saline-alkali soil management in Manasi River watershed, China Congress Symposium 2


Yada Saeko An assessment of cadmium availability in upland field soils using isotope dilution Symposium 2.4.2
Yadav Sudhir Water balance in dry seeded and puddled transplanted rice in Punjab, India Working Group 3.5
Yaduvanshi N.P.S. Waterlogging effects on wheat yield, redox potantial, manganese and iron in different soils of India Congress Symposium 5
Yahyaabadi Mojtaba Earthworm population response to tillage and residue management in central Iran Symposium 3.1.2
Yamada Kohei Possible toxicity of aluminium-humus complexes in Andosols Symposium 2.5.2
Yamaguchi Noriko What soil constituents contribute to the accumulation of fertilizer-derived U? Symposium 2.5.2
Yamane Tsuyoshi Nitrous oxide emissions from nitrogen-enriched cattle manure compost pellets applied to Andosols Congress Symposium 4
Yan Xiaoyuan Global estimations of the inventory and mitigation potential of methane emissions from rice cultivation conducted using the 2006IPCC Guidelines Symposium 1.1.1
Yan Xu Changes of soil organic carbon in different agro-ecological zones in China over 20 years Symposium 4.1.2
Yanai Junta Risk assessment of heavy metal contaminated soils with reference to aging effect Symposium 3.5.2
Yang Linzhang Distributions of soil phosphorus in China's densely populated village landscapes Symposium 2.2.1
Yang Jin-Ling Source and consumption of proton and its impacts on cation flux and soil acidification in a forested watershed of subtropical China Symposium 2.4.1
Yang Jae E. Determining minimum data set for soil quality assessment of organic farming system in Korea Symposium 3.1.2
Yang Tiezhao Effect of different genotypes of flue-cured tobaccos and different culture methods on k nutrition in rhizospheric and non-rhizospheric soils Symposium 3.3.2
Yang Jingsong Change of Salt-Water Dynamics in the Changjiang River Estuary and its impacts on soil salinity Working Group 3.4
Yao ShuiHong Biophysical controls over mineralization and sequestration of amended organic carbon in soil: effects of intensity and frequency of drying and wetting cycles Symposium 2.2.2
Yassir Ishak Secondary succession after fire in Imperata grasslands of East Kalimantan, Indonesia Working Group 4.1
Yemefack Martin Quantified soil dynamics and spatial fragmentation within the shifting agricultural landscape in southern Cameroon Working Group 3.2
Yilmaz Deniz Hydrodynamic characterization of BOF slags through numerical inversion of evaporation experiment and through water infiltration experiments: a comparison Working Group 3.3
Yim Woo Jong Colonization pattern of gfp tagged Methylobacterium suomiens on rice and tomato plant root and leaf surfaces Symposium 2.3.1
Yim Woo Jong Plant growth promontory attributes by 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate (ACC) deaminase producing Methylobacterium oryzae strains isolated from rice Symposium 2.3.1
Yin Xinhua Relationships of plant height and canopy NDVI with nitrogen nutrition and yields of corn Division Symposium 3.1
Yu Wantai Recycling rate of N, P and K in animal feed and bedding material and use efficiency of manure N, P and K in agro-ecosystems Symposium 3.1.2
Yuanliang Shi Research on the Relative Yields as Affected by Soil Moisture and Maize Planting Density Symposium 3.2.1
Yusiharni Emielda Soil minerals recover after they are damaged by bushfires Symposium 2.4.1
Yusran Yusran The Effects of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria on Healthy Plant Growth of Tomato Affected by Soil Sickness Symposium 2.3.1


Zaccone Claudio Major and trace elements biogeochemistry and C sequestration in bog soils Division Symposium 2.1
Zagal Erick Using maize as a reference plant material and natural 13C for field assays of soil carbon dynamics Symposium 2.2.2
Zagorski Zbigniew Clay minerals as indicators of the soil substrate origin of Rendzinas (Rendzic Leptosols) from the Malopolska Upland (S Poland) Symposium 1.6.2
Zaman Mohammad Can urease inhibitor N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide (nBPT) improve urea efficiency: effect of different application rate, timing and irrigation systems Symposium 3.3.1
Zanatta Josileia Acordi Soil nitrous oxide fluxes following cover crops management under tillage and no tillage in South Brazil Congress Symposium 4
Zanatta Josileia Acordi Soil carbon sequestration affected by no-tillage and integrated crop-livestock systems in Midwestern Brazil Symposium 2.2.2
Zaprjanova Penka Relation between soil characteristics and heavy metal content in Virginia tobacco Symposium 3.5.1
Zartman Richard Cropping management system influences on playa sediments in US southern high plains Symposium 3.1.2
Zeiliguer Anatoly Estimating soil water retention in soil aggregates using an 'additivity' model for combining structural and textural pore spaces Working Group 1.2
Zeiliguer Anatoly Estimating soil water retention of soil aggregate samples using the 'additivity' model for combination of intra- and into-aggregate pore spaces Working Group 1.2
Zhang Weili Development of China digital soil map at 1:50,000 scale Symposium 1.2.1
Zhang Xuelei Nestedness analysis of land use change on pedodiversity under the intensive urbanization process Symposium 1.2.2
Zhang Gan-Lin Soil genesis along a paddy soil chronosequence in a millennium scale Symposium 1.3.1
Zhang Guixiang Effects of pH and Cadmium on Tetracycline Sorption to Soils Symposium 2.2.2
Zhang Hua Research on Soil Desalinization through Platform Fields and by Irrigation Using Sea-ice Water Symposium 3.2.2
Zhang Weili A new approach to improve fertilization practices of small farmers in China Symposium 3.3.1
Zhang Xiaoping Soil organic carbon dynamics in physical fractions in Black soils of Northeast China Working Group 4.1
Zhange Chunmiao Soil Fertility Affected by Long-term Application of Chemical Fertilizers in Orchards of Chinese Hickory (Carya Cathayensis) Grown in Limestone Soils Symposium 3.3.1
Zhao Muqiu Effects of P application method on P utilization in an upland soil: 12-year field micro-plot trials Division Symposium 3.2
Zhao Ying Modeling of coupled water and heat fluxes in both unfrozen and frozen soils Symposium 2.1.1
Zhao Xue Qiang Can aluminium resistance and nitrogen utilization of rice be enhanced simultaneously in acidic soils? Symposium 3.3.2
Zhao Ye Heavy metal contents and chemical speciations in sewage-irrigated soils from the eastern suburb of Beijing, China Symposium 3.5.1
Zhao Qiguo Strategic thinking on soil protection in China Symposium 4.1.2
Zhao Yong-Cun Uncertainty assessment of mapping soil DDT spatial distribution using multiple indicator kriging Working Group 1.3
Zhong Laiyuan Assessment of heavy metals contamination of paddy soil in Xiangyin county, China Symposium 4.1.2
Zhou Zhonghao Soil acidification with various planting patterns in Lhasa, Tibet, China Congress Symposium 3
Zhou Hong-Fei Soil moisture enrichment under the desert shrub in the Gurbantungut Desert, Northwest China Symposium 1.2.2
Zhou Ya-Feng Use of inorganic and organic wastes for in situ immobilization of Pb and Zn in a contaminated soil Symposium 2.4.2
Zhou De The evolution of soil salinization in the Yellow River Irrigation District of Ningxia, China during the period of 1958 to 2007 Symposium 4.1.2
Zhou Xiaoqi Winter cover crops increase soil carbon and nitrogen cycling processes and microbial functional diversity Working Group 3.5
Zhu A-Xing Soil property mapping over large areas using sparse ad-hoc samples Congress Symposium 1
Zhu Qing Creeping Bentgrass response to a stabilized amine form of nitrogen fertilizer Division Symposium 3.2
Zhu Jianting Saturation-dependent anisotropy of unsaturated soils Symposium 1.5.2
Zhu ZhaoLong The dynamics of aggregate breakdown as a function of dispersive energy Symposium 2.1.2
Zhu Jiaojun Comparison of soil microbial biomass C, N and P between natural secondary forests and Larix olgensis plantations under temperate climate Working Group 3.2
Zornoza Raul Monitoring soil properties and heavy metals concentrations in reclaimed mine soils from SE Spain by application of different amendments Symposium 3.5.1
Zucca Claudio A micromorphological approach to soil rhizosphere characterisation of an agro-pastoral environment Symposium 4.3.1
Zwingmann Naoko Determining Impact of Physical Property for Handling Characteristics of Bauxite Ores Symposium 2.4.1
Zwingmann Naoko K from zeolite: glasshouse trial for testing K availability to the plants Symposium 3.3.1

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