19th WCSS Brisbane - Title A-G

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�Soil protection � are we moving in the correct direction? Experience from England and the European Union� Nortcliff Stephen Congress Symposium 3


15N aided studies on Legume Nitrogen fixation in Tista Meander Floodplain soils of Bangladesh Haque Ekram Symposium 3.3.1


2010 soils planner - development of the US soil survey Levin Maxine J. Symposium 4.4.1


3-D pore geometry as a function of rock weathering: a CT-analysis Udawatta Ranjith Symposium 2.1.2




A baseline for soil carbon monitoring in Amazonia Quesada Carlos Symposium 1.5.1
A case study in South-east China of operational pedology as a contribution to a project linking research and training Bock Laurent Symposium 3.1.1
A Chronosequence of Bauxite Residue Sand: Weathering and Vegetation Response Dobrowolski Mark Working Group 3.3
A comparison between conventional and organic farming practices 1: Soil physical properties Hathaway-Jenkins Laura Symposium 3.1.2
A comparison between conventional and organic farming practices 2: Soil hydraulic properties Hathaway-Jenkins Laura Symposium 3.1.2
A comparison of extraction methods to assess potassium availability for Thai upland soils Darunsontaya Timtong Symposium 2.4.1
A Complete, Balanced Fertilizer Recommendation for Tomato grown in Sri Lanka Herath Saman Symposium 3.1.1
A conceptual framework for a Victorian soil-landscape inference system Robinson Nathan Working Group 1.3
A discussion of Acid Sulfate Soils mapping methodology as applied in Cairns, far north Queensland O'Brien Lauren Working Group 3.1
A framework for European soil monitoring Kibblewhite Mark Symposium 1.5.1
A framework for prioritising nutrient management research in vegetable production in the southern Philippines Dorahy Chris Symposium 3.3.1
A geodatabase of the soil cultural heritage of Italy Costantini Edoardo A. Symposium 4.5.1
A history of rhizosphere research � roots to a solution Gregory Peter J. Symposium 4.5.1
A holistic and universal view of soil Johnson Donald Symposium 1.3.1
A hybrid soil mapping approach using SOTER, SoLIM and Classification trees Schuler Ulrich Working Group 1.3
A Hydrological classification of UK soils based on soil morphological data Lilly Allan Working Group 1.2
A laboratory lysimeter for pesticide transport with controlled boundary conditions Piwowarczyk Agnieszka Symposium 3.2.2
A methane-driven microbial food web in a rice field soil Murase Jun Division Symposium 2.1
A method for mapping the spatial variability of soil physical quality Ceddia Marcos B. Division Symposium 3.1
A method to assess the vulnerability of agricultural subsoils to compaction Lebert Matthias Symposium 3.1.1
A method to increasing a vertical resolution of soil moisture measurements by TDR Trime FM3 tube sensor probe Ermolaeva Olga Working Group 1.2
A micromorphological approach to soil rhizosphere characterisation of an agro-pastoral environment Zucca Claudio Symposium 4.3.1
A multivariate approach to site selection for comparative soil studies Lohr Stefan Symposium 3.1.1
A municipal scale eco-balance analysis of carbon and nitrogen cycle in Japanese agriculture Kimura Sonoko D Symposium 4.1.2
A national approach to map management practices that improve soil condition Stewart Jane Congress Symposium 3
A national demonstration site for acid sulfate soil remediation in the Australian tropics - an overview of the East Trinity environmental success story Ahern Col Working Group 3.1
A Network of Experimental Forests and Ranges: Providing Soil Solutions for a Changing World Adams Mary Beth Working Group 3.2
A new approach to improve fertilization practices of small farmers in China Zhang Weili Symposium 3.3.1
A new buffer that imitates the Brazilian modified SMP solution for determining potential acidity of Brazilian soils. Santanna Maria Alice Symposium 3.1.1
A new model for training soil science students to compete in a global society Sparks Donald L. Congress Symposium 8
A new perspective on the efficiency of phosphorus fertilizer use Syers Keith Division Symposium 3.2
A new site-specific nutrient management approach for maize in the favorable tropical environments of Southeast Asia Pasuquin Julie Mae Division Symposium 3.2
A novel aerobic pink-pigmented facultative, 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate deaminase producing Methylobacterium oryzae sp. nov. isolated from rice Woo Sung Man Symposium 2.3.1
A novel pink-pigmented facultative Methylobacterium phyllosphaerae sp. nov. from phyllosphere of rice Kim Ki Yoon Symposium 2.3.1
A pragmatic water-balance based protocol for assessing water quality from agricultural lands Freebairn David Symposium 4.1.2
A preliminary examination of the spatial distribution of acidic soil and required rates of ameliorant in the Avon River Basin, Western Australia Andrew Joel Symposium 4.1.2
A provisional method for assessing the impact on, and recovery of, Antarctic Desert Pavements from human-induced disturbances O'Neill Tanya Working Group 1.4
A Qualitative Assessment of the N Status of Young Rubber Trees as Affected by Interrank Crops in Northeast Thailand Pongwichian Pirach Symposium 3.3.1
A quantitative assessment of phosphorus forms in Australian soils Doolette Ashlea Symposium 3.1.1
A restriction factor of direct DNA extraction from volcanic ash soils Rai Hiroki Symposium 2.5.1
A review of sulphur fertilizer use and technology management in Pampas Region of Argentina Torres Duggan Martin Symposium 3.3.1
A short guide to the soils of South Africa, their distribution and correlation with World Reference Base soil groups Fey Martin Working Group 1.1
A simple method for the determination of nitrate in potassium chloride extracts from forest soils Kaneko Shinji Working Group 3.2
A soil invertebrate indicator for New Zealand pastoral soils Schon Nicole Symposium 3.1.1
A soil spatial prediction functions (SSPFs) for soil organic carbon in Eastern Australia Wheeler Ichsani Symposium 1.5.1
A study of adsorption of simple organic molecules onto inorganic soil components using DRIFTS Thomas Joan Symposium 2.2.1
A study on mineralogy of soils under two parent rocks in higher rainfall areas of Iran Poormasoomi Masoomeh Symposium 2.4.1
A systematic analysis procedure incorporating the chip-tray incubation method for the hazard assessment of Acid Sulfate Soils in the Murray Darling Basin Creeper Nathan Working Group 3.1
A variation of the Field Capacity (FC) definition and a FC database for Brazilian soils Ottoni Filho Theophilo Symposium 2.1.1
Ability of nitrogen and phosphorus assimilation of seven strawberry cultivars in a northern Atlantic coastal soil Li Hong Symposium 3.3.2
Abiotic and biotic changes of sulphur, iron, and carbon speciation after aeration of wetland soils Prietzel Jorg Division Symposium 2.1
Abiotic catalysis of the Maillard reaction and polyphenol-Maillard humification pathways by Al, Fe and Mn oxides Hardie Ailsa Symposium 2.4.1
Acacia nilotica: A tree species for amelioration of sodic soils in Central dry zone of Karnataka, India Basavaraja Pujari Working Group 3.4
Accumulation of zinc, copper and manganese in soil fertilized with pig manure and urea in southern state of Santa Catarina Dortzbach Denilson Symposium 2.2.2
Accumulation, transfer and environmental risk of soil mercury in a rapidly industrializing region of the Yangtze River Delta, China Huang Biao Symposium 3.5.2
Accuracy of soil organic carbon inventories in Mediterranean mountain areas Simo Iolanda Symposium 1.5.1
Acid sulfate soil depositional environments of the Barron River delta, North Queensland Manders Jeremy Working Group 1.2
Acid Sulfate Soil Remediation: Drainage Water Quality as influenced by tidal Forcing Warnecke Sylvia Working Group 3.1
Acid Sulfate Soil Toposequences in Wetlands of the Lower River Murray Grealish Gerard Working Group 3.1
Acid sulfate soils in the Perth metropolitan area of Western Australia Singh Balbir Working Group 3.1
Acidification and trace metal mobility in soil and shallow gorundwater on the Gnangara Mound, Western Australia Ward Jessica Symposium 2.5.2
Acidification of volcanic ash soils under oil palm in Papua New Guinea: effects of fertiliser type and placement Nelson Paul Division Symposium 3.2
Acidity fluxes following rewetting of sulfuric material Hicks Warren Division Symposium 2.1
Actinobacterial community dynamics in long term managed grasslands Jenkins Sasha Congress Symposium 2
Active layer thermal monitoring at two ice-free areas of King George Island, Maritime Antarctica Michel Roberto Symposium 1.1.1
Ad hoc Working Group Soil in Germany Eckelmann Wolf Symposium 1.2.1
Addressing variations in status of a few nutritionally important micronutrients in wheat crop Narwal R. P. Congress Symposium 5
Adequate urban soil occupation planning to face food crisis in the Sahel Fall Rokhaya Symposium 4.2.2
Admixture of Alnus subcordata with Populus euramericana Improved Soil Nitrogen Sayad Ehsan Symposium 2.2.1
Adsorption and leaching of aromatic arsenicals in Japanese agricultural soils Maejima Yuji Symposium 3.5.1
Adsorption of Phenol by HDTMA-modified Organoclay Sarkar Binoy Symposium 2.4.2
Adsorption properties of modified natural materials for the removal of perfluorochemicals in AFFF wastewater Kambala Venkata Symposium 3.4.2
Aeolian salinization of soils on the piedmont plain of Eastern Tian Shan (Lake Ebinur area, China) Konyushkova Mariya Symposium 1.6.1
Aerobic decomposition and organic amendments effects on grain yield of triple-cropped rice in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam Vo Thi Guong Symposium 2.2.2
Afforestation of agricultural land with spotted gum (Corymbia citriodora) increases soil carbon and nitrogen in a Ferrosol Mathers Nicole Working Group 4.1
Aggregate breakdown and dispersion of Brazilian soil samples amended with sugarcane vinasse by ultrasonic energy Ribeiro Bruno Symposium 3.1.2
Aggregation and morphological properties of a degraded Oxisol receiving organic amendments Alves Marlene Cristina Symposium 2.1.2
Aggregation of an Oxisol under management systems for 14 years in the Midwest of Brazil Salton Julio Cesar Symposium 3.1.2
Aggregation, carbohydrate, total and particulate organic carbon changes by cultivation of an arid soil in Central Iran Hajabbasi Mohammad Ali Symposium 4.3.1
Agricultural potential of salmon wastes used as organic fertilizer on two Chilean degraded soils Celis Jose Symposium 3.1.2
Agricultural recultivation of brown coal mining areas - initial soil physical properties after site construction Kruemmelbein Julia Working Group 3.3
Agricultural utilization of the apatite-phosphorus in pyroclastic flow deposits Nakamaru Yasuo M Division Symposium 3.1
Airborne and ground-based spectral surveys map surface minerals and chemistries near Duchess, Queensland Jones Mal Working Group 1.5
Aligning New Zealand digital soil mapping with the global soil mapping project Hewitt Allan Congress Symposium 1
Alkaline sodic soils of the Yelarbon area, Australia Biggs Andrew Division Symposium 2.2
Alteration of soil chemical properties by two species of millipedes Iwashima Noriko Congress Symposium 2
Aluminum sensitivity and optimum Ca and pH requirement of teak (Tectona grandis Linn. f.) clones used for forestry plantations in Australia Wehr J. Bernhard Symposium 3.3.1
Ameliorating acid soil infertility by application of basalt, ground magnesium limestone and gypsum Shamshuddin Jusop Symposium 2.4.1
Ammonia volatilisation from urea fertiliser products applied to an alkaline soil Hawke Bruce Division Symposium 3.2
Ammonia volatilization, dry matter yield and nitrogen levels of Italian ryegrass fertilized with urea and zeolite Bernardi Alberto C De Campos Symposium 3.3.1
Ammonia Volatilization: On-farm Assessment of the Amount and Timing of Nitrogen Fertilizer Application in Corn Production Ma Bao-Luo Division Symposium 3.2
Ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea in different paddy soils of China He Ji-Zheng Symposium 2.3.1
Amounts of Nutrients Removed in Corn Grain at Harvest in Delaware Binford Gregory Symposium 3.3.1
An agricultural decision support tool for wheat-maize cropping on the North China Plain based on a spatially-referenced biophysical process model of water, nitrogen and crop growth White Robert Symposium 4.2.1
An assessment of cadmium availability in upland field soils using isotope dilution Yada Saeko Symposium 2.4.2
An assessment of diffuse reflectance mid-infrared spectroscopy for measuring soil carbon, nitrogen and microbial biomass Madhavan Dinesh Babu Working Group 1.5
An assessment of the data resolution required to run the PESERA soil erosion model at a catchment scale in a high latitude agricultural catchment Baggaley Nikki Symposium 3.2.1
An assessment of the health and ecological risk profiles of Sanjeevak and its fertilizing effect on cucumber biomass production Orendo Smith Richard Symposium 2.2.2
An automated system for rapid in-field soil nutrient testing Lobsey Craig Working Group 1.5
An equation for yield prediction for Pinus Taeda l. as a function of soil properties Bognola Itamar Working Group 3.2
An evaluation of plant available water during reclamation of saline soils: Laboratory and field approaches Nguyen Nang Symposium 2.1.1
An infrared spectroscopic test for total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) contamination in soils Forrester Sean Working Group 1.5
Analysis of potential benefits of precision irrigation for variable soils at five pastoral and arable production sites in New Zealand Hedley Carolyn Division Symposium 3.1
Analysis of the information and data requests to a national soil data centre Richer De Forges Anne Symposium 4.4.1
Analysis of trace organic compounds from a dairy factory milk processing plant "wastewater" used to irrigate soils Heaven Michael Symposium 2.4.2
Analytical Solution for Drainage from a Uniformly Wetted Deep Soil Profile Knight John H. Symposium 2.1.1
Andic soils and catastrophic mudflows in Italy: Morphological and hydropedological evidences Terribile Fabio Symposium 1.1.2
Anecic earthworms and associated ecosystem services in a ley-arable crop rotation Van Eekeren Nick Congress Symposium 2
Anion adsorption and transport in an unsaturated High-humic Andosol Katou Hidetaka Symposium 2.4.2
Applicability of hydrus to Predict Soil Moisture and Temperature in Vadose Zone of Arable Land under Monsoonal Climate Region, Tokyo Kato Chihiro Symposium 1.5.2
Application effect of magnesium oxide material on cadmium uptake by wheat (Triticum aestivum) Okazaki Masanori Symposium 3.5.1
Application of 137Cs Accumulation in Soil in Predicting Soil Erosion from different Land Uses in Haui Raen-Klongpid Watershed, Eastern Thailand Srisutham Mallika Symposium 3.2.1
Application of distillery effluents to agricultural land: Is it a win-win option for soils and environment? Karanam Padmaja Symposium 1.1.1
Application of fuzzy set theory to land suitability for irrigated wheat Maleki Parva Symposium 3.1.1
Application of GPR ground wave for mapping of spatiotemporal variations in the surface moisture content at a natural field site Pallavi Baby Symposium 2.1.1
Application of LS-SVM-NIR spectroscopy for carbon and nitrogen prediction in soils under sugarcane Sa Sandra Working Group 1.5
Application of MCDM method in Fuzzy Modeling of Land Suitability Evaluation Sarmadian Fereydoon Symposium 3.1.1
Application of Reduce Tillage with a Strip Tiller and its Effect on Soil Erosion Reduction in Highland Agriculture Lee Jeong-Tae Symposium 3.2.1
Application of soil survey to assess phosphorus loss by runoff from agricultural watersheds Elrashidi Moustafa Symposium 4.1.2
Applying hydropedological principles to analyse soil moisture variability at a field scale Baggaley Nikki Working Group 1.2
Aquisition and reliability of geophysical data in soil science Nusch Anne-Kathrin Working Group 1.5
Architecture of Soil Structural Diversity: From the Micro to the Landscape Scale Vogel Hans-Joerg Working Group 1.2
Are differences in soil quality between organic and conventional farming systems greater in more energy-intensive sectors? Carey Peter Symposium 3.1.2
Are global soil information systems adequate in forecasting impacts of global change? Van Engelen Vincent Symposium 1.2.1
Arsenic and lead contaminated rice soils in the Guandu Plain, Northern Taiwan Chiang Kai Symposium 2.4.2
Arsenic hyperaccummulation by ferns: a field study in northern NSW Niazi Nabeel Khan Symposium 2.5.2
Arsenic levels, chemistry and bioavailability in Hawaii soils Hue Nguyen V. Symposium 3.5.1
Arsenic mobilisation induced by bacterial iron reduction and competing phosphorous Silva Juscimar Symposium 2.4.2
Artificial culture of biological soil crusts and their effects on runoff and infiltration under simulated rainfall on the Loess Plateau of China Bo Xiao Symposium 3.2.1
Artificial drainage affects the physico-chemical properties of salt-affected heavy clay soils in the Upper South East of South Australia Fraser Melissa Working Group 3.4
Assessing agricultural soil quality on a global scale Mueller Lothar Symposium 3.1.1
Assessing field sediment exports of northern Victoria farming systems using HowLeaky2008 model Vigiak Olga Symposium 3.1.2
Assessing macroscopic salinity models for predicting canola response to salinity under bud stage Jalali Vahidreza Symposium 4.2.2
Assessing the Phytotoxicity of Cr(III) and Cr(VI) in Cr(VI)-Spiked Soils by Using XANES and Resin Extraction Methods Chen Chiou-Pin Symposium 2.5.2
Assessing Tolerance of Rhizobial Lentil Symbiosis Isolates to Salinity and Drought in Dry Land Farming Condition Alikhani Hosein Ali Symposium 2.3.1
Assessment of an automated method for determining particulate organic carbon in soil Massis Athina Symposium 2.2.2
Assessment of arsenic phytotoxicity of a Ferrosol using radish Foster Michelle Symposium 2.5.2
Assessment of Digital Soil Mapping products: independent ground-truthing is essential Bui Elisabeth Working Group 1.3
Assessment of heavy metals contamination of paddy soil in Xiangyin county, China Zhong Laiyuan Symposium 4.1.2
Assessment of lead contamination in urban soils in an area of southern Italy Guagliardi Ilaria Symposium 3.5.1
Assessment of potential risk of nitrate leaching on agriculture region using Arc-NLEAP model Lei Yuping Symposium 3.3.1
Assessment of saturated hydraulic conductivity in coastal floodplain acid sulfate soils Hirst Phillip Division Symposium 2.2
Assessment of soil carbon stores at the farm scale in Tasmania, Australia Cotching William Symposium 1.5.1
Assessment of soil variation by multivariate geostatistical analysis of EMI and gamma-radiometric data Castrignano Annamaria Working Group 1.5
Assessment of soil water balance at a distributed scale in Southern Italy Ventrella Domenico Symposium 3.1.2
Assessment of Soil-Amendment Mixtures for Subsurface Drip Irrigation Systems Schwen Andreas Symposium 2.1.1
Assessment of the boundary line approach for predicting N2O emission ranges from Australian agricultural soils Wang Weijin Congress Symposium 4
Assessment of the Diffusive Gradients in Thin-films (DGT) technique to assess the plant availability of Mn in soils Mundus Simon Symposium 3.3.1
Assessment of the Spatial Relationship between Soil Properties and Topography over a Landscape Weill Mara Symposium 1.5.1
Atlas of Australian Acid Sulfate Soils: Recent developments and future priorities Fitzpatrick Robert Working Group 3.1
Attracting bright students to pursue studies in soil science: A case study Anderson Stephen Symposium 4.4.2


Bacillus-like phosphobacteria in agronomic volcanic soils from Chile Jorquera Milko Symposium 2.3.1
Background of some heavy metals on the Croatian Carst Vrbek Boris Symposium 3.5.1
Balanced micronutrient management for wheat using GIS techniques Roushani Ghorban Ali Symposium 1.2.1
Baseline organic carbon stocks of Rwandan topsoils Verdoodt Ann Symposium 2.2.2
Before and after: the make-up of native and disturbed mine soil materials Brown Katharine Symposium 3.1.1
Best Management Practices in South Florida: A Success Story Daroub Samira Division Symposium 3.2
BET surface area of phosphoric acid treated tropical soils Eisazadeh Amin Symposium 2.4.1
Bioavailability of barium to invertebrates and humans in soils contaminated by barite Lamb Dane Symposium 2.5.2
Bioavailability of metals and organic contaminants in soils McGrath Steve Symposium 2.5.2
Bioavailability of metals in Australian biosolids Donner Erica Symposium 2.5.2
Bioavailability of soil organic carbon and Fe as influenced by forestry practices in a subtropical coastal catchment Lin Chaofeng Symposium 2.5.2
Bioavailability of trace metals in sediment cores from sunderban mangrove wetland, india: An urgent need for bioremediation Sarkar Santosh Kumar Symposium 2.5.2
Bioavailability, causation and correlation: can we really conclude the herbicide diuron resulted in mangrove dieback in river estuaries of Central Queensland? Abbot John Symposium 2.5.2
Biochar additions to soil change microbial community structure and decreased microbial biomass carbon and net inorganic nitrogen mineralised Dempster Daniel Symposium 2.2.1
Bio-char from sawdust, maize stover and charcoal: Impact on water holding capacities (WHC) of three soils from Ghana Dugan Emmanuel Symposium 4.2.2
Biochar-Ion Interactions: An Investigation of Biochar charge and its effect on ion retention Waters David Symposium 2.2.2
Biocontrol of soil-borne Fusarium wilts of tomato and cabbage with a root-colonizing fungus, Penicillium sp. EU0013 Alam Syed Sartaj Symposium 2.3.1
Bioenergy residues as soil amendments: climate-relevant C and N dynamics during decomposition Cayuela Maria Luz Congress Symposium 4
Biofortification of cereals with zinc and iron through fertilization strategy Cakmak Ismail Congress Symposium 5
Biogeochemical Interactions between Fe(II)/(III) Species Cycles And Transformation of Reducible Substrates in Subtropical Soils Li Fangbai Symposium 2.4.2
Bioinformatics for the Albertine Rift: A roadmap and infrastructure for a virtual regional research centre for applied biodiversity in Rwanda, Africa which integrates biological and geographical information including soils Levin Maxine J. Symposium 3.2.1
Biological indicators of soil quality in area of plumbum mining and metallurgy, Paran State, Brazil Melo Vander Symposium 2.5.2
Biological properties of paleosols and present-day soils in Arkaim and its surrounding area, south Urals, Russia Nagano Hirohiko Symposium 4.3.1
Biomass carbon:litter quality and implications for carbon sequestration by agroforestry in coastal Kenya Walela Christine Working Group 4.1
Biomolecular complexation affects microbial adhesion to iron (oxyhdr)oxides Chorover Jon Symposium 2.2.1
Biophysical controls over mineralization and sequestration of amended organic carbon in soil: effects of intensity and frequency of drying and wetting cycles Yao ShuiHong Symposium 2.2.2
Bioremediation of crude oil polluted soil as affected by sewage-sludge Chorom Mostafa Symposium 3.5.2
Biosolids application for revegetalisation of an abandoned nickel mine from New Caledonia Velayoudon Prescilia Working Group 3.3
Biosolids application to salt affected soils: its effects on soil organic matter, microbial biomass and sodicity Muyen Zahida Working Group 3.4
Black is the New Green: The Blue Shades of Biochar Kookana Rai Working Group 4.1
Blood, guts, gore and soil: decomposition processes in graves and forensic taphonomic applications Tibbett Mark Symposium 4.5.2
Brazilian greenhouse gas emissions: the importance of agriculture and livestock Cerri Carlos Clemente Congress Symposium 4
Brazilian sedimentary zeolite use in agriculture Bernardi Alberto Symposium 3.3.1
Bringing soil science to non-science university students and visa versa Weil Ray R. Symposium 4.4.2
Buffering soil-water acidity in chlorinated solvent bioremediation schemes Barry D. Andrew Symposium 2.4.2
Building a �whole of soil� policy framework MacEwan Richard Congress Symposium 3
Building soil carbon content of Texas Vertisols Potter Kenneth Working Group 4.1


Cadmium adsorption behavior in some soils from northern of Iran Esfandbod Maryam Symposium 3.5.1
Cadmium and Zinc Concentrations in the Soils of the Oil Palm Plantations from Long Term Application of Phosphate Rock Ishak Fauziah Symposium 2.2.1
Calcium delivery using UV polymerised HEMA:NVP hydrogel in soil Aiken Jane Symposium 3.3.1
Calculation of Canopy Resistance with a Recursive Evapotranspiration Model Lascano Robert Symposium 2.1.1
Can aluminium resistance and nitrogen utilization of rice be enhanced simultaneously in acidic soils? Zhao Xue Qiang Symposium 3.3.2
Can be reference values of heavy metals useful as soil quality standards? Contributions from assays in representative Mediterranean agricultural soils Recatala Boix Luis Symposium 3.5.1
Can cell wall network explain crop residue decomposition and soil organic matter dynamic? A new insight into residue quality Bertrand Isabelle Symposium 2.2.2
Can electromagnetic induction be used to evaluate sprinkler irrigation uniformity for a shallow rooted crop? Hussain Amjed Working Group 1.5
Can Field-Based Spectroscopic Sensors Measure Soil Carbon in a Regulated Carbon Trading Program? Lund Eric Working Group 1.5
Can making soils more entertaining to encourage young people�s interest in soils? Campbell Colin D. Symposium 4.4.2
Can micromorphological characteristics predict infiltration and sediment generation properties of degraded rangeland soils of north-eastern Queensland? Roth Christian Symposium 2.1.2
Can organic amendments be used to improve the properties of bauxite processing residue sand? Poster presentation Jones Benjamin Symposium 2.2.2
Can solid-state phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance spectra be improved by wet chemical extraction of paramagnetics? McDowell Richard Symposium 2.4.2
Can urease inhibitor N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide (nBPT) improve urea efficiency: effect of different application rate, timing and irrigation systems Zaman Mohammad Symposium 3.3.1
Canopy cover and organic matter spatial distribution as indicators of soil quality for aquifer recharge Oliveira Anna Symposium 3.2.1
Capturing carbon in Australian soils: Potential and realities Baldock J.A. Congress Symposium 7
Carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions associated with tropical peatland degradation Hatano Ryusuke Symposium 4.3.1
Carbon dioxide emission from peatland in relation to hydrology, peat moisture, humification at the Vo Doi national park, Vietnam Duong Vien Congress Symposium 4
Carbon dymanics in organic production systems Mani A.K. Symposium 2.2.2
Carbon fractions and enzymatic activities in two cultivated dryland soils under conservation tillage Melero Sebastiana Symposium 4.3.1
Carbon input and soil carbon dioxide emission affected by land use and management practices Sainju Upendra M. Congress Symposium 2
Carbon sequestration dynamics and climate change in Subarctic and Low Arctic Organic Cryosols in Canada Tarnocai Charles Working Group 1.4
Carbon sequestration in kiwifruit soils of New Zealand Rahman Hasinur Symposium 1.5.1
Carbon sequestration in paddy ecosystems in subtropical China Wu Jinshui Working Group 3.5
Carbon Sequestration Potential in Soil and Biomass of Jatropha curcas Firdaus Muhammad Sulaiman Symposium 4.2.1
Carbon sequestration under different physiographic and climatic conditions in north Karaj river basin Heidari Ahmad Symposium 1.1.1
Carbon Sources and Dynamics in Afforested and Cultivated US Corn Belt Soils Hernandez Ramirez Guillermo Working Group 4.1
Carbon storage in remnant trees and soils of grazing lands in Queensland Ghadiri Hossein Division Symposium 2.2
Catabolic and genetic diversity of microbial communities in Australian soils are influenced by soil type and stubble management Gupta Vadakattu Symposium 2.3.2
Cation Ratio of Soil structural stability (CROSS) Marchuk Alla Working Group 3.4
Cations and Phosphorus changes and budgets in a long term fertilization experiment on an Argiudol soil in Argentina Salvagiotti Fernando Symposium 3.3.1
Cd and Zn speciation and mobility in contaminated soil: physical micro-characterization techniques, chemical extraction methods and isotopic exchange kinetics Sappin-Didier valerie Symposium 2.4.2
Change of Salt-Water Dynamics in the Changjiang River Estuary and its impacts on soil salinity Yang Jingsong Working Group 3.4
Changes forest soils under human factors (Komi Republic, Russia) Lapteva Elena Working Group 3.2
Changes in carbon and nitrogen stocks following conversion of plantation forest to dairy pasture on Vitrands (Pumice Soils), New Zealand Lewis Riki Symposium 4.3.1
Changes in Cd bioavailability in metal spiked soils amended with biosolids: results from a wheat seedling bioassay Black Amanda Symposium 2.5.2
Changes in community structure and transcriptional activity of methanogenic archaea in a paddy field soil brought about by a water-saving practice - Estimation by PCR-DGGE and qPCR of 16S rDNA and 16S rRNA Watanabe Takeshi Working Group 3.5
Changes in micromorphological features of semi desert soils in the southeast of European Russia upon the recent increase in climate moistening Lebedeva Marina Symposium 1.1.1
Changes in paddy soils under transition to water-saving and diversified cropping systems Buresh Roland Working Group 3.5
Changes in soil chemistry following a watershed-scale application of wollastonite (CaSiO3) at Hubbard Brook, New Hampshire, USA Johnson Chris Working Group 3.2
Changes in soil chemistry in the surroundings of wood ant (Formica polyctena) nests Jilkova Veronika Working Group 3.2
Changes in soil P pools during legume residue decomposition Alamgir Md Symposium 3.3.1
Changes in soil pH as a result of lime addition as affected by rates, time and incorporation method Hall David Symposium 3.1.2
Changes in the cation composition of a Barossa Chromosol irrigated with wastewaters of contrasting monovalent cation concentrations Laurenson Seth Symposium 4.2.2
Changes of enzymatic activity in soil supplemented with microbiological preparation Ugmax Piotrowska Anna Symposium 2.5.1
Changes of nitrogen forms in a calcareous soil exposed to elevated CO2 with two atmospheric temperature levels Haghnia Gholam Hosian Symposium 2.2.2
Changes of Organic Matter and Available Silica in Paddy Soils from Fifty-six Years Fertilization Experiments Kim Myung-Sook Symposium 3.3.1
Changes of soil chemical properties and heavy metal contents on periodical monitoring arable lands in ChungBuk, Korea Kim YoungSang Symposium 1.5.1
Changes of soil organic carbon in different agro-ecological zones in China over 20 years Yan Xu Symposium 4.1.2
Characterisation of organic phosphorus compounds in soil by phosphatase hydrolysis Annaheim Kathrin Eva Symposium 2.5.1
Characteristic of soil kaolin on various parent materials in Thailand Wiriyakitnateekul Wanpen Symposium 2.4.1
Characteristics and Genesis of Placic Horizon in Subalpine Montane Forest Soils in Northeastern Taiwan Huang Tzu-Yu Symposium 1.3.1
Characteristics of soil heavy metal contents in the agricultural areas near closed mine in Korea Ko Byong-Gu Symposium 3.5.1
Characteristics of the soils of Torun cemeteries Charzynski Przemyslaw Working Group 3.3
Characterization of almond orchards to assess soil fertility and organic matter dynamics to improve soil conditions by using organic amendments Dominguez Sara G. Symposium 2.2.2
Characterization of copper biosorption and bioreduction by copper resistant bacteria isolated from a vineyard soil Andreassa Robson Symposium 2.3.1
Characterization of deposited flue-dust slurry from a former Pb-smelter site and release of inorganic contaminants Rennert Thilo Symposium 3.5.1
Characterization of four pioneering species from a Tropical Forest in the Pindorama Biologycal Reserve, Sao Paulo State, Brazil based on soil and Phytosociological attibutes Valeri Sergio Symposium 1.2.2
Characterization of Placic Horizons in Central Louisiana, USA Weindorf David Symposium 1.3.1
Characterization of selected Kenyan acid soils Obura Pamela A. Symposium 3.3.2
Characterization of soil structure and water infiltration spatial variability using electrical resistivity tomography at decimetre scale. A study of two contrasted soil tillage modalities Michot Didier Working Group 1.2
Characterization of the hydraulic property of the plow sole under double-cropped paddy fields in southern Japan Nakano Keiko Working Group 1.2
Characterizing soil management systems using electromagnetic induction Vanderlinden Karl Working Group 1.5
Charcoal (biochar) as a carbon sequestration approach and its effect on soil's functions Sivakumaran Siva (Sivalingam) Symposium 2.4.1
Charge properties and potassium fixation by clay from Thai Vertisols Chittamart Natthapol Symposium 2.4.1
Charge properties of kaolinite in acidic soils from Thailand Khawmee Khwunta Symposium 2.4.1
Chemical amendment of dairy cattle slurry to reduce P loss from grasslands Brennan Raymond Symposium 3.3.1
Chemical changes in the soil profile with phosphogypsum Veronese Marcio Symposium 3.3.1
Chemical mechanisms of soil pH change by agricultural residues Butterly Clayton Symposium 2.2.2
Chemical remediation of cadmium-contaminated paddy soils by washing with ferric chloride: Cd extraction mechanism and on-site verification Makino Tomoyuki Symposium 3.5.1
Chemically induced phytoextraction of caesium -137 Meena Sadhasivam Symposium 3.5.1
Chemistry and clay mineralogy of Thai Natraqualfs Kaewmano Chutharmard Symposium 2.4.1
Chemistry of trace and heavy metals in bauxite residues (red mud) from Western Australia Grafe Markus Symposium 2.4.2
China�s food security threatened by soil degradation and biofuels production Liming Ye Symposium 4.2.1
Chip-tray incubation: A new field and laboratory method to support Acid Sulfate Soil Hazard Assessment, Classification and Communication Fitzpatrick Rob Working Group 3.1
Chronosequence of postglacial soil paleocatenas in the dune area of the Torun Basin (Northern Poland) Jankowski Michal Symposium 1.6.1
Chronosequential alterations of properties of post-agrogenic Chernozems of the Kursk steppe zone of Russia under self-restoration Kalinina Olga Working Group 4.1
Citizen Scientists: Where science meets society � Soil Science Society of America efforts to inject science into policymaking Glasener Karl Symposium 4.4.1
Classifying sodic soils: A comparison of the World Reference Base for Soil Resources and Australian Soil Classification systems Rees David Symposium 1.4.1
Classifying soils at the ultimate stage of weathering: A continuing challenge for sustainable agromanagement practices in the 21st Century Padmanabhan Eswaran Symposium 1.4.1
Clay and oxide mineralogy of different limestone soils in Southeast Asia Stahr Karl Symposium 2.4.1
Clay minerals as indicators of the soil substrate origin of Rendzinas (Rendzic Leptosols) from the Malopolska Upland (S Poland) Zagorski Zbigniew Symposium 1.6.2
Clay minerals in Luvisols formed from acid glacial till of the Drawsko Lake District (North Poland) Jacek Dlugosz Symposium 2.4.1
Climate change: A frontier for acid sulfate soil research Bush Richard Working Group 3.1
Climatic impacts on greenhouse gas emissions in rice paddy fields Komiya Shujiro Congress Symposium 4
Clinoptilolite amendment to increase ammonium removal from landfill leachate in a clay loam soil Hoseini Hossein Mirseyed Symposium 4.1.2
Cluster analysis of geophysical field data: An approach for reasonable partitioning of sites Dietrich Peter Working Group 1.5
Collating and using Australian soil data - a process of aggregation or aggravation? Wilson Peter L. Congress Symposium 6
Colonization pattern of gfp tagged Methylobacterium suomiens on rice and tomato plant root and leaf surfaces Yim Woo Jong Symposium 2.3.1
Combining quantitative (palaeo-)pedological, palaeo-environmental studies and modelling � an important step on the way to predict soil reactions to environmental change Sauer Daniela Division Symposium 1.2
Common ground between soil scientists and geotechnical engineers Parsons Henry Symposium 1.4.1
Comparing the risk of phosphorus runoff following single and split phosphorus fertiliser applications in two contrasting catchments using rainfall simulation and Bayesian modeling Burkitt Lucy Division Symposium 3.2
Comparing the sensitivity of physical, chemical and biological properties to a gradient of induced soil degradation Chaer Guilherme Symposium 3.1.1
Comparison of different approaches for estimating carbon budgets in a managed grassland in Hokkaido, Japan Shimizu Mariko Congress Symposium 4
Comparison of fractal and empirical model for estimation Soil Water Retention Curve Fazeli Mahmood Working Group 1.5
Comparison of in situ trace element concentration of soil water with concentration in aqueous extracts on a background concentration level Godbersen Levke Symposium 3.5.2
Comparison of methods for soil acidity measurement in Nyorlugos (Hungary) long-term field expriment Vago Imre Symposium 3.1.1
Comparison of models that include salinity and matric stress effects on plant growth Oster James Working Group 3.4
Comparison of regression pedotransfer functions and artificial neural networks for soil aggregate stability simulation Alijanpour Shalmani Adele Symposium 1.5.2
Comparison of soil microbial biomass C, N and P between natural secondary forests and Larix olgensis plantations under temperate climate Zhu Jiaojun Working Group 3.2
Comparison of soil quality targets and background concentrations in soil of the Waikato Region, New Zealand Taylor Matthew Symposium 1.5.1
Comparison of Soil Water Repellency and Sorptivity between an Acacia caven (Highly-Perturbed) and Cryptocarya alba (Slightly-Perturbed) Dominated Ecosystem Fuentes Juan-Pablo Working Group 3.2
Comparison of the ability of the nitrification inhibitors DCD and DMPP to reduce nitrification and N2O emissions from nitrogen fertilisers Suter Helen Congress Symposium 4
Comparison of the results of modelling soil loss with WEPP and USLE in the Koppany Valley, Hungary Gelencser Geza Symposium 1.5.2
Comparison study between the methods for compost maturity determination Kwon Soon Ik Symposium 4.1.2
Compilation of a 3D soil physical database for the unsaturated zone Bakacsi Zsofia Working Group 1.2
Composting green waste with other wastes to produce manufactured soil Poster presentation Belyaeva Oxana Symposium 2.2.2
Computational method of appropriate nitrogen level by soil diagnostics in Andosols of Japan Kato Taku Division Symposium 3.2
Concentrations of arsenic and other metals in agricultural soils of Bangladesh Rahman Mohammad Mahmudur Symposium 3.5.1
Concentrations of trace elements in soils: The three keys Baize Denis Symposium 1.4.2
Connecting soil policies with plans to improve water quality � an example with acid sulfate soils from two north Queensland regions Powell Bernard Symposium 4.1.2
Considerations for making chamber-based soil CO2 flux measurements Madsen Rod Congress Symposium 4
Contribution of arbuscular mycorrhiza inoculation on the growth and phosphorus nutrition of jatropha (Jatropha curcas) in degraded upland soils of Samar, Philippines Ultra Venecio Symposium 3.3.1
Contribution of nitrogen derived from crop residues in nutrition of sugar cane ratoons Vitti Andre Cesar Symposium 3.3.1
Contribution of root respiration to soil respiration in a maize field in Southwest China Changsheng Jiang Congress Symposium 4
Contribution of stony phase in hydric properties of soils Tetegan Marion Symposium 2.1.1
Contribution of the carboxyl group of acetate to the 14C-containing gas production in agricultural soils Ishii Nobuyoshi Symposium 2.2.1
Controlling factors of soil nitrogen and carbon contents across the Tibetan Plateau: soil formation, permafrost, and soil moisture Baumann Frank Working Group 1.4
Copper dynamics and impact on microbial communities in a vineyard soil. Influence of the soil organic status Navel Aline Symposium 3.5.1
Correlating accumulated cadmium and soil characteristics in wheat farm grain Jafarnejadi Ali Reza Symposium 3.5.1
Correlation between atmospheric physical factors and soil temperature of Keller Peninsula, King George Island, Antarctica Salamene Samara Working Group 1.4
Correlation between soil resistance penetration and soil electrical conductivity using soil sampling schemes Machado Siqueira Glecio Working Group 1.5
Cosmogenic, anthropogenic, and airborne radionuclides for tracing the mobile soil particles in a tile-drained heavy clay soil Eguchi Sadao Symposium 1.3.2
Creating soil degradation maps using gamma-ray signatures Erbe Petra Working Group 1.5
Creeping Bentgrass response to a stabilized amine form of nitrogen fertilizer Zhu Qing Division Symposium 3.2
Crop production, nutrient recovery and hydrology following cattle feedlot manure application Klepper Kaara Symposium 2.2.2
Crop rotation and fallowing can affect the functional resilience of microbial communities in a rainfed cropping system in southern Australia Gupta Vadakattu Symposium 2.2.2
Crop yield and greenhouse gas responses to stover harvest on glacial till Mollisol Johnson Jane Congress Symposium 4
Cropping management system influences on playa sediments in US southern high plains Zartman Richard Symposium 3.1.2
Crops production in a fire-free system for land preparation in the northen Brazilian Amazon Gomes Costa Mirian Cristina Symposium 3.3.1
Cryosols as a Test of Our Knowledge of Earth as a System: Review Bockheim James Working Group 1.4
CT-Measured Macropore Parameters for Estimating Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity at Four Study Sites Anderson Stephen Symposium 2.1.2
Current organic carbon stock in topsoil of forest land in Japan Morisada Kazuhito Working Group 3.2


Decomposition of cover crop residues in a rubber tree plantation in northeast Thailand Suvannang Nopmanee Symposium 3.3.1
Decomposition of crop residues and availability of nutrients to bean plants as influenced by silicate and lime Fernandes Fabiana Aparecida Symposium 3.3.1
Decomposition rate of plant residues in Alfisols under different use Aviles Monica Symposium 2.2.2
Decreasing soil-frost depth and its influence on the snowmelt infiltration in Tokachi, Hokkaido, Japan Iwata Yukiyoshi Working Group 1.4
Deep drainage in a Vertosol under irrigated cotton Ringrose-Voase Anthony Symposium 2.1.1
Deep placement of lime nitrogen promotes nitrogen fixation and seed yield of soybean with efficient utilization rates Ohyama Takuji Division Symposium 3.2
Deficit Irrigation an option to mitigate Arsenic load in Rice Grain Basu Biswaji Working Group 3.5
Defining soil sample preparation requirements for MIR spectroscopic analysis using principal components Baldock Jeffrey Working Group 1.5
Definition of biochemical parameters in composting in a Chilean Pisco industry Martinez Maria Symposium 3.1.2
Degradation pattern of illicit drugs in soil Pal Raktim Symposium 3.5.2
Delimitation of naturally handicapped areas due to their pedological features in Hungary according to common European biophysical criteria Pasztor, Laszlo Symposium 1.2.1
DEM and terrain analysis to predict spatial pattern of SOC Umali Beng Symposium 1.5.2
Denitrification Bioreactors for Agricultural Drainage Nitrate Treatment in New Zealand Christianson Laura Division Symposium 3.2
Denitrification in a Chinampa soil of Mexico City as affected by methylparathion Blanco-Jarvio Anidia Symposium 2.4.2
Dependency of nitrous oxide emission factors on nitrogen input rates: A meta-analysis Kim Dong-Gill Congress Symposium 4
Deposit structure, water mineralization and groundwater recharge of a rubber-tree planted watershed in Northeast Thailand Montoroi Jean-Pierre Working Group 1.2
Depth distribution of soil organic carbon as a signature of soil quality Franzluebbers Alan J. Symposium 4.1.1
Depth profiling of soil clay-xanthan complexes using step-scan mid-infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy Changwen Du Symposium 2.2.1
Describing N leaching under urine patches in pastoral soils Cichota Rogerio Symposium 4.1.2
Design, construction, and operation of a wetland/reservoir system receiving agricultural drainage water Madani Ali Symposium 4.2.2
Design-based and model-based sampling strategies for soil monitoring Brus Dick Symposium 1.5.1
Designing a soil pH monitoring network for the Western Australian wheatbelt Holmes Karen W. Symposium 1.5.1
Detecting a landfill leachate plume using a DUALEM-421 and a laterally constrained inversion model Roe Jessica Symposium 4.1.2
Determinants of soil organic matter chemistry in maritime temperate forest ecosystems Vancampenhout Karen Working Group 3.2
Determination of Irrigation Depths Using a Numerical Model and Quantitative Weather Forecast Fujimaki Haruyuki Symposium 2.1.1
Determination of potassium supply power of some different soils Roushani Ghorban Ali Division Symposium 3.1
Determination of Soil Erosion Using Laser Scanners Afana Ashraf Symposium 1.5.1
Determining Impact of Physical Property for Handling Characteristics of Bauxite Ores Zwingmann Naoko Symposium 2.4.1
Determining minimum data set for soil quality assessment of organic farming system in Korea Yang Jae E. Symposium 3.1.2
Developing a multi-factor crop production environmental risk index Dobos Robert R. Symposium 3.1.2
Developing methods to detect change in the soil resource of a country with a Northern, Temperate Boreal Climate (Scotland) Lilly Allan Symposium 1.5.1
Development and essential oil yield and composition of mint chemotypes under nitrogen fertilization and radiation levels Castro Luciana W.P. Symposium 3.3.2
Development of a fertiliser optimisation technique using multi-nutrient factorial trials and leaf tissue nutrient analysis in commercial oil palm plantations Webb Michael Division Symposium 3.2
Development of a method for sequential extraction of Si-pools from soils Danilova Anna Symposium 2.2.1
Development of a rational sampling method for evaluation of Cd concentration in wheat (Triticum aestivum) grain and soil Aoyama Naomi Symposium 3.5.1
Development of a soil carbon benchmark matrix for central west NSW Murphy Brian Symposium 4.3.1
Development of a soil quality decision support tool to identify and support best management practices Lawrence Erin Symposium 4.3.1
Development of an analytical methodology for ultra-trace selenium speciation determination in soils Tolu Julie Symposium 2.2.1
Development of bulk density, total C distribution and OC saturation during paddy soil evolution Wissing Livia Division Symposium 2.1
Development of China digital soil map at 1:50,000 scale Zhang Weili Symposium 1.2.1
Development of farmers' participatory integrated nutrient management technology using the Mother - Baby Trial approach Reddy K. Sammi Symposium 3.3.1
Development of Halloysite/Smectite Mixed Layer Mineral in Paleudult of Java Island Nurcholis Mohammad Symposium 2.4.1
Development of Pedotransfer Functions to Predict Soil Hydraulic Properties in Golestan Province, Iran Sarmadian Fereydun Working Group 1.5
Development of preferential flow below a soil moisture threshold Hardie Marcus Symposium 2.1.1
Development of site specific guidelines for future land use at the Woodcutters lead zinc mine Diacomanolis Violet Division Symposium 4.2
Development of Soil Metadata Standards for International DNA Sequence Databases Cole James R. Symposium 2.3.2
Development of soil properties in a riverine floodplain with time - results from a chronosequence study in the national park Donau-Auen in Austria Gerzabek Martin Symposium 1.3.2
Development of soil quality indices for natural forest habitats of lowlands and uplands in Poland and its application in silviculture - project description Brozek Stanislaw Working Group 3.2
Deviation in soil colour determination based upon students visual perception Centeri Csaba Symposium 3.1.1
Diagnosing nutrient limitations to lentil and chickpea in acid soils of Bangladesh Marufuzzaman M. Symposium 3.3.1
Dicyandiamide (DCD) reduces nitrate losses from Irish soils Dennis Samuel Symposium 4.1.2
Differences in topsoil properties of a sandy loam soil under different tillage treatments Spongrova Kamila Symposium 2.1.1
Differences of cadmium uptake and accumulation among soybean (Glycine max) cultivars Kobori Genki Symposium 3.5.1
Different patterns of organic acid exudation in metallophyte and agricultural plants at increasing copper levels Meier Sebastian Symposium 3.5.1
Different patterns of organic acid exudation in metallophyte and agricultural plants at increasing copper levels Meier Sebastian Symposium 3.5.2
Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy study of heavy metals in agricultural soils of the Changjiang River Delta, China Ji Jufeng Symposium 2.4.2
Digital mapping of soil carbon Minansy Budiman Working Group 1.3
Digital mapping of soil waterlogging as a support to wetland delineation at regional scale: learning strategies and accuracy assessment Walter Christian Working Group 1.3
Digital resources to excite students about soil science Van Scoyoc George Symposium 4.4.2
Digital soil mapping using legacy soil data in Korea Hong S. Young Congress Symposium 1
Digital soil-landscape mapping by image clustering Brough Daniel Symposium 1.5.2
Direct Determination of Allophane and Imogolite in Andosols Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Hiradate Syuntaro Symposium 1.3.1
Directed variability of paleosols properties in short chronosequences studied by the statistical approach (a case-study of kurgans in Orenburg region, Russia) Khokhlova Olga Division Symposium 1.2
Disaggregation of landform components within land systems of the Victorian Mallee using a Digital Elevation Model Hopley Jonathan Working Group 1.3
Dissolution of phyllosilicates under saline acidic conditions Bibi Irshad Working Group 3.1
Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in Coastal Acid Sulfate Landscapes Reynolds Jason Working Group 3.1
Distribution and availability of metal contaminants in shooting range soils around Australia Sanderson Peter Symposium 3.5.1
Distribution and formation conditions of gibbsite in the upland soils of humid Asia: Japan, Thailand and Indonesia Watanabe Tetsuhiro Symposium 1.3.1
Distribution and stabilization of organic carbon in Danubian floodplain soils Graf Markus Division Symposium 2.1
Distribution of a nonylphenol isomer and the herbicide MCPA in soil derived organo-clay complexes Klausmeyer Timm Symposium 2.2.1
Distribution of arsenic species in solutions of as-contaminated flooding soils and the toxicity of arsenic to rice plants Lee Dar-Yuan Symposium 3.5.1
Distribution of forms of soil potassium in the Central highlands of Papua New Guinea and its implications to subsistence sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) production Rao Bangady Killur Rajashekhara Symposium 4.3.1
Distribution of organic carbon and total nitrogen in aggregate size fractions in a southern Nigeria Ultisol under different agricultural land use Oyedele Durodoluwa Joseph Symposium 3.1.2
Distribution of phosphorus in an Ultisol fertilized with recovered manure phosphates Szogi Ariel Symposium 3.3.1
Distribution of silicon in soils and sediments of a small catchment area: similarities and differences Tallberg Petra Symposium 2.2.1
Distribution of soil heavy metal contamination around industrial complex zone, Shiraz, Iran Shakery Ata Symposium 2.4.2
Distribution pattern of heavy metals in soil fertilized with industrial sludge Ahmad Rozita Symposium 3.5.1
Distribution patterns of Collembola affected by extensive grazing in different vegetation types Uteseny Karoline Symposium 4.3.1
Distributions of soil phosphorus in China's densely populated village landscapes Yang Linzhang Symposium 2.2.1
Diurnal and seasonal greenhouse gases exchange in a salt marsh in central Japan Noborio Kosuke Symposium 2.2.1
Diversity and classification problems of sandy soils in subboreal zone (Central Europe, Poland) Jankowski Michal Working Group 1.1
Do acid sulfate soils need to be ring-mill ground to ensure an accurate acid-base account? McElnea Angus Working Group 3.1
Do soil enzyme activities generate good endpoints for assessing heavy metal toxicity in soils? Speir Tom Symposium 2.5.2
Do soil microbes know their fractions? Macdonald Lynne Symposium 2.2.2
Do texture and organic matter content affect C & N dynamics in soils exposed to dry/wet cycles? Harrison-Kirk Tina Symposium 2.2.2
Does Chicory inhibit or promote mineralisation? Gardner Matthew Symposium 2.2.2
Does irrigation prevent phosphorus and sediment loss via wind erosion and benefit surface water quality? McDowell Rich. Symposium 3.2.1
Dokuchaev�s soil paradigm and extraterrestrial �soils� Targulian Victor Division Symposium 1.1
Downward Thinking: Rethinking the "Up" in Soil Bioturbation Halfen Alan F. Symposium 1.3.1
Drainage under permanent beds in a furrow-irrigated Vertisol Hulugalle Nilantha R. Symposium 4.2.2
Drip Irrigation as a Sustainable Practice under Shallow Groundwater Conditions Hopmans Jan Symposium 2.1.1
Dry matter and nitrogen accumulation of sugarcane related to nitrogen fertilization in Brazil Franco Henrique Coutinho Junqueira Symposium 3.3.1
Dryland salinity on the uplands of southern Australia: a top-down soil degradation process, or a bottom-up deep hydrology (groundwater) process? Bann Glen Working Group 3.4
Dryland salinity, soil degradation and terrestrial biota in south eastern Australia: problems and fallacies Bann Glen Working Group 3.4
Dual metal solution mapping study of competitive adsorption between cadmium and zinc in soil Ming Hui Symposium 3.5.1
Dynamics and fate of natural and waste organic material in soils: the role of the soil organic matter (SOM) recalcitrance in SOM turnover. Adani Fabrizio Symposium 2.2.2
Dynamics of soil microbial community structure and activity during the cropping period of cotton Rai Sandhya Symposium 4.1.1
Dynamics of soil pore space structure investigated by X-ray microtomography Peth Stephan Symposium 2.1.2
Dynamics of Soil Structure as a Function of Hydraulic and Mechanical Stresses Peng Xinhua Symposium 2.1.2


Earthworm population response to tillage and residue management in central Iran Yahyaabadi Mojtaba Symposium 3.1.2
Ecology of Viruses in Rice Fields Kimura Makoto Symposium 2.3.2
Economic return of potassium fertilization of alfalfa pasture in a tropical soil Bernardi Alberto C. de Campos Symposium 3.3.1
Economic value of improved soil natural capital assessment: a case study on nitrogen leaching Carrick Sam Symposium 4.1.1
Economic value of the beneficial function of organic paddy farming in Korea Seo Myung-Chul Division Symposium 2.2
Ectomycorrhizal fungi and N2O production Prendergast-Miller Miranda Congress Symposium 4
Effect of a Soil Moisture Retentive Material on Yield, Quality and Nutrient Accumulation in Cowpea and Moisture Retention in Soil Nangare K.A. Symposium 3.2.1
Effect of agricultural practices on soil acidification in acid precipitation area Wang Dingyong Symposium 3.1.2
Effect of biochar on arbuscular mycorrhizal colonisation, growth, P nutrition and leaf gas exchange of wheat and clover influenced by different water regimes Solaiman Zakaria Symposium 2.3.1
Effect of biosolids P removal treatment on P soil test and availability to corn Wolkowski Richard Symposium 4.1.2
Effect of calcined eggshell on fractional distribution and plant uptake of Cd, Pb and Zn in contaminated soils near mine Kim Rog-Young Symposium 3.5.1
Effect of charcoal (biochar) amendments in Manawatu sandy-loam soil (New Zealand) on white clover growth and nodulation Sivakumaran Siva (Sivalingam) Working Group 4.1
Effect of clay amendments on nitrogen leaching and forms in a sandy soil Sitthaphanit Suphasit Symposium 3.3.1
Effect of climate change on field crop production and greenhouse gas emissions in California�s Central Valley Lee Juhwan Congress Symposium 4
Effect of climate on soil salinity in subboreal deserts of Asia Pankova Yevgeniya Working Group 3.4
Effect of covering with natural topsoil as a reclamation measure on mining dumpsites Boruvka Lubo� Working Group 3.3
Effect of cultivation conditions on odor character and chemical profile of shiso (perilla frutescens) flavor Tanaka Fukuyo Symposium 3.3.1
Effect of different cation saturations on the sorption and mineralization of the hydrophobic organic compounds nonylphenol and phenanthrene in soils Marschner Bernd Symposium 2.2.1
Effect of Different Fertilization Practices on Soil Microbial Activities and Community Structure in Volcanic Ash Citrus Orchard Soil Joa Jae-Ho Symposium 2.3.1
Effect of different genotypes of flue-cured tobaccos and different culture methods on k nutrition in rhizospheric and non-rhizospheric soils Yang Tiezhao Symposium 3.3.2
Effect of DOM (dissolved organic matter) derived from litter of Acacia mangium and Eucalyptus pellita on soil N2O emissions Kawabata Chiaki Congress Symposium 4
Effect of earthworms on nutrients dynamics in soil and growth of crop Mayilswami Srinithi Symposium 2.4.1
Effect of elemental and soluble sulphur sources on grain yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L) in Mollisols of Pampas Region of Argentina Torres Duggan Martin Symposium 3.3.1
Effect of elevated carbon dioxide on 15N-fertilizer recovery under wheat in Australia Lam Shu Kee Symposium 4.2.2
Effect of elevated carbon dioxide on straw decomposition and soil respiration under wheat in Australia Lam Shu Kee Symposium 3.1.2
Effect of exhaustive cropping on potassium depletion and clay mineral transformations Roushani Ghorban Ali Symposium 2.4.1
Effect of flue gas desulfurization waste on corn plants Ebanks S. Symposium 3.5.1
Effect of Foliar Application of Potassium Sulfate and Calcium Chloride on Date Bunch Fading Disorder in Iran Rousta Mohammad Javad Symposium 3.3.1
Effect of fresh and composted organic amendment on soil compaction and soil biochemical properties of citrus orchards in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam Vo Thi Guong Symposium 2.2.2
Effect of grass cover on pesticides transport through soil:undisturbed column studies and field experiments in the Morcille watershed (Beaujolais) Dousset Sylvie Symposium 3.2.2
Effect of household land management in constraining soil organic carbon storage at plot scale in a red earth soil area of South China Pan Genxing Symposium 3.1.2
Effect of ionic strength on cadmium adsorption onto kaolinite in single- and multi-element systems Srivastava Prashant Symposium 2.4.2
Effect of land configuration techniques, NP levels and bioinoculants on soil available nutrients and soil micro organism in aerobic rice production in South India Maragatham Narayanan Symposium 3.3.1
Effect of Land Use Changes on the Dynamic Behaviour of Structure Dependent Properties of an Andisol in Southern Chile Dorner Jose Symposium 2.1.2
Effect of land use on the soil physical properties and water budget in a small water shed in NE, Thailand Siltecho Siwaporn Symposium 2.1.1
Effect of leaching on hydrophobicity and infiltration into a texture contrast soil Hardie Marcus Symposium 2.1.1
Effect of long term fertilization on soil fertility and crop yield in a Udic Mollisol Han Xiao Zeng Symposium 3.3.1
Effect of long term no tillage on the spatial variability of soybean and maize in Sao Paulo, Brazil Vieira Sidney Symposium 1.2.1
Effect of long-term Compost Application on Humus Composition of whole Soils and their Particle Size Fractions in a Field subjected mainly to double Cropping Nguyen Thu Ha Symposium 2.2.2
Effect of long-term fertilizations on organic matter, total nitrogen and microbes characteristic of black soil Wei Dan Division Symposium 3.2
Effect of long-term irrigation with dairy factory wastewater on soil properties Liu Yen-Yiu Symposium 3.1.2
Effect of long-term nitrogen fertilization on main soil chemical properties in Cambisol Cakmak Dragan Division Symposium 3.2
Effect of manganese concentration on beech leaf litter decomposition: results from field and laboratory experiments Trum Florence Working Group 3.2
Effect of marsh reclamation on heterotrophic soil respiration in Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China Qingju Hao Congress Symposium 4
Effect of NH4OH on Nematode, Fusarium and Verticillium Wilt Infections in Tomato Bashour Alameddine Isam Symposium 1.6.2
Effect of nitrification inhibitor on nitrous oxide emissions in pasture soils Luo Jiafa Congress Symposium 4
Effect of nitrogen and iron fertilizers on grain concentration of iron in wheat Aciksoz Seher Bahar Congress Symposium 5
Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization Timing on Juice and Bagasse Quality of Sweet Sorghum for Biofuel Production Mosali Jagadeesh Division Symposium 3.2
Effect of Nitrogen sources on Aerobic Rice production under various rice soil Eco systems Maragatham Narayanan Working Group 3.5
Effect of nutrient cycle by different thinning practice in temperate forest Chiang Po-Neng Symposium 2.2.1
Effect of organic amendments on heavy metals uptake by potato plants Angelova Violina Symposium 3.5.1
Effect of organic and inorganic amendments on sorption of Cr(VI) and Cr(III) in soil Rawajfih Zahir Symposium 2.4.2
Effect of Organic Fertilisation on the Nitrogen Leaching in the Grassland of the Czech Republic Svozilova Marie Symposium 3.2.2
Effect of organic ligands on phosphate adsorption and availability in Andisols of eastern Hokkaido, Japan Tani Masayuki Division Symposium 3.2
Effect of Organics on the Productivity of Groundnut and its Residual Effects on Succeeding Safflower under Rainfed Farming Situations Malligawad Lokanath Symposium 3.3.1
Effect of P and Si amendment on the charge characteristics and management of a geric soil Nguyen Quang Chon Division Symposium 3.2
Effect of phosphate-induced immobilization of lead on its mobility and bioavailability Park Jinhee Symposium 3.5.1
Effect of potassium on rice lodging under high nitrogen nutrition Bhiah Karim Symposium 3.3.1
Effect of rate of straw incorporation into the soil to rice growth and yield Ruensuk Nittaya Symposium 3.3.1
Effect of rice straw application on hydrolytic enzyme activities in Chinese paddy soils Gredner Beke Symposium 2.5.1
Effect of Rice Straw Application on Soil Physico-chemical Property according to Clipping method in Rice Chang Hyu Yang Symposium 3.2.2
Effect of salinity on tropical turfgrass species Uddin Md. Kamal Working Group 3.4
Effect of soil management and crop rotation on physical properties in a long term experiment in Southern Brazil Calegari Ademir Working Group 4.1
Effect of soil management on pore geometry and the implications for fungal invasion and interactions Kravchenko Alexandra Working Group 1.2
Effect of soil properties on Pinot Noir vine vigour and root distribution in Tasmanian vineyards Rees Samuel Symposium 2.3.1
Effect of sources of sulphur on yield and disease incidence in crops in Jiangxi Province, China Li Zuzhang Division Symposium 3.2
Effect of Subsurface Drainage for Multiple Land Use in Sloping Paddy Fields Jung Kiyuol Symposium 3.2.1
Effect of sulfadiazine on soil nitrogen mineralization Wang Yan Symposium 2.2.2
Effect of Temperature on Soil Microbial Biomass, Enzyme Activities, and PLFA content During Incubation Period of Soil Treated with Organic Materials Joa Jae-Ho Symposium 2.2.2
Effect of the natural clay mineral Illite on the Enhanced Growth of Cherry tomato(Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) in the Glass house Lee Seok-Eon Symposium 2.4.1
Effect of the natural clay mineral illite on the growth of red pepper in the glass house Sangmoon Kwon Symposium 2.4.1
Effect of Tillage and Organic Matter Quality on Sorghum Nutrient and Water Use Efficiency under Semi-Arid West Africa Ouedraogo Elisee Symposium 3.3.1
Effect of tillage systems on soil aggregation and hydraulic properties in SW Spain Lopez-Garrido Rosa Symposium 2.2.1
Effect of tree belt plantings on nematode communities in pastoral farming systems Fyfe Christine Symposium 1.2.2
Effect of Water Management on Zinc Concentration in Rice Grains Nemeno Genevive Working Group 3.5
Effect of Water Management, Tillage options and Phosphorus Rates on Rice in an Arsenic-Soil-Water System Talukder ASM HM Symposium 2.4.2
Effect of Wetting and Drying on Structural Regeneration of Puddled Soil Bakti Lalu Arifin Aria Working Group 3.5
Effectiveness of borax and colemanite as boron sources for rice grown in flooded acidic soil Saleem Muhammad Congress Symposium 5
Effectiveness of Lime Particle Size in the Neutralisation of Sulfidic Acid Sulfate Soil Materials Watling Kym Working Group 3.1
Effectiveness of Water and Nutrient BMPs to Meet Regulatory Requirements for Commercial Strawberry Production in Florida, USA Stanley Craig Symposium 3.2.2
Effects of a urease inhibitor NBPT on the growth and quality of rape Chuan Limin Symposium 4.1.2
Effects of an alternative water source and combined agronomic practices on soil salinity and irrigated cotton in coastal saline soils Wang Xiaobin Working Group 3.4
Effects of arsenic and its interaction with phosphorus on yield and arsenic accumulation in rice Islam Md. Rafiqul Symposium 3.5.1
Effects of Australian rice farming systems on soil organic carbon concentrations Gill Harnam Division Symposium 3.2
Effects of balanced fertilization on bamboo's quality Guo Xiaomin Working Group 3.2
Effects of biosolids on P sorption and phosphorus buffer capacity Davis Jean Symposium 2.2.2
Effects of brewery wastewater irrigation on Antofagasta soils Miranda Naldy Symposium 3.2.2
Effects of chemical amendment on heavy metal leachability and bioavailability of an acidic mine water-contaminated soil and growth of a vegetable Lin Chuxia Symposium 3.5.1
Effects of chloride and sulfate salinity on nutrient uptake in Iranian rice (Oryza sativa L.) Momayezi Mohammad Reza Working Group 3.4
Effects of clay microstructure and compost quality on chlordecone retention in volcanic tropical soils: consequences on pesticide lability and plant contamination Fernandes Paula Symposium 2.5.2
Effects of compost and lime amendment on soil acidity and N availability in acid sulfate soil Guong Vo Thi Working Group 3.1
Effects of compost application on remediation and the growth of maize planted on lead contaminated soil Adejumo Sifau A. Symposium 3.5.1
Effects of cultivation on phosphorus exports from irrigated pastures Nash David Division Symposium 3.2
Effects of Different Fertilizers on Soil-borne DDTs Dynamics and Its Impacts on DDTs Uptake by Ipomoea aquatica Li Huashou Symposium 2.2.2
Effects of Different Management Types on Soil Nutrients and Microbial Biomass of Moso Bamboo Forest Gou Xiaomin Symposium 3.3.1
Effects of different organic fertilizers on soil microbial biomass and peanut yield Lin XJ Division Symposium 3.2
Effects of ecological succession on chemical characteristics of humic and fulvic acids in a Japanese volcanic ash soil Iimura Yasuo Working Group 3.2
Effects of elevated CO2 and O3 on soil amino sugar from wheat straw decomposition in a meadow brown soil of Northeast China Lu Caiyan Symposium 4.2.2
Effects of High Boron Concentration on Boron Uptake and Growth of Pistachio Seedlings Kord Mojtaba Symposium 3.3.1
Effects of Ionic Strength and Temperature on Adsorption of Atrazine, Deethylatrazine and Deisopropyatrazine in an Alkaline Sandy Loam Mao Meng Symposium 2.2.2
Effects of Irrigation and Nitrogen Management on Potato Tuber Yield, N Recovery and N Leaching Fan Yandi Symposium 3.3.1
Effects of landuse types at different slopes on soil erodibility factor (A case study from Amol area, north of Iran) Shabani Farzin Division Symposium 2.2
Effects of legumes on arbuscular mycorrhizal colonisation and phosphorus uptake by the following wheat Hasbullah Hasbullah Symposium 2.3.1
Effects of long-term different fertilization on yield stability of maize Ma Qiang Symposium 3.1.2
Effects of long-term inputs of fertiliser and irrigation on soil carbon under grazed pasture Condron Leo Congress Symposium 7
Effects of nitrogen addition on fluxes and concentrations of dissolved organic matter and inorganic nitrogen under a temperate old-growth forest in northeast China Xingkai Xu Working Group 3.2
Effects of P application method on P utilization in an upland soil: 12-year field micro-plot trials Zhao Muqiu Division Symposium 3.2
Effects of parent material and land use on soil phosphorus forms in Southern Belgium Renneson Malorie Symposium 4.3.1
Effects of pH and Cadmium on Tetracycline Sorption to Soils Zhang Guixiang Symposium 2.2.2
Effects of phosphorus addition on N2O emission in an Acacia mangium plantation with and without root exclusion Mori Taiki Congress Symposium 4
Effects of plantation forest species on soil properties Chirino Ivan Working Group 3.2
Effects of polyphenolic rich biomaterials on transformation of nitrogen in soils Ghani Anwar Symposium 2.2.2
Effects of rice species, germanium application method and soil texture on germanium uptake and growth of rice plants with germanium Park Jong-Hwan Symposium 3.1.2
Effects of rolling operations on cover crops termination, soil moisture, and soil strength in a Southeastern US no-till system Kornecki Ted Symposium 3.1.2
Effects of rotation and fertilization on Chernozem soils of Moldova Boincean Boris Division Symposium 3.2
Effects of soil management on changes of soil carbon content in alluvial paddy soil in Niigata Honma Toshimitsu Symposium 3.1.2
Effects of soil slaking and sealing on infiltration - experiments and model approach Schmidt Juergen Symposium 2.1.2
Effects of soil sodicity on the germination, growth and productivity of Soybean (Glycine max) Gill Harnam Symposium 3.1.2
Effects of stock type on soil physical properties and losses of phosphorus and suspended sediment in surface runoff Curran-Cournane Fiona Symposium 3.1.2
Effects of tea genotype and slope position on soil soluble organic nitrogen pools Xing Shi-He Symposium 2.2.2
Effects of tubificid worms on soil properties in ricefields with organic farming Ito Toyoaki Symposium 2.2.2
Effects of water management on Cd and As content in rice grain Arao Tomohito Symposium 3.5.1
Effects on microbial communities of long-term application of organic matter and conversion to upland condition of paddy field: Estimation by eDNA analysis Ishikawa Hiroki Working Group 3.5
Effects on soil chemical properties in Swedish arable soils of different lime products Mattsson Lennart Symposium 3.1.2
Efficiency of Water Use for Sorghum, Beans, and Sesame Affected by Ground Water Table Shim Jae Sig Symposium 3.2.2
E-learning for improving soil use and management in Andalusia, Spain Pedrera Ana Symposium 4.4.1
Eleavated CO2 and nitrogen effects on dissolved organic carbon of two calcareous and non calcareous soils Lakzian Amir Symposium 2.2.2
Electrical Conductivity and Nitrate Concentrations in an Andisol Field using Time Domain Reflectometry Miyamoto Teruhito Symposium 2.1.1
Electromagnetic Imaging of Prior Stream Channels using a DUALEM-421 and Inversion Bruzgulis Kira Working Group 1.5
Elucidating soil structural associations of organic material with nano-scale secondary ion mass spectrometry (NanoSIMS) Kogel-Knabner Ingrid Working Group 1.2
Elution Patterns and Distribution of Salts by Flooding Conditions in Newly Reclaimed Saemangum Tidal Soil Amended with Porous Media Ryu Jin Symposium 2.1.2
Emission of N2O from nitrogen-saturated, sub-tropical forest ecosystems in south China Mulder Jan Congress Symposium 4
Emissions of CO2 and N2O from volcanic soil under different crop management using closed non-fixed chambers Paulino Leandro Symposium 4.2.2
Energy relationships between constant charge soils and cations Li Cheng-Bao Symposium 2.5.2
Enhanced efficiency fertilizers Singh Upendra Symposium 4.2.1
Enhanced greenhouse-gases emissions in an irrigated rice paddy fertilized with biofiltration leachate Han Gwang Hyun Congress Symposium 4
Enhancement of Cd solubility and bioavailability induced by straw incorporation in a Cd-polluted rice soil Shan Yuhua Symposium 2.5.2
Enhancing Farmers Knowledge on Soil and Crop Nutrient Management for Vegetable Production in Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines Lapoot Carmelito Symposium 3.3.1
Enhancing the ecological infrastructure of soils Bristow Keith L. Symposium 4.1.1
Enhancing the solubility of insoluble phosphorous compounds by phosphate solubilising bacteria Park Jinhee Symposium 2.4.1
ENSA - European network on soil awareness Broll Gabriele Symposium 4.4.1
Environmental monitoring in heterogeneous soil-landscapes; A Dutch case study Sonneveld Marthijn P. W. Symposium 3.1.2
Enzymatic activities in the rhizosphere of different plants at a glacier forefield Welc Monika Symposium 2.3.1
Enzyme activity and adaptation in dry soil Schimel Joshua Symposium 2.5.1
Enzyme activity in a sinkhole undergoing forage renovation El-Naggar Essam Congress Symposium 2
Erosion processes on intensively farmed land in the Czech Republic: comparison of alternative research methods Sarapatka Borivoj Symposium 1.5.1
ESP fly ash application effects on plant biomass and bioconcentration of micronutrients in nursery seedlings of Populus deltoides Jala Sudha Symposium 4.1.2
Estimating hysteretic soil-water retention curves in hydrophobic soil by a mini tensiometer-TDR coil probe Karunarathna Anurudda Symposium 2.1.1
Estimating N contribution from organic fertilizers and cover crop residues using online Calculators Sullivan Dan Division Symposium 3.2
Estimating soil water retention in soil aggregates using an 'additivity' model for combining structural and textural pore spaces Zeiliguer Anatoly Working Group 1.2
Estimating soil water retention of soil aggregate samples using the 'additivity' model for combination of intra- and into-aggregate pore spaces Zeiliguer Anatoly Working Group 1.2
Estimating the carbon benefits of sustainable land management projects: the carbon benefits project component A Milne Eleanor Congress Symposium 4
Estimating the carbon sequestration potential of agricultural soil reforested with directly seeded native vegetation belts around Canberra, Southern Tablelands, NSW Read Zoe Working Group 4.1
Estimating Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity from Air Permeability Neyshabouri Mahammad Reza Symposium 2.1.1
Estimation of annual soil respiration rate in a larch forest in Central Siberia Morishita Tomoaki Working Group 3.2
Estimation of crop losses associated with soil water repellencyin horticultural crops McMillan Mica Symposium 2.1.1
Etrace Express: software for risk analysis of trace elements in inorganic fertilizers post application Marchi Giuliano Symposium 3.5.2
Evaluating the amount of carbonic green house gasses (GHGes) emission from rice paddies Esmizade Salede Symposium 1.1.1
Evaluating the effects of land management systems on soil characteristics: some confounding problems in experimental design Field John Symposium 1.5.1
Evaluating the Scale Dependency of Measured Hydraulic Conductivity Using Double-ring Infiltrometers and Numerical Simulation Ren Li Symposium 2.1.1
Evaluation and estimation of soil erodibility by different techniques and their relationships Singh Manmohan Jit Symposium 3.2.1
Evaluation and importance of soil functions in cities considering infiltration and climatic regulation Lehmann Andreas Symposium 3.1.1
Evaluation of agricultural soil properties and organic material management in urban areas, Osaka Prefecture in Japan Sano Shuji Symposium 3.1.2
Evaluation of conservation tillage by means of physical soil quality indicators Vermang Jan Symposium 2.1.1
Evaluation of constructed wetlands for treating hydroponic waste solution containing high nitrate from greenhouses in South Korea Seo Dong-Cheol Symposium 3.4.2
Evaluation of Crop Biomass and Water Use Efficiency for Feed barnyard grass, Feed corn, and Coix Affected by Ground Water Table Lee Jung Hwan Symposium 3.2.2
Evaluation of growth of parica(Schizolobium amazonicum Huber (Duck)) in differents agroforestry systems in northeast of Para, Brazil Ruivo Lourdes Working Group 3.2
Evaluation of Nitrogen Availability from Raw and Treated Dairy Manures Oral or Poster presentation Laboski Carrie Symposium 2.2.2
Evaluation of phosphorus forms in an organo-phosphate fertilizer Silverol Aline Symposium 3.3.1
Evaluation of rapid buffer methods to estimate pH buffer capacity in highly weathered soils of south west of Western Australia Wong Mike Symposium 3.1.1
Evaluation of Rice Genotypes for Zinc Efficiency under Acidic Flooded Condition Babar Hafeez Division Symposium 3.2
Evaluation of soil extractants on sandy soils with high Calcium concentrations in southern Florida Morgan Kelly Symposium 3.3.1
Evaluation of soil natural capital in two soilscapes Hewitt Allan Symposium 4.1.1
Evaluation of sulphur enhanced fertilizers in a soybean-wheat rotation grown in a Brazilian Cerrado Oxisol De Deus Gomes Dos Santos Junior Joao Division Symposium 3.2
Evaluation of surface soil condition in Tasmania, Australia Cotching William Symposium 3.1.1
Evidence of soil microbial population acclimatisation to long-term application of winery wastewater Mosse Kim P. Symposium 4.1.2
Evidence-based nutrient management strategy in identifying fertility status and soil constraints for vegetable production in Southern Philippines Tulin Anabella Symposium 3.3.1
Evolution of European Union policies relevant to soil conservation in agriculture Louwagie Geertrui Congress Symposium 3
EXAFS analysis of Pb speciation in bullet-contaminated range soils Lewis Jeff Symposium 3.5.1
Examining phosphorus contributions from alluvial soils � a comparison of three Vermont, U.S.A. River corridors Alves Caroline Symposium 4.1.2
Experiments and Modeling of Electron-Transfer of DIRB Kubicki James Symposium 2.2.1
Exploration of global soil resources using Google Earth Reich Paul Symposium 4.4.1
Extraction of cyanide from soil using alkaline phosphate solutions Choi Young Woo Division Symposium 4.2


Factors influencing nitrate retention in 3 Andisol profiles in Kyushu, Japan Kubotera Hideo Symposium 2.4.2
Factors Influencing the Availability of Copper in Australian Vineyard Soils Wightwick Adam Symposium 2.5.2
Farming Soil Carbon Calculator (FSCC) - Estimation of Soil Carbon by Improved Land Management in Central West NSW Gardiner Timothy Working Group 4.1
Farmland protection maps for the northern rivers of North Eastern NSW, Australia-an application of soil landscape information Morand David Symposium 4.1.1
Fate of nanoparticulate zinc oxide fertilisers in soil: Solubility, diffusion and solid phase speciation Milani Narges Symposium 3.3.1
Fe(III) Reduction in Soils from South China Liu Chengshuai Symposium 2.4.2
Ferrihydrite enhances phenanthrene sorption to artificial soils Pronk Geertje Symposium 2.2.1
Ferruginous paleosols around the K/T boundary in central-southern Sardinia(Italy): Their potential as pedostratigraphic marker Vacca Andrea Symposium 1.1.1
Fertiliser nitrogen requirements reduce as soil organic matter accumulates following modification of podzolised soils in New Zealand Horrocks Abie Division Symposium 3.2
Fertility Status of Soils Developed on an Inactive Mine Tailings Deposition Area in Papua Taberima Sartji Working Group 3.3
Fertilizer best management practices in the dryland Mediterranean area - concepts and perspectives Ryan John Division Symposium 3.2
Field day: a case study examining scientists� oral performance skills Jabro Ann D. Symposium 4.4.1
Field evaluation of selected yam (Dioscorea alata) accessions in acid soils and saline-prone areas Perlas Fe B. Division Symposium 2.2
Field measurement of root density and soil organic carbon content using soil spectral reflectance Hedley Mike Working Group 1.5
Field-scale assessment of phytoremediation at a former oil tank battery in Bruderheim, Alberta Germida James Symposium 3.5.2
Field-scale Bromide Transport as a Function of Rainfall Amount, Intensity and Application Time Delay Wendroth Ole Symposium 2.1.1
Finding a way through the maze - WRB classification with descriptive soil data Eberhardt Einar Working Group 1.1
Floristic, Microclimatic, Pedological and Geomorphological Features of the Balinovac Doline on North Velebit (Croatia) Vrbek Mirjana Symposium 1.2.2
Flow hydraulic characteristics and interrill erosion susceptibility of natural and constructed Soils from Candiota coal mining Area, RS, Brazil Franco Andrea Machado Pereira Symposium 3.4.2
Flux of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide across scales of two tillage systems in a California agricultural system Rolston Dennis Congress Symposium 4
Forage Production for Smallholder Farmers in the Semi-Arid Region of Brazil Guedes Rosa Symposium 3.3.1
Forest hydrology research with lysimeter in the northeast German lowlands - special methods and results for the forest management Muller Jurgen Symposium 3.2.2
Form of nitrogen leaching from dairy cow urine and effectiveness of dicyandiamide: not all soils are equal Shepherd Mark Symposium 3.2.2
Formation of biogeochemical interfaces in soils as controlled by mineral and organic components Kogel-Knabner Ingrid Symposium 2.2.1
Formation of clay pans in south-west Queensland, Australia Williams Kristie Symposium 2.2.1
Formation of iron plaques and vivianite on the roots of paddy rice Nanzyo Masami Symposium 2.2.1
Formation of soil geochemical anomalies by plant uptake of trace elements Rate Andrew Symposium 2.2.1
Formation of volcanic ash soils in the Matese Mountains of southern Italy Sellitto Vincenzo Michele Symposium 1.3.1
Forms and characteristics of insoluble Fe-humic substances used for Fe nutrition of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Colombo Claudio Symposium 2.2.1
Forms of energy involved in soil formation Blum Winfried Symposium 1.3.1
Forms of soil acidity and the distribution of DTPA-extractable micronutrients in some soils of West Bengal (India) Pati Rajib Division Symposium 3.1
Fractionation and distribution of zinc in soils of biologically and conventionally managed farming systems, Western Australia Regmi Basu Dev Symposium 3.1.2
From Atom to Pedon: Linking Processes to Phenomena and Function Totsche Kai Uwe Symposium 2.2.1
From Gene to Model -- Linking Microorganisms to Microhabitat Functions Kandeler Ellen Symposium 2.2.1
From innovation to adaptation: A 30-year SEE lesson from the evolution of saline-alkali soil management in Manasi River watershed, China Xiong You-Cai Congress Symposium 2
From source to sink � A national initiative for biochar research Krull Evelyn S. Congress Symposium 7
Functional characterization of soil structure field descriptions Bouma Johan Working Group 1.2
Functional Proteome Analysis of wheat: Systematic Classification of Abiotic Stress-Responsive Proteins Mostafa Kamal Abu Hena Symposium 2.3.2


Gardening on Brownfields Sites: Evaluating Trace Element Transfer from Soil to Plants and Their Transformations in Soils Hettiarachchi Ganga Division Symposium 4.2
Gas emissions from the interaction of iron, sulfur and nitrogen cycles in acid sulfate soils Macdonald Ben Congress Symposium 4
Gaseous composition of smoke samples obtained at a tropical peatland fire Hamada Yohei Congress Symposium 4
Gene expression and proteomics in soil Paolo Nannipieri Symposium 2.3.2
Generalized linear models and multivariate analysis applied to predict soil spatial distribution in south Brazil Dalmolin Ricardo Working Group 1.3
Genesis and composition of paleosols and calcretes in a plio-pleistocene delta fan of the Costa Blanca (SE Spain) Wagner Stephen Division Symposium 1.2
Genesis of calcic concentrations in Arguidolls of the Argentinian pampa Kuznetsova Alsu Symposium 1.6.2
Genesis of ferruginous concretions in a ferric soil and implications for past and present iron mobility Lohr Stefan Symposium 1.3.1
Genesis of the quartz in Spanish Mediterranean soils. An advance Marquez Rocio Symposium 2.4.1
Genetic analysis of active N2O-emitting bacteria from tropical peat soils for their nitrous oxide reductase gene Hashidoko Yasuyuki Congress Symposium 4
Genotypic variation in micronutrient and cadmium concentrations in grains of 35 upland rice cultivars Moraes Milton F. Symposium 3.3.2
Geochemical approach for toxic metal leaching and migration from defunct mining site Hara Junko Symposium 2.4.2
Geochemical mass-balance in intensely weathered soils, Darling Range, Western Australia Du Xin Symposium 1.3.1
Geochemical processes in Latosols on the geomorphic surfaces from Brazilian Central Plateau Reatto Adriana Symposium 1.3.1
Geochemical regional surveys: comparative analysis of data from soils and stream sediments Pereira Virginia Division Symposium 2.2
Geochemical translocation of trace metals in iron-manganese cutan and matrix of subtropical soils in China Huang Li Symposium 1.3.1
Geochemistry and contents of trace metals in the soils and sediments of Daliao River System watershed, China He Mengchang Symposium 3.5.1
Geochemistry and mineralogy of volcanic soils from Ocean Fogo island (Cape Verde) Marques Rosa Symposium 2.2.1
Geochemistry of artifactual coarse fragment types from selected New York City soils Shaw Richard K Working Group 3.3
Geochemistry, mineralogy and micropaleontoly of a pedogenic calcrete profile (Slimene, NE Tunisia) Prudencio Maria Isabel Symposium 2.2.1
Geographic relevance of Late Pleistocene and Middle Holocene aeolian deposits in Central Tuscany (Italy) Priori Simone Symposium 1.6.1
Geomorphic controls of biological soil crust distribution, Mojave Desert (USA) Williams Amanda Symposium 1.6.1
Getting the soil pH profile right helps with weed control and sustainability Gazey Chris Symposium 4.1.2
Glacial dust in soils of Pennsylvania, USA: Evidence for an aeolian influence on fragipan formation Lindeburg Katherine Symposium 1.6.1
Global estimations of the inventory and mitigation potential of methane emissions from rice cultivation conducted using the 2006IPCC Guidelines Yan Xiaoyuan Symposium 1.1.1
Global Warming induced Sea Level Rise on Soil, Land and Crop Production Loss in Bangladesh Hossain Md. Altaf Working Group 3.4
GlobalSoilMap.net - from planning, development and proof of concept to full-scale production mapping MacMillan Bob Congress Symposium 1
GlobalSoilMap.net: Canada-United States digital soil mapping case Hempel Jon Congress Symposium 1
Glomalin-related soil protein on soil aggregate stability from Northern Thailand; along with cultivated area to secondary forest Aumtong Suphathida Symposium 2.5.1
Glucose Effects on Denitrifier Abundance, Denitrification Gene mRNA Levels, and Denitrification Activity in an Anoxic Soil Microcosm Henderson Sherri Symposium 2.3.2
Gold phytomining in arid and semiarid soils Wilson-Corral Victor Symposium 3.5.2
Grazing and GHG fluxes in steppe environments � how grazing reduces N2O emissions and CH4 uptake Butterbach-Bahl Klaus Congress Symposium 4
Green, blue and grey waters: Minimising the footprint using soil physics Clothier Brent Symposium 2.1.1
Greenhouse gas budget for terrestrial ecosystems in China Cai Zucong Congress Symposium 4
Greenhouse gas emissions from intensive pasture on ferrosol in Northern NSW, Australia: Impact of biochar amendment Scheer Clemens Congress Symposium 4
Greenhouse gas emissions from soils under sugarcane for ethanol production in Brazil Cerri Carlos Eduardo P. Congress Symposium 4
Greenwaste biochar potentially reduces nitrogen fertiliser losses Eldridge Simon Division Symposium 3.2
Greywacke weathering under tropical climate: Chemical and mineralogical changes (examplefromcentral-Brazil) Guimaraes Edi Mendes Symposium 1.1.1
Gross soil modification of duplex soils through delving and spading Bailey Glenn Division Symposium 2.2
Growing sugarcane for bioenergy � effects on the soil Hartemink Alfred Symposium 4.2.1
Growth indices of eleven sugarcane varieties grown under full irrigation environments in Brazil Freire Fernando Jose Symposium 4.2.1
Growth of Tongkat Ali On Sandy Beach Ridges Soil In Malaysia Kadir Wan Rasidah Division Symposium 3.2
Growth, P uptake in grain legumes and changes in soil P pools in the rhizosphere Mat Hassan Hasnuri Symposium 3.3.1
Guidelines for constructing small-scale map legends using the World Reference Base for Soil Resources Spaargaren Otto Working Group 1.1
Gully erosion stabilization in a highly erodible Kandiustalf soil Abdo Maria Teresa Vilela Nogueira Symposium 4.1.2
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