19th WCSS Brisbane - Title O-T


Occurrence and environmental significance of sideronatrite and other mineral precipitates in Acid Sulfate Soils Fitzpatrick Rob Symposium 2.4.1
On local changes of temperature regime of the soil-atmosphere system around Caspian Sea in 20 Century Gerayzade Akif Symposium 1.1.1
On the origin of Planosols - the process of ferrolysis revisited Van Ranst Eric Working Group 1.1
Optimal Nitrogen Fertilization Timing for Upland Rice Fageria Nand Division Symposium 3.2
Optimal spatial scale determining the response of soil organic carbon to climate change using soil database of China Shi Xue-zheng Symposium 1.2.1
Optimisation of nutrient transport processes by plants -boron transport as an example Fujiwara Toru Symposium 3.3.2
Optimizing the experimental design of unsaturated soil columns Lewis Jeff Symposium 3.2.2
Optimizing water and nitrogen management for irrigated maize in desert oases in Northwestern China Hu Kelin Symposium 3.1.2
Optimizing Water Use with High-Transpiration-Efficiency Plants Prasanna Ayyaru Thevar Symposium 2.1.1
Organic Amendments in Horticultural Production Barbazan Monica Symposium 2.2.2
Organic carbon in topsoil from arable land and grazing land of Europe Ernstsen Vibeke Symposium 4.1.2
Organic carbon transformation along a salinity gradient in Louisiana wetland soils Wang Jim Division Symposium 2.1
Origin and Chronosequence of Paddy Soils in China Cao Zhihong Working Group 3.5
Ornithogenic Cryosols from Ardley Island, Maritime Antarctica Michel Roberto Symposium 1.1.1
Orphans in soil classification: Musing on Palaeosols in the World Reference Base system Vancampenhout Karen Maria Lennert Working Group 1.1
Overview on Se use in soils of Sao Paulo state and its application to signal-grass Faria Leticia de Abreu Congress Symposium 5


P for two - intercropping as a means to better exploit soil P resources under low imput conditions Betencourt Elodie Symposium 3.3.1
Palm oil compost reduces aluminum toxicity thereby increases phosphate fertilizer use efficiency in Ultisols Budianta Dedik Symposium 3.3.1
Paper industry residues can be utilized to improve quality of a Humic Cambisol Albuquerque Jackson Symposium 3.1.2
Participatory action by the community in sustainable land use management for agricultural systems on the Ban Eang watershed Saluang sub district Maeteang district, Chiang Mai province, Thailand Chaiwong Chackapong Congress Symposium 3
Participatory and demand-driven land evaluation: an on-going experience in Lontras, Santa Catarina, Brazil Bacic Ivan Luiz Zilli Symposium 3.1.1
Partitioning of manufactured Ag and CeO2 nanoparticles in relation to soil properties Cornelis Geert Symposium 3.5.2
Pasture fertilisation with sulfur enhanced fertilizer Flavel Richard Division Symposium 3.2
Pattern and behaviour of gully erosion in Shiwaliks of lower Himalayas Singh Manmohan Jit Symposium 3.2.1
PCR-DGGE analysis after Bioleaching Stimulation by Indigenous Microorganisms in Vineyards Soil and Copper Mining Waste Andreazza Robson Symposium 2.3.1
Peak phosphorus � Implications for soil productivity and global food security Craswell Eric Symposium 4.2.1
Peatlands, carbon, and climate: the role of drought, fire, and changing permafrost in northern feedbacks in climate change Turetsky Merritt Division Symposium 2.1
Pedogenesis in a fluvial terrace chronosequence in the Pacific Northwest, USA Lindeburg Katherine Symposium 1.3.1
Pedogenesis of Gypsum Soils from Gypseous Materials Hudnall Wayne Symposium 1.3.1
Pedogenic chromium and nickel fractionation in subtropical serpentine soils Hseu Zeng-Yei Symposium 1.3.1
Pedo-geomorphic response to Late Glacial/Holocene climate fluctuations and human impact: a case study of combined micromorphology and luminescence dating Kuehn Peter Symposium 1.3.2
Pedometrics applications for correlation of Hungarian soil types with WRB Lang Vince Working Group 1.1
Perceptions of grain growers towards their soils in the high rainfall zone of Southern Australia Clough Angela Symposium 4.2.1
Performance of Systematic Approach to Nutrient Management to Improve Maize Productivity in Tamil Nadu, India Talatam Satyanarayana Division Symposium 3.2
Permanent raised bed configurations and renovation methods affect crop performance Akbar Ghani Symposium 3.1.2
pH dependent charge and phosphate sorption by Thai Kandiudox Wisawapipat Worachart Symposium 2.4.2
pH, phosphorus and C:P dominantly control over the community structure of bacteria, fungi, archaea and nitrogen cycling associated microbes in arable chernozem Fan Fenliang Symposium 2.3.2
Phenolic compounds in NaOH extracts of UK soils and their contribution to antioxidant capacity Rimmer David Symposium 2.2.1
Phosphate Dissolution Caused by Bioreduction of Poorly Crystalline Al(III)/Fe(III) Hydroxide Coprecipiteted Minerals Liu Yu-Ting Symposium 2.2.1
Phosphate sorption to organic matter/ferrihydrite systems as affected by aging time Kizewski Fiona R. Symposium 2.4.1
Phosphorus accumulation in soils in rice-rice cropping systems with chemical fertilizer application: modeling and validation Li Jumei Symposium 3.3.1
Phosphorus acquisition characteristics of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) plant: a review Wang Xiaojuan Symposium 2.3.1
Phosphorus ameliorates aluminium toxicity of Al-sensitive wheat seedlings Iqbal Toufiq Symposium 2.3.1
Phosphorus availability and plant production in a Ferralsol from South Brazil Pavinato Paulo Division Symposium 3.2
Phosphorus behaviour in sediments from a small agricultural watershed under oxic and anoxic conditions Rheinheimer Dos Santos Danilo Symposium 3.2.1
Phosphorus distribution in fire managed grassland soils Gale Paula M. Symposium 3.1.2
Phosphorus export in runoff from a dairy pasture, laneway and watering trough Lucci Gina M. Symposium 4.1.2
Phosphorus fertilization impacts on maize yield and nutritional status with emphasis on P and Zn in leaves and grain Kovacevic Vlado Symposium 3.1.2
Phosphorus inflow into agricultural and urban soil: the perspective from food production and consumption in China Li Gui-lin Symposium 4.1.2
Phosphorus persistence in runoff from an Ultisol amended with dairy manure sludge Sotomayor David Symposium 3.2.1
Phosphorus supplying potential of European soils Hartikainen Helina Symposium 3.1.1
Phosphorus transport through surface runoff and sub-surface drainage from regular free drainage and controlled drainage with sub-irrigation systems in corn and soybean production Tan Chin Symposium 3.2.1
Physical and chemical manipulation of urea fertiliser for reducing the emission of gaseous nitrogen species Khalil Mohammad Ibrahim Congress Symposium 4
Physical straining of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts through saturated soils Peng Xinhua Symposium 3.2.2
Physical, Chemical, and Morphological characteristics of forest Soils in the Keroudkenar Region of Northern Iran Ahmadi Tofigh Symposium 1.4.2
Phytoextraction of phosphorus from Australian dairy pasture soils to reduce environmental loss Coad Jessica Division Symposium 3.2
Phytomass partition of sunflower silage, under boron and calcium fertilization Martin Thomas Division Symposium 3.2
Phytoremediation of arsenic contaminated soil and water Santiago Mahimairaja Symposium 3.5.1
Phytotoxicity Assay of Selected Plants to Pyrene Contaminated Soil Ghanem Alaa Symposium 2.5.2
Pig slurry as organic fertiliser: a cooperative project Gomez Melisa Symposium 3.5.2
Pine Seedlings Development Under Sources And Rates Of Phosphate Fertilization Pavinato Paulo Division Symposium 3.2
Planning the forest roads in reforestation - cases in south Brazil Camargo Correa Carla Maria Working Group 3.2
Plant availability of arsenic and cadmium as influenced by biochar application to soil Namgay Tshewang Symposium 2.5.2
Plant available water capacity of dryland cropping soils in the south-eastern Australia Rab Abdur Symposium 2.1.1
Plant Contribution to the Nitrogen Budget under Irrigation in the Cukurova Region of Southern Turkey Ibrikci Hayriye Symposium 3.3.1
Plant growth promontory attributes by 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate (ACC) deaminase producing Methylobacterium oryzae strains isolated from rice Yim Woo Jong Symposium 2.3.1
Plant type differently promotes the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi biodiversity in their rhizospheres after revegetation of a degraded, semiarid land Alguacil M. Mar Symposium 2.3.1
PLFA and Enzyme Activities to assess the Impact of Shrub Canopy and Residue Type on Microbial Community during shrub decomposition in semi-arid Senegal Diedhiou Sire Symposium 2.3.1
Pore rigidity in structured soils - only a theoretical boundary condition for hydraulic properties? Horn Rainer Symposium 2.1.2
Possible toxicity of aluminium-humus complexes in Andosols Yamada Kohei Symposium 2.5.2
Potassium extracting power, a key factor determine the efficiency of the sodium tetraphenlylboron method to evaluate soil K availability to plant Wang Huo-Yan Symposium 3.3.1
Potassium fixation in soils of the Lodi wine grape region of central California Pettygrove Stuart Symposium 3.3.1
Potato Response to Tillage and Nitrogen Management Alva Ashok Division Symposium 3.2
Potential Availability of Fertiliser Selenium in Soils during Flooding and Subsequent Aeration Premarathna Herath Symposium 2.5.2
Potential carbon sequestration of Lombardy soils (Italy) Brenna Stefano Symposium 1.5.1
Potential change of soil carbon in Australian agro-ecosystems as affected by conservation management: data synthesis and modelling Wang Enli Working Group 4.1
Potential contribution by corn and Bollgard II cotton roots to soil carbon stocks in a furrow-irrigated Vertisol Hulugalle Nilantha Symposium 3.1.2
Potential effects of different land uses on phosphorous loss over the slope in Hungary Centeri Csaba Symposium 1.5.1
Potential of Quesungual agroforestry system as a land use management strategy to generate multiple ecosystem services from sub-humid tropical hillsides Rivera Mariela Symposium 4.3.1
Potential use of MuS1 transgenic tobacco for phytoremediation of the soils contaminated with Cd Kim Kye-Hoon Symposium 3.5.1
Precision agriculture: challenges and opportunities in a flat world Khosla Raj Division Symposium 3.1
Precision nitrogen fertilizer management of maize and cotton using crop sensors Scharf Peter Division Symposium 3.1
Predicting the relative bioavailability of arsenic, cadmium and lead via the incidental soil ingestion pathway using in vitro techniques Juhasz Albert Symposium 2.5.2
Prediction of cadmium removal from highly contaminated soils by phytoextraction with different switchgrass cultivars Juang Kai-Wei Symposium 3.5.1
Prediction of soil moisture retention properties using proximal sensor tools Robinson Nathan Working Group 1.5
Prediction of wheat response to an application of phosphorus under field conditions using diffusive gradients in thin-films (DGT) and extraction methods Mason Sean Symposium 3.3.1
Predictive soil mapping as a means to aggregate and improve existing soil databases using classification trees and knowledge integration Willer Jan Working Group 1.3
Predictive value of resin extraction to determine sulfur and phosphorus response of maize in a range of soils from the New England Tablelands of NSW, Australia Guppy Christopher Division Symposium 3.2
Preliminary Study on Phosphate Solubilization and K-releasing Abilities of Rhizobium tropici Martinez-Romero et al. Strains from Woody Legumes Jiao Ruzhen Symposium 2.3.1
Preparing a Soil Organic Carbon Inventory for the United States using Soil Surveys and Site Measurements: Why carbon stocks at depth are important Olson Carolyn Symposium 1.2.2
Preparing professional pedologists through field practicums and career experience Thompson James A. Congress Symposium 8
Present use and physical properties relationships in soils under mediterranean semiarid conditions Ortiz Silla Roque Symposium 4.1.2
Problematic WRB classification of the so called "erubaz" soil, a volcanic soil type of Central Europe, Hungary Madarasz Balazs Symposium 1.4.2
Problem-based learning and e-learning approach to teaching introductory soil science course Soaud Abdou A. Symposium 4.4.2
Problems of degradation of Soils of dry Subtropics of Southern Caucasus Babayev Magerram Symposium 1.3.2
Processes of P Mobility from Fitzgerald River Catchment Following Application of Different P Rates Sharma Rajesh Symposium 3.2.1
Producing biochars for New Zealand soils Camps Arbestain Marta Symposium 2.2.2
Producing the thinking soil scientist Field Damien Congress Symposium 8
Profile distribution of soil organic carbon under different land use type in Sanjing Plain Chi Guangyu Symposium 2.2.2
Progress towards sustainability � a consensual delusion or viable process? McDonald Declan Symposium 4.2.1


Quantification of lessivage and impact of extreme climatic events on this process: an experimental approach Quenard Laurence Symposium 1.3.1
Quantification of some soil properties as affected by land use, and its implication for vegetable farm systems Alliaume Florencia Symposium 3.1.2
Quantified soil dynamics and spatial fragmentation within the shifting agricultural landscape in southern Cameroon Yemefack Martin Working Group 3.2
Quantifying heavy metal inputs from organic and inorganic material additions to agricultural soils in England and Wales Nicholson Fiona Symposium 2.2.2
Quantifying microstructural stability of South-Brazilian Soils by the application of rheological techniques and zeta potential measurements Markgraf Wibke Symposium 2.4.1
Quantifying N2O and CO2 emissions from a subtropical pasture Rowlings David Congress Symposium 4
Quantifying retained acidity in acid sulfate soil materials: an evaluation of routine methods Vithana Chamindra Working Group 3.1
Quantifying the relative contribution of hillslope and channel erosion in water reservoir catchments of subtropical South East Queensland, Australia Burton Joanne Symposium 4.1.2
Quantifying the soil- and ecosystem-rejuvenating effects of loess in a high leaching environment, West Coast, New Zealand Eger Andre Symposium 1.6.1
Quantifying the uncertainty in digital soil class maps developed using model-based approaches Nelson Michael Working Group 1.3
Quantitative and qualitative responses of rice genotypes (Oryza Sativa) to salinity levels of drained water Karami Alidad Working Group 3.5
Quantity and fate of root derived soil carbon produced after a growing season of canola, lentil, pea and wheat in Canadian prairies Comeau Louis-Pierre Congress Symposium 4


Raised beds in South West Victoria: Pore structure dynamics deliver increased plant available water in sub-optimal rainfall years Peries Renick Symposium 2.1.1
Rapid estimation of soil water retention functions Fisher Peter Symposium 2.1.1
Rates and variability of hillslope erosion in steepland catchments in the Oregon Coast Range, Pacific Northwest, USA Almond Peter Division Symposium 1.2
Ratios and ranges of soil-forming factors influence on pedogenesis Gennadiyev Alexander Symposium 1.3.1
Reactive nitrogen cycling and potential ecosystem services trade-offs in an eastern Corn Belt soil Hernandez Ramirez Guillermo Congress Symposium 2
Reading the land: influences of property management planning courses on landholders� soil management activities in border rivers-Gwydir catchment management authority Lobrye De Bruyn Lisa Symposium 3.1.2
Realistic quantification of input, parameter and structural errors of soil process models Heuvelink Gerard Symposium 1.5.2
Reconstruction of past environments based on pedological, micromorphological and phytolith analyses Peto Akos Symposium 1.3.2
Reconstruction of the Ecological Condition of Bronze Age Civilization to the Border of Europe and Asia, Russia Prikhodko Valentina Symposium 1.3.2
Recovering soil structure by management practices in a sandy clay loam Acrisol degraded by agricultural use Vezzani Fabiane Symposium 3.2.1
Recultivation of a potassium mining waste dump with municipal sewage sludge compost Liemen Franziska Symposium 3.2.2
Recycling rate of N, P and K in animal feed and bedding material and use efficiency of manure N, P and K in agro-ecosystems Yu Wantai Symposium 3.1.2
Red pepper Coverage Effect on Soil Erosion by Different Transplanting Dates Cho Hee Rae Symposium 3.2.2
Reducing N2O emissions from nitrogen fertilisers with the nitrification inhibitor DMPP Suter Helen Congress Symposium 4
Reducing nitrate leaching losses by using duration-controlled grazing of dairy cows Christensen Christine L. Symposium 4.1.2
Reduction of soil nitrogen losses from a vertisol with organic waste amendments under subtropical conditions Vaughan Sarah Symposium 3.3.1
Reductive dissolution of natural jarosite in a tidally inundated acid sulfate soil: geochemical implications Keene Annabelle Working Group 3.1
Reductive sulfur biomineralisation in a re-flooded acid-sulfate soil landscape Burton Edward Working Group 3.1
Regional approach to soil property mapping using legacy data and spatial disaggregation techniques Thompson James Congress Symposium 1
Regional Distribution of the Loess-like Red Clay in Subtropical China and Its Paleoclimatic Implications Hu Xue-Feng Symposium 1.3.1
Regression Model for Prediction Availability of Essential Heavy Metals in Soils Loncaric Zdenko Symposium 2.5.2
Relation between soil characteristics and heavy metal content in Virginia tobacco Zaprjanova Penka Symposium 3.5.1
Relation between soil organic matter and physical properties of a degraded Oxisol in recovery with green manure, lime and pasture Dos Santos Batista Bonini Carolina Symposium 3.1.2
Relation of evaporation and transpiration to maintain plant production Hara Michihiro Symposium 4.1.2
Relation of soil mineralogy and microbial communities based on micronutrient status Ramezanian Atefeh Congress Symposium 5
Relationship between 14C age and structural property of humic acids Watanabe Akira Symposium 1.3.2
Relationship between magnetic susceptibility and heavy metal content of soil Kim Jae Gon Symposium 3.5.1
Relationship between multi-spectral data and sugarcane crop yield Benvenuti Fernando Division Symposium 3.1
Relationship between organic matter retention and soil carbon in irrigated mixed farming systems O'Halloran Nick Symposium 2.2.2
Relationship between spectral sugarcane data and local variation of soil attributes Weill Mara Division Symposium 3.1
Relationships between Mineralogical Properties and Carbon and Nitrogen Retention in Upland Soils of Thailand Jindaluang Wittaya Symposium 2.4.1
Relationships between soil properties, erodibility and hillslope features in Central Apennines, Southern Italy Colombo Claudio Symposium 3.2.1
Relationships of plant height and canopy NDVI with nitrogen nutrition and yields of corn Yin Xinhua Division Symposium 3.1
Relative contribution of naturally-occurring carbonates and soil organic carbon to soil aggregation dynamics Fernandez-Ugalde Oihane Symposium 2.2.2
Relevance of soil and terrain information in studies of major global issues Bindraban Prem Symposium 4.2.1
Remediating coastal acid sulfate soils by tidal inundation: geochemical hysteresis of Fe Johnston Scott Working Group 3.1
Remediation of chromium contaminated soils: Potential for phyto and bioremediation Santiago Mahimairaja Symposium 3.5.1
Remote sensing of land cover and land management practices affecting wind erosion risk in NW Victoria, Australia Clark Rob Symposium 3.1.2
Removal of salts by Atriplex nummularia depending on soil moisture Souza Edivan Symposium 3.2.1
Resalinization and low productivity of recently reclaimed salt � affected soils Muhawish Noor Al-Dean Symposium 4.3.1
Research on Nutrients Uptake and Accumulation in Grape tree Tong Yan'an Division Symposium 3.2
Research on Soil Desalinization through Platform Fields and by Irrigation Using Sea-ice Water Zhang Hua Symposium 3.2.2
Research on the Relative Yields as Affected by Soil Moisture and Maize Planting Density Yuanliang Shi Symposium 3.2.1
Residual effects of topsoil replacement depths and organic amendments on soil organic carbon levels of reclaimed wellsites Larney Francis Symposium 2.2.2
Resilience of soil to biological invasion: analysis of spread on networks Otten Wilfred Working Group 1.2
Resistivity imaging across native vegetation and irrigated Vertosols of the Condamine catchment�a snapshot of changing regolith water storage Foley Jenny Symposium 4.1.2
Resolving the True Electrical Conductivity Using EM38 and EM31 and a Laterally Constrained Inversion Model Triantafilis John Working Group 1.5
Response of pedogenesis to Holocene climate change in Southern Arabia Pietsch Dana Symposium 1.1.1
Response of Pinus radiata (D. Don) to boron fertilisation under greenhouse conditions Khan Raza Division Symposium 3.2
Response of Pinus radiata and soil microbial activity to increasing copper and zinc contamination in a soil treated with metal-amended biosolids Jeyakumar Paramsothy Symposium 3.5.1
Response of soil carbon pools to plant diversity in semi-natural grasslands of different land-use history Breulmann Marc Symposium 4.3.1
Response of soil microorganisms to land-use change in China, Ecuador and Germany Hamer Ute Symposium 4.3.1
Responses of PLFA and NLFA to Fertilization in a Chinese Arable Mollisol Bai Zhen Symposium 3.1.2
Responses to sulphate and elemental S in six provinces in China and the utility of mono-calcium phosphate extractable S in predicting soil S status Blair Graeme Symposium 3.3.1
Restoration of soil function requires plants, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and organic matter Daynes Cathal Working Group 3.3
Restructuring of biogeochemical interfaces: Role of cations and heat treatment Schaumann Gabriele E Symposium 2.2.1
Retention of Sodium Cations in Nanopores and Its Implications to Sodic Soils Schulthess Cristian P. Symposium 2.2.1
Reuse of wastewater for irrigation in Saudi Arabia and its effect on soil and plant Aljaloud Ali A. Symposium 4.1.2
Rheological Investigations of Rothamsted Soils: Long-term Effects of Fertilizing Systems on Soil Microstructure Markgraf Wibke Symposium 2.1.2
Rhizosphere bacterial community PCR-DGGE profiles and metal speciation in shooting range soils Hashimoto Yohey Symposium 3.5.1
Rice yield affected by gypsum, lime and silicate application in no tillage system Crusciol Carlos Division Symposium 3.2
Risk assessment of heavy metal contaminated soils with reference to aging effect Yanai Junta Symposium 3.5.2
Risk assessment of rare metals containing in soil by geo-environmental risk assessment system (GERAS-1) Kawabe Yoshishige Symposium 3.5.2
Risk for N losses after harvest in tilled and untilled clays Stenberg Bo Division Symposium 3.2
Rock powder solubilization by Aspergillus niger as a source of potassium for agroecological systems Lopes-Assad Maria-Leonor Division Symposium 3.2
Role of Clay Minerals in Controlling the Fate of Exceptionally Toxic Organic Contaminants in the Environment Johnston Cliff T. Symposium 2.4.2
Role of microbial processes in the functioning (Fe mobilisation and redistribution) of a representative tropical soil sequence Berthelin Jacques R. Symposium 1.3.1
Role of PGP arsenic-resistant bacteria in As mobilization and translocation in Helianthus annuus L. Cavalca Lucia Symposium 3.5.1
Role of phosphate solubilising bacteria on availability phosphorus in Oxisols and tracer of phosphate in corn by using 32P Setiawati Tri Candra Symposium 2.3.1
Root contributions to long-term soil organic carbon sequestration: theories, mechanisms and gaps Olupot Giregon Symposium 2.3.1
Root development of young citrus trees in soil fertilized with phosphorus Mattos Jr. Dirceu Symposium 2.3.1
Root growth of upland rice genotypes as influenced by nitrogen fertilization Fageria Nand Symposium 2.3.1
Root respiration interferes with peat CO2 emission measurement Agus Fahmuddin Congress Symposium 2
Root zone soil moisture content in a Vertosol is accurately and conveniently measured by electromagnetic induction measurements with an EM38 Robinson Brett Symposium 1.5.1
Root Zone WSB Model: towards a framework for the sustainable application of saline effluent on land. So Hwat-Bing Working Group 3.4
Root-Fungus Symbiosis In Agricultural Crops Selectively Makes Soil Clays Arocena Joselito Symposium 2.4.1
Roots and earthworms under grass, clover and a grass-clover mixture Van Eekeren Nick Symposium 4.1.1
Runoff and water quality from steep hills in south-eastern Australia McCaskill Malcolm Symposium 3.2.1
Runoff losses of dissolved carbon and nitrogen in mountain Mediterranean agro- and forest ecosystems Bosch Angela-D Symposium 3.1.2


SALTIRSOIL: A simple integrated simulation model for the prediction of soil salinisation in agricultural irrigated well-drained lands Visconti Fernando Working Group 3.4
Sampling intensity required to adequately describe soil variations at three Danish ecosystems: Heather, Oak and Spruce Kristiansen Soren Munch Symposium 1.4.1
Sandy Soils in South Central Coastal Vietnam: their origin, constraints and management Hoang Thi Thai Hoa Symposium 3.3.1
SASSA: an open source, Wiki soil based knowledge and decision support tool for archaeologists Wilson Clare Symposium 4.4.1
Saturation-dependent anisotropy of unsaturated soils Zhu Jianting Symposium 1.5.2
Scaling of terroir and geospatial mapping of vineyard soils via electromagnetic induction Fisher James Division Symposium 3.1
Screening of tolerant maize genotypes in the low phosphorus field soil Jiang Huimin Symposium 3.1.2
Seasonal variability of soil structure and soil hydraulic properties Jirku Veronika Symposium 2.1.1
Season-long Changes in Infiltration Rates Associated with Irrigation Water Sodicity and pH Suarez Donald Working Group 3.4
Secondary fate of pathogenic bacteria in livestock mortality biopiles Grant Posters Michitsch Robert Symposium 2.4.2
Secondary succession after fire in Imperata grasslands of East Kalimantan, Indonesia Yassir Ishak Working Group 4.1
Sediment control practices in sloping highland fields in Korea Choi Joongdae Symposium 3.2.1
Sediment erosion research in the Fitzroy basin central Queensland: an overview Carroll Christopher Symposium 4.1.2
Selection and use of soil characteristics in digital soil mapping in Tanzania Kilasara Method Symposium 1.4.1
Selection of dark septate endophytes from Ericaceae plants to enhance blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) seedling growth Vano Imre Symposium 2.3.1
Selenium concentration in soil of Iran Nazemi Lyly Division Symposium 4.2
Selenium in soils of Sao Paulo state and its application to forage legume Luz Pedro Henrique De Cerqueira Congress Symposium 5
Selenium in the rock-soil-plant system in the south-eastern part of Romania Lacatusu Radu Congress Symposium 5
Sensitive analysis of poly-carboxylic acids in soil solution by capillary electrophoresis after excimer-forming fluorescence derivatization Moritsuka Naoki Symposium 2.2.1
Setting investment and monitoring priorities for soil condition in Australia � a challenge to soil information collaboration Griffin Ted Congress Symposium 6
Shadow analysis field measurements related to soil surface roughness Garcia Moreno Rosario Symposium 3.1.1
Shale weathering rates across a continental-scale climosequence Dere Ashlee Division Symposium 1.2
Shoot and root growth and potassium concentration of maize as affected by potassium fertiliser placement Perna Jason Division Symposium 3.2
Short-term effect of organic materials application on properties of agricultural soils in urban areas, Osaka Prefecture in Japan Uchiyama Tomoji Symposium 3.1.2
Short-term effects of conservation tillage on soil (Vertisol) and crop (tef, Eragrostis tef) attributes in the northern Ethiopian highlands Oicha Tigist Symposium 2.1.1
Short-term Effects of Litter Extraction on Soil Respiration, Soil Temperature and Soil Water Content in a Sclerophyll Forest of Central Chile Fuentes Juan-Pablo Working Group 3.2
Short-term soil chemistry changes in a fire-free land use system for smallholdings in Brazilian Amazon Gomes Costa Mirian Cristina Symposium 3.3.1
Shrub-interspace dynamics of soil microbial communities under different patch areas in a semiarid river valley, SW China Huang Yuanyuan Symposium 2.3.1
Siberian Wildrye Grass Yield and Water Use Response to Single Irrigation Time in the Semiarid Agropastoral Ecotone of North China Wang Hao Symposium 2.1.1
Significance of microtography in a Gleysol Okae-Anti Daniel Symposium 3.1.1
Silicate Fertilization in sugarcane: effects on soluble silicon in soil, uptake and occurrence of borer stalk (Diatraea saccharalis ) Camargo Monica Sartori De Symposium 3.3.1
Simulating N2O emissions from maize-cropped soil and the impact of climatic variations and cropland management in North China Plain Liu Yuntong Congress Symposium 4
Simulation of Br concentration profile in soil columns by HYDRUS-ID model Kord Mojtaba Symposium 1.1.1
Simulation of Br Movement in Disturbed Columns of Soil by HYDRUS-ID Model Kord Mojtaba Symposium 2.1.2
Simultaneous determination of chromium species by ion chromatography coupled with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Choppala Girish Working Group 1.5
Sinister Soils and Risky Rhizospheres: The Ecology of Melioidosis and Other Soil-Borne Infections Inglis Tim Division Symposium 4.2
Site suitability assessment for sustainable forest plantation establishment of Dyera costulata in a West Malaysian tropical forest Vijayanathan Jeyanny Symposium 4.2.1
Soil acidification with various planting patterns in Lhasa, Tibet, China Zhou Zhonghao Congress Symposium 3
Soil amendment to remediate copper contaminated soils He Zhenli Symposium 3.5.1
Soil and Environmental Education Martins Antonio Lucio Mello Symposium 1.2.2
Soil and Landscape Constraint Mapping for Land Use Planning Chapman Greg Symposium 3.1.1
Soil and landscape visualisation on the internet Imhof Mark Symposium 4.4.1
Soil art: bridging the communication gap Toland Alexandra Symposium 4.5.2
Soil attributes along an agricultural-forested gradient in a riparian zone Guerra Fernando Symposium 4.3.1
Soil available phosphorus by Mehlich-1, Mehlich-3 and anion exchange resin and its sensitivity to soil clay content Gatiboni Luciano Symposium 3.1.1
Soil awareness and education � developing a pan European approach Towers Willie Symposium 4.4.2
Soil biodegradation of aerial and underground litter of Miscanthus, a perennial energy crop Amougou Norbert Symposium 2.2.2
Soil C dynamics following the ploughing of a poorly-drained grassland Angers Denis A. Congress Symposium 4
Soil carbon and the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre Kelliher F. M. Congress Symposium 7
Soil carbon depth functions under different land uses in Tasmania Scandrett Joshua Symposium 1.1.1
Soil carbon distribution and soil physical properties as affected by rice-barley long-term double cropping system in Korean paddy fields Kido Park Symposium 2.2.2
Soil carbon management and filtering of organic pesticides Mueller Karin Symposium 4.1.2
Soil carbon reservoirs at high grassland ecosystems in the Andean plateau of Apolobamba (Bolivia) Munoz M Angeles Symposium 3.2.1
Soil carbon sequestration affected by no-tillage and integrated crop-livestock systems in Midwestern Brazil Zanatta Josileia Acordi Symposium 2.2.2
Soil carbon sequestration under chronsequences of agroforestry and agricultural lands in Southern Ethiopia Singh Bal Ram Working Group 4.1
Soil carbon stocks estimation with reference to the degree of volcanic ash additions in Japanese forest soils Imaya Akihiro Working Group 3.2
Soil carbon stocks in Southwest Goias, Brazilian Cerrado: land use impact and spatial distribution Balieiro Fabiano Symposium 3.1.2
Soil carbon stocks under improved tropical pasture and silvopastoral systems in Colombian Amazonia Mosquera Octavio Symposium 3.1.2
Soil carbon variability of a grassy woodland ecosystem in south-eastern Australia: Implications for sampling Rawson Andrew Symposium 1.5.1
Soil characteristics and their role in developing conditions favorable for denitrification Kunickis Sheryl H. Division Symposium 2.2
Soil chemical attributes affected by superficial application of lime and silicate Castro Gustavo Division Symposium 3.2
Soil chemical attributes, technological quality and yields of sugar cane submitted to organic and mineral fertilizers Heinrichs Reges Division Symposium 3.2
Soil classifications: their origin, the state-of-the-art and perspectives Krasilnikov Pavel Symposium 1.4.2
Soil compaction survey in Estonia Reintam Endla Symposium 1.5.1
Soil composition in slots between pavement plates of side walks and adjacent lawns of a residential and heavy industry area Burghardt Wolfgang Working Group 3.3
Soil Condition Surveillance Monitoring for New South Wales Chapman Greg Symposium 3.1.1
Soil development indices in a soil chronosequence formed on Lower Pleistocene terraces in the north-western Duero basin (Leon, Spain) Vidal Manuel Symposium 1.3.1
Soil distribution relationships as revealed by a global soil database Gray Jonathan Symposium 1.3.1
Soil ecosystem services in Amazonian pioneer fronts: Searching for socioeconomic, landscape and biodiversity determinants Grimaldi Michel Congress Symposium 2
Soil erosion as an indicator of agricultural sustainability in tropical watersheds Manguerra Juliet Division Symposium 2.2
Soil erosion assessment and monitoring by using ImpelERO model in east Azerbaijan province, Iran Shahbazi Farzin Symposium 3.2.1
Soil erosion characteristics under rainfall simulator conditions of the Jeju soil in Korea Kang Hojun Symposium 2.1.2
Soil erosion modeling in terraced landscapes-examples from the Three-Gorges-Area, China Schoenbrodt Sarah Symposium 3.1.2
Soil erosion potential under forest vegetation in the humid subtropics of southeast China GeiBler Christian Congress Symposium 2
Soil factors affecting vegetation establishment after sand mining on North Stradbroke Island Pillai-McGarry Usha Working Group 3.3
Soil Fertility Affected by Long-term Application of Chemical Fertilizers in Orchards of Chinese Hickory (Carya Cathayensis) Grown in Limestone Soils Zhange Chunmiao Symposium 3.3.1
Soil fertility and land suitability assessment of the different abaca growing areas in Leyte, Philippines Armecin Romel B. Symposium 3.1.2
Soil fertility as a limiting economic factor for sustainable biodiesel feedstock production Chellemi Dan Symposium 4.2.1
Soil fertility assessment in Tibetan villages in relation to the human Kashin-Beck disease Bock Laurent Congress Symposium 5
Soil fertility constraints and limitations to fertilizer recommendations in Cambodia Blair Graeme Symposium 3.3.1
Soil Fertility Evaluation in Negara Brunei Darussalam Grealish Gerard Symposium 3.1.1
Soil fertility management and its contribution to the formation of Amazonian dark earths in urban Homegardens, Santarem, Para, Brazil WinklerPrins Antoinette M. G. A. Symposium 4.5.1
Soil fertility management options in Sweetpotato based cropping systems in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea Kapal Debbie Symposium 3.2.1
Soil fertility of Pinus taeda L. areas with low growth rates in Jaguariaiva - Parana State, Brazil Cherobim Verediana Working Group 3.2
Soil formation from ultrabasic rocks in bioclimatic conditions of mountainous tundra (the Polar Urals, Russia): mineralogical aspects Lessovaia Sofia Symposium 2.4.1
Soil fungal communities along land use gradients of three German biodiversity exploratories: a comparison of classical cloning and sequencing approach with high throughput sequencing Christ Sabina Symposium 2.3.1
Soil gas fluxes of N2O, CO2 and CH4 under elevated carbon dioxide under wheat in northern China Lam Shu Kee Congress Symposium 4
Soil genesis along a paddy soil chronosequence in a millennium scale Zhang Gan-Lin Symposium 1.3.1
Soil in comics Richer De Forges Anne Symposium 4.5.2
Soil inorganic carbon pool changed in long-term fertilization experiments in north China plain Li Guitong Congress Symposium 4
Soil loss calculations with WEPP and USLE models on a sloping arable land near Isaszeg, Hungary Demeny Krisztina Symposium 3.5.2
Soil management and crop nutrition for tomato in acid soils of Claveria,Philippines Mercado Agustin Symposium 3.3.1
Soil management and stream water quality at the agricultural catchment scale in Ireland Melland Alice Symposium 4.1.2
Soil management for reduce Cd concentration in rice grains Sukreeyapongse Orathai Symposium 4.2.1
Soil microbial ecology of laurel-leaved and Cryptomeria japonica forests assessed by dilution plate count and direct microscopic count methods Itsuki Ayuko Symposium 2.2.1
Soil minerals recover after they are damaged by bushfires Yusiharni Emielda Symposium 2.4.1
Soil moisture enrichment under the desert shrub in the Gurbantungut Desert, Northwest China Zhou Hong-Fei Symposium 1.2.2
Soil moisture regime classification of Soil Taxonomy through physically based soil water balance modelling. Bonfante Antonello Symposium 1.4.1
Soil Moisture-Temperature Correlation and Classification Model Cochran Christopher Symposium 1.4.1
Soil morphologic indicators of environmental hazards linked to cosmic airburst Courty Marie-Agnes Symposium 1.1.2
Soil morphological characteristics of prairie mounds in the forested region of south-central United States Lee Brad Symposium 1.6.1
Soil morphology adaptations to global warming in arid and semi arid ecosystems Monger Curtis Symposium 1.1.1
Soil N2O fluxes are low from a grain-legume crop grown in a semi-arid climate Barton Louise Congress Symposium 4
Soil nitrification as affected by Brachiarias Fernandes Adauto Division Symposium 3.2
Soil nitrous oxide emissions under dryland N-fertilised canola and N2-fixing chickpea in the northern grains region, Australia Schwenke Graeme Congress Symposium 4
Soil nitrous oxide fluxes following cover crops management under tillage and no tillage in South Brazil Zanatta Josileia Acordi Congress Symposium 4
Soil nutrient concentrations and variations on dairy farms in Australia Gourley Cameron Division Symposium 3.1
Soil Nutrients, Aboveground Productivity and Vegetative Diversity After 10 Years of Experimental Acidification and Base Cation Depletion Adams Mary Beth Working Group 3.2
Soil nutrition and common scab disease of potato in Australia Wiechel Tonya Division Symposium 3.2
Soil organic carbon after long-term fertiliser N and P applications Lester David Symposium 3.3.1
Soil organic carbon density and storage in Tunisia Gallali Tahar Symposium 1.2.1
Soil organic carbon dynamics in physical fractions in Black soils of Northeast China Zhang Xiaoping Working Group 4.1
Soil organic matter loss following land use change from long-term pasture to arable cropping: pool size changes and effects on some biological and chemical functions Curtin Denis Symposium 2.2.2
Soil organic matter stabilization in degraded semi-arid grasslands after grazing cessation Wiesmeier Martin Working Group 4.1
Soil permeability as affected by repulsive potential energy Ishiguro Munehide Symposium 2.1.2
Soil pH and free Fe/Al oxides control As availability and fractionation in representative Taiwan soils contaminated by As Su Shaw-Wei Symposium 3.5.1
Soil phosphorus distribution in a crop production system with long-term compost amendment Bortolon Leandro Division Symposium 3.2
Soil physical and biological properties as influenced by growth of vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides L.) in a semi-arid environment of South Africa Materechera Simeon Symposium 3.2.2
Soil physical attributes induced by crop sequence under no-tillage system in tropical region with warm and dry winter Cora Jose Symposium 3.2.1
Soil physical changes of a coastal mudflat after wave breaker installation Abdul Kadir Wan Rasidah Symposium 4.1.2
Soil physical conditions that limit chickpea emergence with particular reference to the High Barind Tract of Bangladesh Vance Wendy Symposium 3.1.2
Soil physical measurements by the Thermal and Electrical Conductivity Probe aboard NASA�s Mars Phoenix Scout Mission Cobos Douglas Division Symposium 1.1
Soil policy development in Australia Schoknecht Noel Congress Symposium 6
Soil pore architecture and irrigation practices in vineyards: evaluation by X-ray micro-tomography Mele Giacomo Working Group 1.2
Soil porosity affected by cattle trampling in highland agriculture of Northern Mexico Gonzalez-Barrios Jose L. Symposium 3.2.1
Soil profiles: the more we see, the more we understand Hartemink Alfred E. Symposium 4.5.1
Soil properties affecting parameters obtained from two-site reaction modelling of cadmium sorption kinetics Molina Mauricio Symposium 2.5.2
Soil properties affecting pesticide leaching - application in groundwater vulnerability mapping in the Czech Republic Kodesova Radka Symposium 4.1.2
Soil properties as a guide for specific adaptations to climate change Reid Greg H. Symposium 4.2.2
Soil properties of Hwaong reclaimed polder soil and it's management Lee Jang-Hee Symposium 1.4.1
Soil properties related to water repellency in volcanic soils at Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain): relationships with vegetation and soil parent material Notario Del Pino Jesus S. Symposium 4.2.2
Soil properties under Orthosiphon stamineus (Benth) intercropped with Durio zibethinus (Murr) and treated with various organic fertilizers Hassan Affendy Division Symposium 3.2
Soil property mapping over large areas using sparse ad-hoc samples Zhu A-Xing Congress Symposium 1
Soil protection and strategic goals in local environmental planning Courtney Mandy Symposium 4.1.1
Soil quality and vegetable growth as affected by organic amendments to a tropical Oxisol during transition to organic farming Ortiz-Escobar Maria Eugenia Symposium 2.2.2
Soil quality assessment of Oxisols and Ultisols: the roles of site-specific factors Makalew Anna Maria Symposium 3.1.1
Soil quality benefits of break crops and/ or crop rotations-a review Malik Raj Symposium 4.3.1
Soil quality in a semi-arid Mediterranean soil as affected by tillage system and residue burning Virto Inigo Symposium 4.3.1
Soil quality indicators for Australian cropping systems Wherrett Andrew Division Symposium 4.1
Soil Quality Parameters as Influenced by Management Practices in Rice-Wheat and Maize-Wheat Cropping Systems Singh Anil Kumar Symposium 3.3.1
Soil reactions to extreme environmental stress: lessons from the past records Fedoroff Nicolas Division Symposium 1.2
Soil resistance to penetration under the dynamic and predictive perspective of restriction to crop yield Gubiani Paulo Symposium 2.1.1
Soil resource assessment of Kumaon Himalayan Mountains of India Mahapatra Sankar Symposium 1.4.1
Soil science education in China: present and future Wang Jingguo Symposium 4.4.2
Soil science in the management of multi-functional rural landscapes Cresswell Hamish Division Symposium 2.2
Soil solution chemistry and elemental balance of Fushan natural hardwood forest ecosystem in Taiwan Tsai Chen-Chi Symposium 3.2.2
Soil solution monitoring in a network of forest ecosystems under temperate and tropical climates provides new insights on the current soil functioning Ranger Jacques Symposium 3.3.1
Soil sorption of cesium on calcareous soils of Iran Mirkhani Rayehe Symposium 2.4.2
Soil spectral diagnostics � infrared, x-ray and laser diffraction spectroscopy for rapid soil characterization in the Africa Soil Information Service Shepherd Keith Congress Symposium 1
Soil suitability and crop versatility assessment using fuzzy analysis at a farm scale Odeh Inakwu Working Group 1.3
Soil survey and inventory of dynamic soil properties in the U.S.A. West Larry Symposium 1.5.1
Soil Test Crop Response Based Integrated Plant Nutrition System for Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal) on Inceptisols Rangasamy Santhi Symposium 3.3.1
Soil water retention under drying process in a soil amended with composted and thermally dried sewage sludges Ojeda Gerardo Symposium 2.1.2
Soil without plants: the consequences for microorganisms and mesofauna Goulding Keith Symposium 2.3.1
Soil-Geographic Database of Russia: Database Management System Soil-DB Shoba Sergey Symposium 1.2.1
Soil-landscape relationships and soil properties associated with rare plants in the eastern Mojave Desert near Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Boettinger Janis Symposium 1.2.2
Soil-like conditions can be achieved inorganically in alkaline bauxite residue Fey Martin Working Group 3.3
Soils ARE dirt Lines-Kelly Rebecca Division Symposium 4.1
Soils as a target of anthropogeographic landscape changes in alpine areas (Dolomites, northern Italy) Bini Claudio Symposium 4.3.1
Soils in space and evaluation of their changes in time: experience in studying the soils in two regions of Russia Khitrov Nikolay Symposium 1.5.1
Soils of Mid and Low Antarctic: Diversity, Geography, Temperature Regimes Gilichinsky David Working Group 1.4
Soils of Northern Australia-potential food bowl or dust bowl? Wilson Peter Congress Symposium 6
Soils research and education linked to climate change in USDA�s National/Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (NRI/AFRI) Programs Cavallaro Nancy Symposium 4.2.2
Soils-based evaluation of labile organic carbon and the role this may play in net soil mineralisation rates in Kiwifruit Orchard - Kaharoa ash soils of the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand Sivakumaran Siva (Sivalingam) Division Symposium 3.2
Soilscape of the west-central Taiwan-the footprints on soil pedogenesis and geomorphic environment Tsai Heng Symposium 1.3.2
Soil-vegetation relationships in savanna landscapes of the Serra da Canastra Plateau, Minas Gerais, Brazil Souza Vinicius Symposium 1.2.2
SOM Pools: fact or fiction, functional or fanciful Huth Neil Symposium 2.2.2
Some statistical aspects of monitoring of soil change in Slovakia Kobza Jozef Symposium 1.5.1
Sorption and bioavailability of copper as affected by recycled water sources Kunhikrishnan Anitha Symposium 3.5.1
Sorption and bioavailability of phosphorus in soils as affected by coal combustion products Seshadri Balaji Division Symposium 3.2
Sorption and mobility of chromium species in a range of soil types Choppala Girish Symposium 3.5.1
Sorption of sulfamethoxazole, sulfachloropyridazine and sulfamethazine onto six New Zealand dairy farm soils Srinivasan Prakash Symposium 4.1.2
Sorptive protection of organic matter in soil Roychand Preeti Congress Symposium 4
Source and consumption of proton and its impacts on cation flux and soil acidification in a forested watershed of subtropical China Yang Jin-Ling Symposium 2.4.1
Sources, characteristics, and management of agricultural dust, San Joaquin Valley, California, USA Southard Randal J. Symposium 4.1.2
Space-time monitoring of prescribed burnt soils performance � an effective tool for forest management Castro Ana C. Symposium 4.1.2
Spatial and Temporal Changes of Soil's Physical Properties of an Andisol in Southern Chile as a Consequence of Grazing and Wetting and Drying cycles Dec Dorota Symposium 2.1.2
Spatial and temporal variability of soil C-CO2 emissions and its relation with soil temperature in King George Island, Maritime Antarctica La Scala Jr Newton Working Group 1.4
Spatial autoregression model for heavy metals in Beijing cultivated soils Huo Xiaoni Symposium 3.5.2
Spatial Distribution of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (AM) Fungi in the Tailing Deposition Areas of Freeport Indonesia Mining Company, Timika-Papua, Indonesia Djuuna Irnanda Aiko Fifi Symposium 2.3.1
Spatial distribution of clay by classic inference method (Geostatistic) Medeiros Sergio Symposium 1.2.1
Spatial frameworks to support digital soil mapping in Victoria Rees David Working Group 1.3
Spatial isolation increases diversity of complex bacterial community Carson Jennifer Congress Symposium 2
Spatial variability of cadmium concentration in wheat farm soils Jafarnejadi Ali Reza Symposium 3.5.1
Spatial variability of soil carbon at the paddock scale Singh Kanika Division Symposium 3.1
Spatial variability of soil enzymes in a sinkhole undergoing forage transition Coyne Mark Division Symposium 2.2
Spatial Variability of Soil Nutrients and Microbial Biomass of Moso Bamboo Forest under Different Management Types Lu Shunbao Symposium 2.2.1
Spatial-temporal variabilities of N2O emission from Acacia mangium soils Konda Ryota Congress Symposium 4
Spatiotemporal distribution pattern of soil temperature in forest gap in Pinus koraiensis-dominated broadleaved mixed forest in Xiao Xing'an Mountains, China Duan Wenbiao Working Group 3.2
Specific response of soil fungi and bacteria to carbon availability indicated by the transformation dynamics of soil amino sugars He Hongbo Symposium 2.2.2
Specifics of urban soils (Technosols) survey and mapping Sobocka Jaroslava Working Group 3.3
Spectral effects of biochar on NIR and mid-IR spectra of soil/char mixtures. Reeves, III James Symposium 1.5.1
Spectroscopic studies of ternary interactions in an oocyst-surfactant-hematite system Gao Xiaodong Symposium 2.2.1
Spherites in yellow brown Kandosols in south western Australia. Oral presentation Kew Geoff Symposium 1.6.1
Stable Fe isotopes - a prospective tool for investigating soil processes Fekiacova Zuzana Symposium 1.3.1
Stakeholders participation in watershed management for sustainable agriculture Nataraju Mukahally Siddegowda Symposium 4.1.2
State regulations, organic lawn management, and nutrient accumulation in soils Morris Thomas Division Symposium 4.1
Status and soil management problems of highland agriculture of the main mountainous region in the South Korea Lee Gye-Jun Symposium 3.2.1
Stemflow runoff contributes to soil erosion at the base of macadamia trees Keen Brad Symposium 3.1.2
Store and Release Cover Systems: a suitable preventive for Acid Mine Drainage in semi-arid monsoonal Queensland? Schneider Anne Symposium 3.2.2
Storing Soil Carbon with Advanced Farming Practices Central West NSW Australia - A Scoping Assessment of its Potential Importance Packer Ian Working Group 4.1
Strategic thinking on soil protection in China Zhao Qiguo Symposium 4.1.2
Striking a match: How to ignite a passion for soils Jenkins Abigail Symposium 4.4.2
Structural characterization of natural nanomaterials: potential use to increase the phosphorus mineralization Calabi Marcela Symposium 2.5.1
Studies on the Effect of In-situ Soil Moisture Conservation and Nutrient Management Practices on the Productivity of Sesame and Sorghum in Sequence Cropping System Malligawad Lokanath Symposium 3.3.1
Study of the degree of phosphorus saturation in Walloon Region (Southern Belgium) Renneson Malorie Division Symposium 3.2
Study of the effects of rock phosphate application with phosphate solublizing bacteria on P availability for corn Mirseyed Hosseini Hossein Division Symposium 3.2
Study of the effects of structure on soil aggregate stability using a 3D network model Dal Ferro Nicola Symposium 2.1.2
Study on some Components of Urban Forest Ecosystems with Respect to Recreation Bech Jaume Working Group 3.3
Studying the Philip model capability to estimate water infiltration parameters Mansour Shahsavar Amir Symposium 3.4.2
Studying water budget of paved urban sites using weighable lysimeter Rim Yong-Nam Symposium 3.2.2
Subsoil amelioration with organic materials improves canola growth and water-use efficiency Clark Gary J. Symposium 3.1.2
Subsoil manuring with different organic manures increased canola yield in a dry spring Gill Jaikirat Singh Symposium 2.1.1
Substrates Used In SIR Assays Can Inhibit Basal Respiration In Rewetted Soil Bialkowski Katarzyna Working Group 3.2
Sugarcane crop for biofuel production, demand on soil resource and food security in Brazil Monteiro Joyce Symposium 4.2.1
Suitability of electro-remediation for clean-up of PAH-contaminated clays Lima Ana T. Symposium 2.1.2
Suitability of peach in Souma area (Iran), using Almagra model Jafarzadeh Ali Asghar Symposium 3.1.1
Sulfidisation processes in a reactive Fe-enriched acid sulfate soil, northeastern Australia Keene Annabelle Working Group 3.1
Sulphur status of soils of the Cerrado region of Brazil and the ability of important agricultural soils of Brazil to oxidize elemental S. Prochnow Luis Division Symposium 3.2
Sustainable Management of Calcareous Histosols for Crop Production Mylavarapu Rao Symposium 3.3.1
Sustainable production of grains in Amazonian floodplain Goncalves Jose Ricardo Pupo Symposium 1.1.1
Sustaining Crop Production in the Developing World through "The Nutrient Buffer Power Concept" - A Case Study with Black Pepper (Piper nigrum)growing at low pH in the laterite soils of India Nair Kodoth Prabhakaran Symposium 3.3.1
Sustaining Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Pools for Future Cereal Production Ladha Jagdish Symposium 1.5.1
Sydney gets a dusting, but what's in it? Cattle Stephen Symposium 1.6.1
Synthesis of Knowledge on Soil Carbon Spatial Patterns across a Large Subtropical Soil-Landscape in Southern U.S. Grunwald Sabine Working Group 1.3
Systematization of the topsoil fabrics in soils of the arid lands in northwestern Asia Marina Lebedeva Symposium 1.3.1
Systems integration: enhancing soil information delivery to Victoria Johnstone Pat Symposium 1.5.1


Taxon-specific responses of soil bacteria to the addition of trace or low amounts of glucose Jenkins Sasha Symposium 2.3.2
Technical aspects of zinc and iron analysis in biofortification of the staple food crops, wheat and rice Stangoulis James Congress Symposium 5
Technology development of soil fertility management based on understanding local agricultural systems of the Sahel in Niger, West Africa Hayashi Keiichi Symposium 4.1.2
Technosols of Hope Bay, Antartic Peninsula: Century-old man made soils on former Ornithogenic environment Schaefer Carlos Symposium 1.1.2
Temporal and spatial patterns of N2O and CH4 emissions on an agricultural field containing ephemeral wetlands Li Sheng Congress Symposium 4
Temporal Changes in Topsoil Qualities of Dairy Pasture and Maize Cropping Sites in the Bay of Plenty Region, New Zealand Guinto Danilo Symposium 1.5.1
Testing the effect of redirected glycerol by-products on the nutrition providing ability of the soil Tolner Laszlo Symposium 3.3.1
The 15N signals of different ecosystems in Northeast Brazil Sampaio Everardo Symposium 1.2.2
The adsoption of Strontium on soils developed in arid region as influenced by clay content and soluble cations Khaleghpanah Naser Symposium 2.4.2
The agronomic utilisation of organic soil amendments Quilty James Symposium 2.2.2
The assessment of land suitability in the implementation of homogeneous stands of Eucalyptus: prospects for a forest sustainability in Brazil Pinheiro Helena Symposium 3.1.1
The Australian nitrous oxide research program Grace Peter Congress Symposium 4
The Biogeochemistry of Drought Schimel Joshua Symposium 1.2.2
The biogeochemistry of Sphagnum mosses - the effects of substrate source on their phenolic composition Abbott Geoffrey Symposium 2.2.1
The BIOTECHNOSOL project: Biological dynamics and functioning of a constructed Technosol at the field scale Cortet Jerome Working Group 3.3
The Brigalow catchment study: More than 20 years of monitoring water balance and soil fertility of brigalow lands after clearing for cropping or pasture Thornton Craig Symposium 4.3.1
The challenge for soil research to establish creative interaction with stakeholders and policy makers Bouma Johan Symposium 4.4.1
The challenge of soil science undergraduate education Cattle Stephen Congress Symposium 8
The challenge to sustainability of broadacre grain cropping systems on clay soils in northern Australia Bell Michael Symposium 3.3.1
The chemical link of forest and sea by river: materials supply from land-used soil and transport by river with reference to fulvic-Fe complex Fujiyama Rika Symposium 3.4.2
The Classification of Leptosols in the World Reference Base of Soil Resources Nachtergaele Freddy Working Group 1.1
The comic strip: a good means of communication on soil! Richer De Forges Anne Symposium 4.5.2
The composition and diversity of prokaryotic and eukaryotic communities from an Australian Vertisol: an experimental study Coleman David Symposium 2.2.2
The dynamics of aggregate breakdown as a function of dispersive energy Zhu ZhaoLong Symposium 2.1.2
The effect of climate and land use change on soil respiratory fluxes Cacciotti Erica Symposium 4.3.1
The effect of drip emitter rate on bromide movement in a drip irrigated vineyard Holland Jonathan Symposium 2.1.1
The effect of oven drying and grinding on the partitioning of copper and nickel in acid sulfate soil materials Claff Salirian R Working Group 3.1
The effect of P fertiliser application strategy and soil P sorption properties on 'incidental' P fertiliser characteristics using laboratory techniques and long term Bayesian risk modelling Dougherty Warwick Division Symposium 3.2
The effect of PGPR strain on wheat yield and quality parameters Turan Metin Symposium 4.1.2
The effect of PGPR strain on wheat yield and quality parameters Turan Metin Symposium 2.3.1
The effect of phosphate fertiliser on oaten hay and grain production in Western Australia Malik Raj Symposium 3.3.1
The effect of riparian buffers with controlled drainage on soil redox potential Kunickis Sheryl H. Division Symposium 2.1
The effect of rye green manure application with Nitrogen fertilizer on soil water storage, soil aggregate stability and soil water infiltration rate in Maragheh dryland condition Mosavi Seyed Bahman Symposium 3.2.2
The Effect of Seed Pelletization with Selenite on the Yield and Selenium Uptake of Ryegrass Cultivars Cartes Paula Symposium 3.3.1
The effect of soil available P and P buffering on runoff P concentration from pastures Dougherty Warwick Division Symposium 3.2
The effect of tillage and nitrogen application on soil water retention, hydraulic conductivity and bulk density at Loskop, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Bassett Terri Symposium 2.1.1
The Effect of Time-Variable Soil Hydraulic Properties in Soil Water Simulations Schwen Andreas Symposium 2.1.2
The effect of warming on the CO2 emissions of young and old organic soil from a Sitka spruce plantation. Cross Andrew Working Group 3.2
The effect of wood ants (Formica s. str.) on soil chemical and microbiological properties Jilkova Veronika Working Group 3.2
The effects of different rates of super absorbent polymers and manure on nutrients uptake by corn Khadem Seyed Hashem Symposium 3.3.1
The effects of increasing salinity on exchange processes in coastal lowland acid sulfate soils Wong Vanessa Working Group 3.1
The effects of organic and conventional farming systems on selected soil properties of olive groves in central Greece Solomou Alexandra Congress Symposium 2
The effects of over cultivation on some soil properties, nutrients response and yields of major crops grown on acid sand soils of Calabar South-Southern part of Nigeria Bello Olanrewaju S. Symposium 3.1.2
The Effects of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria on Healthy Plant Growth of Tomato Affected by Soil Sickness Yusran Yusran Symposium 2.3.1
The effects of two different biochars on earthworm survival and microbial carbon levels Liesch Mandy Symposium 4.2.2
The evolution of soil salinization in the Yellow River Irrigation District of Ningxia, China during the period of 1958 to 2007 Zhou De Symposium 4.1.2
The exokarstic soil record of past environmental changes: regional expressions Courty Marie-Agnes Symposium 1.6.2
The Feasibility of Phytoremediation Combined with Bioethanol Feedstock Production on Diesel-contaminated Soil Kim Dongwook Working Group 3.3
The function of soil biodiversity as indicators of soil quality: Insights from the UK Defra SQID project Black Helaina Symposium 1.5.1
The Gas-diffusivity-based Buckingham Tortuosity Factor from pF 1 to 6.91 as a Soil Structure Fingerprint Deepagoda Chamindu Working Group 1.2
The harmonized world soil database Nachtergaele Freddy Symposium 1.2.1
The historical legacy of Anthrosols at Sandhavn, south Greenland Golding Kirsty Symposium 4.5.1
The impact of free-air CO2 enrichment (FACE) on N leaching from paddy soil Wang Xiaozhi Symposium 1.1.1
The impact of land uses on N2O emission in an intensive dairy farming region, Japan Meihua Deng Congress Symposium 4
The impact of orchard management on macro-pore topology and function Deurer Markus Symposium 2.1.2
The impact of phlogopite-rich mine tailings on the speciation of water-soluble Pb in contaminated boreal shooting range soil Venalainen Salla Symposium 3.5.1
The impact of soil water content and water temperature on wet aggregate stability. What answer do you want? Blair Nelly Symposium 2.1.2
The impacts of land use on the risk of soil erosion on agricultural land in Canada Li Sheng Symposium 4.3.1
The influence of Natural Sequence Farming stream rehabilitation on upper catchment floodplain soil properties, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia Weber Nathan Symposium 3.1.2
The Influence of Soil on Public Health Pepper Ian Division Symposium 4.2
The Isolation and Characterization of Humic Substances and Humin from Grey Brown Podzolic and Gley Grassland Soils Hayes Michael H.B Symposium 2.2.1
The isolation and identification of useful bacteria that decrease nitrous oxide emission from agricultural field Ohta Mitsuaki Congress Symposium 4
The management of phosphorus in poultry litter Bolan Nanthi Symposium 3.3.1
The matric flux potential as a measure of plant-available water in soils restricted by hydraulic properties alone Grant Cameron Symposium 2.1.1
The mean turnover time of biochar in soil varies depending on biomass source and pyrolysis temperature Singh Bhupinder-Pal Symposium 2.2.2
The mobility and persistence of the insecticidal Cry1Aa toxin, Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) in soils Helassa Nordine Symposium 2.2.1
The mobility and persistence of the insecticidal Cry1Aa toxin, Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) in soils Helassa Nordine Symposium 2.5.1
The mobility of Pb and Sb originating from small arms ammunition in a coarse grained unsaturated surface sand Lewis Jeff Symposium 3.5.1
The Morphology and Composition of Pyrite in Sandy Podosols in the Swan Coastal Plain Prakongkep Nattaporn Symposium 2.4.1
The need for soil science amateurs Koppi Tony Symposium 4.4.2
The next steps in soil classification OR How to kill 3 birds with 1 stone: pedons, landscapes, functions Schad Peter Symposium 1.4.1
The Partitioning of Evapotranspiration by Irrigated Wheat as Affected by Rice Straw Mulch Singh Balwinder Symposium 3.2.2
The perfect soil Phillips Jonathan Symposium 1.2.2
The potential for direct application of papermill sludge to land: a greenhouse study Titshall Louis Symposium 4.1.2
The potential of gamma-ray spectrometry for soil mapping Herrmann Ludger Working Group 1.5
The potential value of biosolids for revegetation at landfill sites Lamb Dane Working Group 3.3
The reactivity of carbonates in the selected soils from Iran Reyhanitabar Adel Symposium 2.5.1
The relationship between field soil water content variability and soil moisture deficit prediction from meteorological data Kerebel Anthony Symposium 2.1.1
The relevance of soils within the concept of the Astysphere Norra Stefan Working Group 3.3
The representation of soil in the Western Art: From genesis to pedogenesis Feller Christian Symposium 4.5.2
The residual concentration of regular gasoline in unsaturated soil Nishiwaki Junko Symposium 4.1.2
The results of soil survey of rapidly chnaged city of soil information data in South Korea Hyun Byung Keun Symposium 1.4.1
The rheology of rhizosphere formation by root exudates and soil microbes Hallett Paul Symposium 2.1.2
The role of ants in forming biomantles Johnson Donald Symposium 1.2.2
The role of biochar in reducing nitrous oxide emissions and nitrogen leaching from soil Singh Bhupinder-Pal Congress Symposium 4
The role of DTPA and EDDS in remediation of Se from contaminated soil by Brussels sprouts (Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera) Turan Metin Symposium 3.5.2
The role of mycorrhizas in plant nutrition: field and mutant based approaches Cavagnaro Timothy Symposium 2.3.1
The soil scientist in the 21st Century Nortcliff Stephen Congress Symposium 8
The spatial distribution and sources of metals in urban soils of Guangzhou, China Lu Ying Working Group 3.3
The spatial structure of soil microbial properties in an upland grassland Paz-Ferreiro Jorge Symposium 2.3.1
The Story of O: The Dominance of Organisms as a Soil-Forming Factor From an Integrated Geologic Perspective and Modern Field and Experimental Studies Hasiotis Stephen Symposium 1.3.1
The thermodynamics stability of soil humic and fulvic acids Dou Sen Symposium 2.2.1
The Through Porosity of Soils as the Control of Hydraulic Conductivity Guber Andrey Working Group 1.2
The Tri-State Mining Region USA: Twenty years of trace element research Pierzynski Gary Symposium 3.5.1
The U.S. national cooperative soil characterization database Reinsch Thomas Symposium 1.1.1
The use and impacts of glyphosate and pyraclostrobin in soybean and sugar beet farming: selected socio-ecological issues in Michigan�s Huron, Sanilac, Lapeer and Tuscola counties, USA Atwood Lesley Division Symposium 3.1
The use of calcium peroxide (CaO2) as a process applied to Arsenic contaminated||soil around an abandoned Tungsten mine, southern China Liu Chuanping Symposium 3.5.1
The use of pedometric measurements to enhance and improve the presentation of soil information from soil maps Murphy Brian Symposium 1.4.1
The use of scientific and indigenous knowledge in agricultural land evaluation and soil fertility studies of two villages in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Buthelezi Nkosinomusa Symposium 4.5.2
The World Reference Base for Soils (WRB) and Soil Taxonomy: an initial appraisal of their application to the soils of the Northern Rivers of New South Wales Morand David Working Group 1.1
Thermal characterization of lime stabilized soils Eisazadeh Amin Symposium 1.6.2
Three alternative crops to reduce soil erosion for mountain agriculture in Gangwondo, Korea Kim Se-Won Symposium 3.2.1
Three proximal sensors for mapping skeletal soils in vineyards Priori Simone Working Group 1.5
Threshold toxic limits of Cd for leafy vegetables raised on a mollisol amended with varying levels of farmyard manure Joshi Deepali Symposium 3.5.1
Tillage Effects on Bulk Density and Hydraulic Properties of a Sandy Loam Soil in the Mon-Dak Region, USA Jabro Jay Symposium 2.1.2
Time for a Universal Soil Classification System Golden Micheal Symposium 1.4.1
Time to establish a 137Cs-derived net soil redistribution baseline for Australia? Chappell Adrian Symposium 1.5.1
Time-controlled grazing and soil erosion control under a catchment scale experiment in South-east Queensland, Australia Sanjari Gholamreza Symposium 3.1.2
Topographical variations of soil respiration in the deciduous forest -In the case with extremely immature soil from weathered granite- Tamai Koji Congress Symposium 4
Topography and surface properties of clay minerals analyzed by atomic force microscopy Macht Felix Symposium 2.2.1
Toward improving estimates of field soil water capacity from laboratory-measured soil properties Nemes Attila Symposium 2.1.1
Towards a dirtier Australia: Facing the future soil management challenges Macdonald Ben Symposium 4.4.2
Towards truly sustainable cropping systems from a soil science perspective Bergstrom Lars Congress Symposium 7
Trace elements in phosphorites of different provenance Bech Jaume Symposium 2.4.2
Trace-metal concentrations in African dust: Effects of long-distance transport and implications for human health Garrison Virginia Division Symposium 4.2
Tracing impact of pedogenic processes on soil solutions with Si and Mg isotopes Opfergelt Sophie Symposium 2.2.1
Transformation of soil iron minerals under static batch and flow through conditions: application for soil remediation Usman Muhammad Symposium 2.4.2
Transformation of vertical texture-contrasted soils due to accelerated erosion in young glacial landscapes, North-Eastern Poland Switoniak Marcin Symposium 1.1.2
Translating policy into practice: purpose and potential of engaging landholders in monitoring soil condition Lobrye De Bruyn Lisa Congress Symposium 3
Transport and deposition of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Enterococcus faecalis in three Italian soils Morari Francesco Symposium 3.1.2
Transport and fate of contaminants in soils: Challenges and developments Clothier Brent Symposium 3.5.2
Transport of naphthoic acids in metal-contaminated soil columns: Experimental study and modeling approach Hanna Khalil Symposium 2.5.2
Tree nitrogen fixation in a tropical dry vegetation in Northeast Brazil Freitas Ana Dolores Symposium 1.2.2
Tree nutrition and chemical properties of a sandy soil in a pine plantation receiving repeated biosolids applications Wang Hailong Working Group 3.2
Trend analysis of soil surface temperature in several regions of Iran Ghahreman Nozar Symposium 4.2.2
Trends in Productivity and Nutrient Dynamics under Improved Soil Nutrient Management Techniques for Rice in the Rainfed Lowlands of Cambodia Seng Vang Symposium 3.3.1
Triple superphosphate placement affects early growth of chickpea Kabir Enamul Division Symposium 3.2
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