Evolution of tropical soil science: Past and future

Georges STOOPS (Guest Editor). Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences, Brussels. 2003. 149 pp, ISBN 90-75652-29-1

This book contains the proceedings of a symposium organised by the Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences of Belgium on 6 March 2002 in Brussels. The aim of the symposium was to record part of the history of tropical soil science (mainly in Africa) from Belgian, French and Portuguese pioneers (the Past ), and the way this discipline evolves now (the Future ).

Evolution of tropical soil science: Past and future


M. Deliens: Welcome
G. Stoops: Introduction
R. Dudal: Evolving Concepts in Tropical Soil Science: the Humid Tropics
A. Ruellan: The Contribution of Intertropical Pedology to the Development of Soil Science. The Contribution of French Pedologists
R. Ricardo & A. R ffega: Contribution portugaise au d veloppement de la science du sol tropicale
J. Deckers, F. Nachtergaele & O. Spaargaren: Tropical Soils in the Classification Systems of USDA, FAO and WRB
J. D Hoore: The Soil Map of Africa (1/5,000,000). Joint Project CCTA N 11
F. Nachtergaele & E. Van Ranst: Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects of Soil Databases in Tropical Countries
C. Sys: Influence of Climate and Soil on Traditional Agriculture in Tropical Africa
A. Ozer: Conclusions

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