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20th International Congress of Soil Science (ICSS-2024)
20th Congress of soil science

20th International Congress of Soil Science (ICSS-2024)

Soil Health: a Key to Food Security

Welcome to the enlightening world of “Soil Health: A Key to Food Security.” Soil health is a critical and often underrated component of global food security. In an era of growing global population and increasing food demand, the quality and vitality of our soils play a key role in ensuring a sustainable and nutritious food supply. While debates about food security frequently revolve around crop yields, climate change and distribution systems; It is essential to recognize that the foundation of our food systems lies below our feet i.e., the soil. Healthy soils not only support crop growth but also contribute to environmental sustainability and economic stability.

In this 20th International Congress of Soil Science (ICSS-2024), we will delve deeper into the vital role that soils play in feeding the world’s population. Soil health encompasses a variety of attributes, including its physical, chemical, and biological properties, all of which contribute to the soil’s ability to support plant growth, support diverse ecosystems, and provide essential nutrients to the crops on which we depend for our livelihood.

The 20th ICSS-2024 is expected to bring together stakeholders including academia, research, industry, and farming community from Pakistan and abroad to share their provocative ideas with fellow soil and environmental
scientists in relation with the theme of the congress.

The ICSS-2024 organizing committee is looking forward to see you at PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi-Pakistan

The event is finished.


20 - 22 Feb 2024


All Day

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 20 - 22 Feb 2024
  • Time: All Day


PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi-Pakistan
PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi-Pakistan
Shamsabad, Muree، Road, Punjab, Rawalpindi, 46000, Pakistan


Soil Science Society of Pakistan
Soil Science Society of Pakistan

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