IUSS Working Groups

Division 1


Chair: Alexey Lupachev
Soil Cryology Lab, Russian Academy of Sciences / Russian Federation

Vice Chair: -

Digital Soil Mapping

Chair: Laura Poggio
ISRIC – World Soil Information / The Netherlands

Vice Chair: Alessandro Samuel-Rosa
Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, Santa Helena / Brazil

Digital Soil Morphometrics

Chair: Alfred Hartemink
University of Wisconsin / USA

Vice Chair:

Global Soil Map

Contact person: Dominique Arrouays
INRA / France

Proximal Soil Sensing

Chair: Craig Lobsey
University of Southern Queensland / Australia

Vice Chair: Asim Biswas
University of Guelph / Canada

Soil Information Standards

Chair: Fenny van Egmond
ISRIC – World Soil Information / The Netherlands

Vice Chair: Rainer Baritz
EEA / Denmark

Soil Monitoring

Chair: Thomas Bishop
The University of Sydney / Australia

Vice Chair: Ben Marchant
British Geological Survey / UK

Universal Soil Classification

Chair: Budiman Minasny
The University of Sydney / Australia

Vice Chair: Jingyi Huang
University of Wisconsin / Madison / USA

World Reference Base

WG Information

Chair: Cezary Kabala
Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences / Poland

Vice Chair: Stephan Mantel
ISRIC – World Soil Information / The Netherlands

Division 2


Chair: Hans-Jörg Vogel
Helmhotz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ / Germany

Vice Chair: Johan van Tol
University of the Free State / South Africa

International Soil Modeling Consortium

Contact person: Martine van der Ploeg
Wageningen University & Research / The Netherlands

Vice Chair: Teamrat Ghezzehei
University of California – Merced / USA

Division 3

Acid Sulphate Soils

Chair: Anton Boman
Geological Survey of Finland / Finland

Vice Chair: Vanessa Wong
Monash University / Australia

Forest Soils

Chair: Zhihong Xu
Griffith University / Australia

Vice Chair: Chris Johnson
Syracuse University / USA

Paddy Soils

Chair: Mizuhiko Nishida
Tohoku University/Japan

Vice Chair: Bentio Heru Purwanto
Gadjah Mada University / Indonesia

Soils of Urban, Industrial, Traffic, Mining and Military Areas (SUITMA)

WG Information

Chair: Kye-Hoon John Kim
The University of Seoul / Korea

Vice Chair: Przemysław Charzyński
Department of Soil Science and Landscape Management, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń / Poland

Division 4

Cultural Patterns of Soil Understanding

Chair: Nikola Patzel

Vice Chair: Eric Brevik
Dickinson State Univ. / USA

Young and Early Career Scientists

Chair: Bartłomiej Glina
Poznań University of Life Sciences / Poland

Vice Chair: Axel Cerón González
National Autonomous University of Mexico / Mexico

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